Rani Mukerji & Shilpa Shetty at Umang 2014

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The Mumbai police show, Umang 2014 took place yesterday. The show was hosted by Manish Paul and was a star studded event like always! Seen here are Rani Mukerji and Shilpa Shetty.


Rani looks fantabulous... love her looks

The comparison between Rani and Kareena is silly.Kareena fans love Rani and vice versa. Its some another "looser fans" who is creating this war between you guys.
Rani is the best among her contemporaries and Kareena is the best among her comtemporaries, period.

Rani looks amazing.
Mardani is on my list of most anticipated movies of 2014.

Rani is a better actress than Bebo-Yes
Rani is better looking than Bebo-Hell No.

Beauty is subjective, talent isn't. So agree with point 1, not 2

Can we please stop this Rani vs Kareena conversation?Rani is'nt even her contemporaray.Its like comparing Rani with Sri Devi which is completely useless.Kareena shouldn't be compare with every it and bit.
@ maheshiva01, You could praised Rani without degrading Kareena.

I saw rani in Selfridges, London, trying on a necklace. Seriously she is an average looking girl and she is so short like 4"10 or something. you wouldn't look twice at her!!
on another occasion I saw kareena in London and she is super stunning and she had no makeup on!!

I have seen Rani at Heathrow many moons ago. She is NOT 4'10 baby. She's about 5"3/5"4. She is light skinned unlike all these theories of her being "dark" but perhaps not as light skinned as Kareena. And Rani looks good even without makeup when I saw her.

It is so funny to even compare Kareena with Rani in looks.

Not her best look

I love rani's eyes. Golden, green, hazel all mixed in one. Reminds me of a Tigress. Best color in my opinion.

Hi I am back. Does anyone have Rani's phone number? I really hope to marry her some day.

Rani looks so young MashAllah. And I like how she experiments with different color and style.


I completely disagree with the person who said Kareena is a better actress than Rani. I am not even a Rani fan, but i admire her talent and want to give credit where it's due..but this claim is purely nonsense. Give Kareena Black and see how she does it with her over acting and over the top expressions. Rani nailed the 20 minutes part of Bombay Talkies that every critic reviews were in awe of her performance.. she is in the league of Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan when it comes to acting!

Just like no one else can play Michelle McNally in same way no one else can play Geet.
Why did you include Amitabh here, Rani is far more better actress than him.Yes she is in the league of Amir so does Kareena.
Just because she is senior to Kareena, does not mean that she is better than her.Kareena used to overact in her initial days just like Rani.both were bad equally in MSDK and after 10 years in Talaash Rani was good and Kareena was better.Go and read the reviews of Talash, you won't find a single review calling Rani better than Kareena.

I do think Amitabh Bachchan is one of the finest actor of Indian Cinema and the only actress who came to his level in terms of acting is Rani Mukerji in Black. I also think Aamir is one heck of an actor too.. it’s my opinion, please respect that since I respect your opinion as well. Kareena was and to some extent still overacts whether you admit it or not.. name one of rani’s movies where she did terrible, even when the movie flopped, she was still the saving grace of it.. I myself like Kareena in Talash but not more than rani, it’s so unfair to even say that. Kareena had an interesting role and she did play it very well that’s all.. but she didn’t do better than Rani.

Rani's foot wear changed in the third pic...how

Shilpa is wearring amazing Chand Balass!

I always thought that Rani is more talented than Kareena but after watching Talaash, I had to change my thought.
Kareena is more talented but whats negative about her is she doesn't utilize it the way Rani does.Kareena always chose bad scripts and directors but when both the ladies were directed by same director in Talaash.Kareena won it.not only Rani but Kareena also defeated Amir there and it is what critics said about the film not me.
I love both the actresses but reading a nonsense comment below who just brought Kareena here for no reason, I had to make this comment.

even rani rejected many prized offers like the namesake which went to tabu(gosh what was she thinking)so you see rani has done more charity than kareena but still is way ahead of kareena in acting department.

Kareena was great in Talaash but she started off a little caricaturish (but then was brilliant) & her character had far more scope than Rani's. Rani had less to work with but she was flawless. I think Kareena is a good actor but better than Rani? When Kareena does a Black, a Yuva, a NOKJ, a BT, a BnB with the same ease, versitality & power as Rani, then I may agree.
Also, both ladies were in Yuva & MDK. Rani was far superior in both.

Black, a Yuva, a NOKJ, a BT, a BnB are Rani.
JWM, Dev, Kurban,Omkara are Kareena.
Yuva and MDK were Kareena initial films and I believe that she over acted alot in them but Rani wasn't great either.

THIS Bebo better then Rani what a joke. Rani is totally a better actress then Kareena.

And Kajol is overrated.we all agree with Mahesh Bhatt here.

All three were amazing in Talaash, Kareena just had a more interesting character...that doesn't make her the better actor out of the three!

So this is what you get when a designer has some leftover fabric (from Sonakshi's dress)....
One will fall "short" won't they??

wat d hell is rani wearing ? uurrghhh ... she shud jst stay behind the closed doors of YRf

Rani is looking billion bucks.
Shilpa is overrated.

wow... Rani looks absolutely great!! :)

Rani, you are so beautiful

OH Rani...how I miss you...so beautiful...shilpa also looks gorgeous here...

100% agree with the person called her an Indian Audrey Hepburn. It's all about class and how you carry your self with respect and dignity. Not to mention the beauty as well and Rani got it all!!

I have to admit, whatever I read about rani breaking aditya's marriage turned me off from her. but, as an actor she is really good! and I enjoy her films.

lol Shilpa acting all coy like the way it was in 90's. All she cares about is millions and diamonds. so vain.

Rani looks gorgeous i so miss her on screen sign more movies Rani.

Finally Rani wore something that looks good (besides a sari). Simple and lovely. And Shilpa for once is not looking her usual impeccable self.

OMG She has slimmed down sooooooo much and really looks so stunning.

Rani looks gorgeous. The footwear isn't great though.

Shilpa looks tacky.


I agree with you completely, but I don't think that Rani is being sidelined. She is being offered a lot of movies, but I think the problem is that unlike Kareena, Rani wants to a part of meaningful cinema where she has a substantial role as well. Otherwise, SRK and Aamir have offered her roles, and Akshay has even spoken about how Rani and him were offered 4 films together, but she refused all of them even though they all went to do well. She doesn't want to be just a showpiece in a movie. And as a fan, I completely respect that!

oh ok that's nice! Let's just hope that we'll get to see her onscreen more often :)

What? Audrey Hepburn? Rani??? I think people should be realistic!! She wears something like a pyjama and doesn't look as graceful as Audrey. One cannot compare at all. Pinkvilla please post.

lol the person did say 'indias audrey hepburn' so indias audrey would wear indian style clothes loll but I get your point!

looks like Shilpa is going to attend a wedding or somethin :)

Rani is so pretty! And that confidence! Shilpa looks gorgeous as always; her body...I wish I had it :)

@ Sharon diva, I am sure if we have an inside photos of Rani watching the show, we will also see her enjoying and laughing or what not. She is just walking down the red carpet, she can either walk straight or grin at papz. She chose the first.. so what?

On the other hans Shilpa is same the way she was before, happy go lucky girl. Always expressive n so positive vibes comes frm her personality.


I wonder y people dont bash rani about stealing other womans husband blah blah but hate so much on shilpa. Is there a thing that certain people can do whatever they want n still get away with it while others have to bear it for lifelong time. case in point salman n rani seem to get scott free for all their misdeeds.

money, fame, and being cunning. and some actors are good at fooling the public.

She is not the same Rani mukherji who used to be always smily , humbled..she seems little proud after her relationship with Aditya Chopra. Not the same next door girl.

Yikes! Too much bling Shilpa! The outfit already has gold, top that with massive gold earrings OTT.

Why is Rani wearing different footwear in the last pic of hers?

Rani looks so young in her twenties. Her eyes are so beautiful, she is Bollywood's Audrey Hepburn with beauty and class. Aditya chopra is so lucky to have her, but then Rani is also lucky to have someone as successful and well respected as him. They are both made for each other. Love them!

Me too.. only clicked on Rani's post on Pinkvilla that's all. Rest really don't matter to me, tired of their games and their lousy PR strategies. I Miss Rani so much!

Rani takes beauty and confidence to the next level. That is why she looks like a super Diva, it comes naturally without even trying!

Rani may be a sensible person in real life.....but her fashion sense is definitely dead!

Rani is just beyond beautiful

very beautiful in blue.. Stunning !! Queen Rani

Rani is looking smashing. What a nice treat to see her out and about. Looking forward to Mardani very much - this woman should be in more films such an underused talent!

rani beautifull

rani eyes looking beautiful and shilpa is looking good too

Rani looks utterly beautiful. Never tire of looking at her. Shilpa... er, yeah

My Rani is looking so pretty... I love that she is finally making more public appearances. Before, the only time we got to see her was at a prayer meet. Love, love, love her

Shilpa is normally the one who gets it right and Rani ends up looking like a fashion disaster. But Shilpa looks awful and Rani looks absolutely gorgeous.

Rani Mukerji is still a stunner, seventeen years later.

Rani looks so beautiful!!! Her eyes

shilpa looks okay.... rani looks really nice

Rani is looking so pretty. And i always love her.she is the most talented actress.

Omg RAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNI! She looks amazing!!!!

Rani for a change is looking gorgeous..nice outfit, makeup, hair, neckpiece.

Rani. Rani. Rani,glam doll:):)good to c my rani after a long break!!!!!love rani

looking stunning always... ever

Rani looks soo beautiful!!

WOW Rani!! I am hoping that we get to see her and Salman together in Baijirao Mastani..It would be too good!!

RANI ! Looks like she forgot to change for the event :D

I wonder if she lost a few kg's. She looks gorgeous and full of life

Rani looks bloody gorgeous. Looks like the training for Mardaani has finally paid off! Love seeing her.

Rani's outfit looks like a pyjama

Neck up, Rani looks freaking gorgoues! WOW. But please hire a stylist..or a better one if you already have one.


Shilps looks much better than Rani. The Outfit and color suits better.

Btw Rani's sandal changed in between the walk .... how ????? :0 ... But my Rani freakin gorgeous

Please be upstanding for THE QUEEN ;) What a magnifique outfit. Rani looks truly royal in royal blue.

Rani's face and shilpa's body would be perfection.

Out of ALL the posts on PV front page right now, Rani's is what I opened first and am pretty much done now. Love her. And that blue..wow...the material's juicy too. The look is simple and stunning. The cropped pants look is different and I like it for a change. Rani you are the best.

Wow shilpa looks stateques compared to shorty Rani. Go Shilpa. ure gorgeous anyday.

shipla is so huge compared to rani. seeing shilpas pic after scrolling through rani's pics, i was suddenly jolted by the sight of a giant. no wonder shila has to stay to trim if she gains weight she will look massive and her figure is the only thing that distracts a bit from her messed up face

Sorry too flashy for me.

Rani looks stunning! wow, wow ,wow. Blue looks lovely on her! And her walk, like a boss!

Rani is real rani. Rest are chai cum pani.

Wow rani is so beautiful

Rani is stunning as ever

Rani Rani Rani .. she is soo pretty .. My all tym favrt ... plz do a muvi wid srk ...

rani luking so so old.
What the hell is she wearing?
Poor taste
Actually matches with Aditya chopra

WOW Rani looking Fab! love her

She is a breeze of fresh air. I am very happy to see her after a long time. Blue suits her.

She is a fresh breeze, glad to see her in this elegant dress. Blue suits her.

Soooo good to see Rani after a loooong time. She looks exquisite btw

LOL the look at that woman's pride face who is holding Rani's hand. Bet she wont wash her hands ever!!

Looking good Rani, haven't seen Her for some time. The shoes are better than sandals

Why shilpa is always dulhan ki dokan. Look at Rani now, that's how you dress and still look like a million buck

What's wrong with shilpa she luks like a skeleton

Epitome of talent, beauty and grace. The one and only queen.. Ra Ra Rani . Missed her so much :(

Love the royal blue color on rani, lover her confidence. She is just wow

The Queen Miss Rani Chopra Mukerji has arrived :)

Great to see her after long time. But why is she holding hands with that woman? And for shilpa, no comments '_'

I swear shilpa looks so boring , bland compare to Rani. Now that's how you dress to impress!! Kudos

I love her dress here, simple yet chic.

When someone walks like a diva, talks like a diva, then it is a DIVA!!.. RANI MUKERJI has arrived!!

Rani Mukerji has lost some weight ... must be for the wedding.

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