Rani Mukerji at a screening of 'Ship of Theseus'

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We finally got to see the gorgeous Rani Mukherji when she attended the screening of Anand Gandhi's 'Ship of Theseus' at Aamir & Kiran's home. The hosts had long wished to host this screening so that the industry biggies could meet the talented director. Apparently, their wish came true as everyone was seen heading towards the Khan-Rao residence today.


You have to nit pick on her coz you know she is the one who was no.1 for a decade and kept your trashwariya at bay

She now looks more like a director/ producer thingy than an actress.... but i love her simplicity. she is gorgeous...one of her own kind.

@Kitty: when are you dying?

@ Today I laugh at what we have to choose from. Katrina Kaif & Deepika Padukone. Wow.

----> Don't forget about Vidya Balan who rose to the top without any Khans, just on her sheer talent alone. In just a few short years in the industry she has accomplished so much, like winning a national award and becoming a jury member at Cannes. Don't worry, Bollywood is doing just fine! :)

@ shut up, everyone finds you annyoning

----> annoying + anonymous = annyoning. That word is a better description for you, not me. LOL

Rani looks adorable, so petite! Can't wait for Mardaani. Best actress in the industry, even today.

Love seeing Rani, she so rarely makes these appearances. She looks really cute, love the glasses & of course, any frame in which her and Aamir are standing side by side ;) Don't get some of the comments on her wardrobe though. She's going to see her friend's film, not attending the Oscars after party. I admire the fact that she is so comfortable with herself that she can step out, sans any make up, wear whatever she wants and still look beautiful.
Also, did Aamir come out specially to recieve her, because he only posed with her... Or was just random? Cuz if he did, that is really cute

I love this pair, so cute. Rani looks beautiful, all simple. Cannot wait for Mardaani. Love this actress too much. There isn't one actress that even comes close to her. 7 years ago she was the No.1 actress with films like Yuva, Black, Saathiya, Paheli, BnB, Hum Tum, KANK. Today I laugh at what we have to choose from. Katrina Kaif & Deepika Padukone. Wow.

@ Kitty, shut up, everyone finds you annyoning :)

two acting giants together!!how can i not love this jodi!!they are awesomest!!

These two need to work together again ASAP!

Rani is so naturally beautiful. She is a superstar and yet very down to earth and comfortable being exactly who she is. No pretense, no excessive makeup - and this is reflected in the last two stellar performances she gave as well in both Talaash and Bombay Talkies. She can clearly separate her work from her personal life.

It's rani who is looking cute and better than others who attended the screening. Amir is looking like as usual over botoxed clown and after sometime even his son Junaid'll start looking older than him.

Ewwwwwwwwww for rani

2 shorties.

Her outfit makes her look shorter than she really is, but she still looks cute:)

she's at a level of beauty above the rest of the people who attended. gorge forever


I love how Aamir came out to receive only Rani! What a great friendship these two have :)

she's at a level of beauty above the rest of the people who attended. gorge forever

aamir and rani both are the best actors i have seen so far.none of the present gen actors or even the generation of actors who came immediately after Rani can really match her talent and skills
also, rani looks good. she looks young and fresh and seems like she has lost few kilos.

Her outfit is fab for a movie screening. Airy, breezy and comfy. I do wonder how Priyanka managed to be relaxed and comfortable in her leather top and painted on skinny jeans ensemble.

Rani is such an energising and happy soul. I agree, she is like.Kareena in the fact that she is comfortable in her own skin and doesn't try to be uber stylish. She's a natural diva.

Wow she finally came out of hiding lol I missed seeing this lady.

I don't like her outfit but she has such a beautiful smile

My all time favourite jodi & all time favourite actress... She looks too cute. And naturally beautiful

well Rani seems so secure...she came out in Public without any makeup and let herself be photographed unlike ash rai who wears 10 layers of makeup with false eyelashes even to the airport.

what does she wearing ?? it looks like she would drown in these clothes plus her hair is a complete mess !! a total NAY


did she know whe was going to be photographed?! her look is unforgivable!

So much chemistry between these two. I wish to see them on screen again soon.

Rani Mukerji looks great .... very fresh ....
She carries a very positive hue with her .... wonderful
And the way Rani - Aamir had been friends for so many years ... they looks great together :)

rani looks great, like kareena she can pull off even unflattering clothes, because they have that natural beauty and that something special...
and both dont feel uncomfortable with no/minimal make up.

btw, rani looks so young, cant believe that she is already over 30!

Wed, 2013-07-17 00:36 — Anonymous

omg short ppl like rani and vidya cannot put on weight. even a little bit makes them look morbidly overweight... I was going to say that too lol


absolutely love this gurl, love the casual look and love that genuine smile.

Rani I love you & Aamir I love you too. My two favs!

omg short ppl like rani and vidya cannot put on weight. even a little bit makes them look morbidly overweight...

It is Just a Movie screening, I don't know why people here are so obsessed with fashionable clothes and all. These are all actors. Rani acts well and that's enough, she is not another hoitty-toitty.

Two best actor's together in same photo :)
Rani, Bad outfit :P

ugliest feet i have ever seen!

Ewwwwwwwwwww those pj disastor!!!!
Horror show.. Dnt knw hw these b-town celebs walk out of thr house widout lookin themselves in mirror..
Its damn embarassin!!
God Rani go get a stylist or atleast have a sense to wear a proper outfit whn u walk out

Bad outfit on Rani, She seems to have lost some weight but has some still to go, I still love her though, she is so cute and so talented.

Rani looks cute, but she's too short.

Rani is looking gorgeous and most importantly natural...there is nothing wrong with her clothes either..she is one of the best actress and the one who is the most comfortable in her own skin..you rock girl !!

Haha yellow pajama.

Rani looks so pretty... Her smile is still as warm & beautiful as it was in Aati Kya Khandala... She is so talented, hate that she is only doing one film at a time. Waiting eagerly for Mardaani. Also, she is the only natural beauty left from her contemporaries and most of this new breed of actors, half of whom have ruined their faces with surgery...
We need to see more of you onscreen Rani!

Oh shes wearing an engagement ring!

Love how stunning Rani looks in simple looks!

she looks horrible !
and bad choice in clothes !!!

Rani is too young to retire, she's hardly doing films lately.

Rani looks adorable & great to see her with Aamir. My two favourites.
Also, why do none of the comments I make on PV never post? Trying one last time...

I love thesw two together so much... Rab ne bana de jodi! And Rani looks too cute

argg. those pants.. but do i see an engagement ring?
"Tue, 2013-07-16 15:15 — Anonymous"
Rani is much younger than aamir, so she can afford not to use botox. so you cant compare them.

Awww they look grt and cute together. Look wise, Bollywood stars real life partner can never match them than their off screen co-stars.

She clearly needs to work harder at the gym and the less we say about her dress sense the better. Apart from that she has a warm smile that lights up any pic.

Nice to see her!! :) she's wearing a wedding ring heehee...

A good filmy couple... Hope they work together again

ranis choice in clothes always hurts my eyes but its nice to see her regardless...

I love you Raniiiiiiiii

She looks really pretty

Anonymous: Night pjs worn by rani... !!!!! Fashion disastor...
And you're a spelling and grammar "disastor"...

Haha love the trousers. Even when a fashion disaster, this woman always manages to look cute

i really like them on screen... they look good together. rani looks nice

Am not a particularly huge fan of either- although I do like them- but they are such a perfect onscreen couple! Who didn't love them in Ghulam? They were amazing in Mangal Pandey. And they just broke my heart in Talaash, especially that last scene where Aamir breaks down & cries in Rani's arms... :'(

Rani looks cute

My favourite jodi since I was a kid! Aati kya khandala? Always amazing to see the together, especially Rani. Rarely makes public appearances do have to appreciate the ones we get.

Sooooooo cute! Love her glasses

It's always nice to see pics of Rani. I was never a fan until this years Bombay Talkies. She was breath taking in it. I can't praise her enough for that last scene. Now totally pumped for Mardaani. And I love that she has the confidence to wear almost no make up & dress however she wants. Am tired of seeing actresses wearing full war paint & Louboutins at an airport at 5:am.

She looks so cute! And I don't get the comments about her clothes. She can wear whatever she wants as can any celeb. Why nitpick? She's going to a screening of a friend's film not a catwalk. Get over it.
Love seeing her with Aamir, in my opinion she's his best co actress. And I am the biggest Aamir fan but MAN he needs to stop the botox. Like, now.

oh my God.i really missed her.but she went wrong in dressing but looking adorable as always.
and for someone below she has lost 3 kilos till now.she's going to lose rest in coming days.
they look soooooooooooo good together.love this jodi

So happy to see Rani! No make up, still beautiful. Her & Aamir always look great together. Loved them in Talaash

I knew Kitty would be on here nitpicking as usual ;)
What else do you expect from Kutti ?

Neon palazzo trousers.. very chic Rani!

In fact I've yet to see Kitty throw ONE compliment Ranis way. Pure Loyalty ;)

I knew Kitty would be on here nitpicking as usual ;)

Damn, Aamir, cut down the botox! Take advice from Rani who seems to be the only natural actress left. Love the yellow trousers lol. But she still looks awesome

Oh those nails! LOL

She is toooo cute. Little doll :)

She looks gorgeous... But idiots will still bash her dress sense.

12kgs weight loss???? rani needs to loose 20kgs to look good.

Omg so happy to see her! she looks adorable especially in the second pic.

Night pjs worn by rani !!!!! Fashion disastor...

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