Rani Mukerji Spotted With A Fan In Malaysia

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Currently in Malaysia for the Temptations Reloaded tour, Rani is seen here posing with a fan.


she looks beauti full



Gorgeous. Lucky fan. Met her once, she is so nice.

Please do more films Rani. They probably won't be 100 cr craps, but at least your acting will balance the rest of the wannabes.

Every single Bollywood actress has her looks scrutinized and Rani is no exception.

oh! what happened to her marriage? she was getting married here in Jaipur right? on 14th feb?

Woah...I thought it was Mary Kom

beautiful rani

She is so lovely

Looking great Rani!!

Does she even look like a star from any angle? Fans can easy get confused overseas

Ewwwww!! Red pants, red bag and OMG those sunglasses ??!! Are you serious

hahahahaha .. atil in the aiiyya phase rani ?

Makeup really does wonders for this woman. This just goes to show how ridiculously whitened she is in all the photoshoots she does.

Please, this woman is gorgeous. Excuse her for not get her lips done, cheek implants, four nose jobs & skin bleach.

If it needed just looks to be an actress I am sure I would be one of them (Like many other beautiful girls out there) after seeing Rani. But damn you need that talent luck and connections to be this great star. One of the BW actresses I am proud of. XOXO.

Oh. She looks gorgeous. I soo want her back in films like before. There's nobody who can play 'the loudmouth' roles better than her. Not even anushka, parineeti, kareena etc.. Pls do a bunty aur bubbly kind of film?

Learn to appreciate the new talent instead of comparing them with their seniors,if you want NOT to compare your old pc with young and more talented pc.

Pretty Rani

Love you Rani!

You people moan when someone does lip treatment, surgeries etc.. you people moan again when some one stays natural. What do u do beside moaning people? Any life?

Please gorgeousness and Rani Mukerji don't go together, I see her at bandra all the time, less than ordinary. Any average Peddar road babe is better than her. She is a brilliant actress though.

The beauty of Rani is that she's ok with being 'ordinary' as you put it, and so are her fans. She has talent to spare, and is lovely in her 'ordinariness'. We need more stars like her.

Damn.. does she ever age? She looks in her teens. Kudos!

LOVE rani


I adore her , she's so nice and beautiful .

I adore her , she's so nice and beautiful .

Just perfect. Tht fan is truly lucky.

People below are just blind. The woman is a beauty.

She looks so pretty. What a lucky fan

simply lovely

She is so beautiful. Go get eyes if you think otherwise

I find it pretty. Doesn't really matter to me if you don't.

the fact that you called rani, "it" says it all. hahahaa

Lucky Fan.

aged so well?she is only 35, not old lady yet

LOVELY CLICK ... wat to say about this beauty just wana say love you my sweetheart..... and offcourse its for both of u...rani and leena :) :-*

hi leena happy for u to get a chance to meet her again.

Mukesh Sinha

Gorgeous lady, simple yet so pretty

looks like she has lost weight.. i hear wedding bells

How can anyone find this pretty, Gosh she looks like bejenji turned mod...ridiculous

And I don't know what a bejenji is, but if they look anything like her, then they must be gorgeous.

and you seem to have the beauty Angelina Jolie, ain't it?

Trust me I am much more prettier than her... Ask Aditya Chopra, he will tell u...lol!

Seriously rani looks so ordinary, just like normal people, no beauty or star vibes!!!

That's what you think. I'm guessing you must look like super model. And she is a normal person, not a glamour doll. I'm sure if she was slapped with make up and on to her fourth surgery, you'd think she had the "star vibes".

She may not be tall or skinny, but she has a beautiful smile, nice cheekbones, and gorgeous eyes. I wouldn't say she's ordinary at all. I actually find her much more beautiful than the present glamour queens like Deepika, Kareena, Katrina, and Priyanka. Have you seen her in movies such as Chori Chori Chupke Chupke and Paheli or even Black where she was without make up. I literally had eyes for her only.

She may not be tall or skinny, but she has a beautiful smile, nice cheekbones, and gorgeous eyes. I wouldn't say she's ordinary at all. I actually find her much more beautiful than the present glamour queens like Deepika, Kareena, Katrina, and Priyanka. Have you seen her in movies such as Chori Chori Chupke Chupke and Paheli. I literally had eyes for her only.

She is an actress. Not a model. Also; beauty is very much subjective. I'm sure people look at you and think you're nothing special either.

And you were on Ash's post saying same make up same hair hairstyle blah blah blah..

Aishwarya is known for her looks and physical appearance.

And for her movies too.. But people like you can not see anything beyond her looks.. Do you think Rani would be a better Jodha?? Have you not seen Raincoat? Guru? Hddcs? just to name a few. She is an actress too. I know that you like Rani and does not like ash but you don't have to show it for no reason every time...

Aishwarya is a good actress. However, it is a fact that she is known for her beauty more than her movies. Her name is attached to being beautiful and IMO her brand and empire is built on that. That's why she is great for endorsments. Her face sells.

Being a Rani fan has nothing to do with my opinion on Aishwarya. I'm not an Aishwarya hater, neither am I a fan.

Oh sorry ... my mistake..
But accordng to you, if Rani is know ony as an actress, then you did not have to rely for the above comment that she looks so ordinary..
In fact she does look very ordinary..
Ok peace... gud day/night

Ash was a model, she is popular for her beauty. rani is popular for her talent.

She looks like the housekeeping of that hotel

I miss Rani!

rani looks beautiful :) She seems very nice.

PV, this has more views than some posts on the front page. Why is it not on there??

the fan is prettier

Oh, hello, is that you in the pic?

yes arent i pretty??

awww how cute. they look like sisters

She has aged so well!!

Aww sweet!! And she looks like she has lost weight too!

So naturally pretty

She looks super cute.

My fav actress since Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat. Looooove her

Aww so pretty. One of the few nice celebs. Met her twice, was so friendly each time. Her, Salman (he is surprisingly nice and took pictures too), Aamir, Ranveer and Juhi are the nicest celebs I've met. My friend met Kajol who apparently had the worst attitude problem known to man & told the fans to get lost, basically. SRK was really irritable when I met him but normally he is nice, according to people who have met him so I guess he was having an off day.

Lucky fan!!!!

Gorgeous! Damn it, I miss this woman on screen. Bombay Talkies was fifteen minutes, I need two films a year, minimum.

Jealous. I wish I could meet her. She looks so pretty.

I met her once, she was really nice and so friendly. No airs, hugged all of us and took pics and everything. She's amazing. She looks good here.

Naturally lovely.

she luks so pretty... luv her

So beautiful.

She has such good skin

Love, love, love her. I hate that she does so few films, it genuinely annoys me. Please, sign a handful of movies and then have kids, whatever. Tired of seeing actresses who cannot act

Awww, she looks so pretty. Not into these concerts but am kinda jealous of the crowd that gets to see Rani and Mads dance



Yay, getting my Rani fix. Mardaani pic and now this. Mwah, love you Rani

Ooooh, she looks nice. My all time favourite.

She looks lovely!!!!

Here is my favrt sorry all tym favrt ///////// love u rani

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