Rani Mukerji at Yash Chopra Memorial Awards

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Seen here is Rani Mukherji at the first Yash Chopra Memorial Award ceremony which took place last night. The award commemorates Yash Chopra's contribution to cinema and is likely to take place every year.


See Rani's ring on her finger? She looks happily married and pregnant. If she is, good for her.....

So many are calling Rani fat. She is beautiful! Especially her eyes and smile, what does it matter about her size?

She is slowly turning into her mother and she hasn't even had kids yet! Imagine how much weight she'll put on then.

Simple and lovely! She has put on weight but looks beautiful!

Rani looks very beautiful in this sari...

my mom has said on seeing these pictures that she is pregnant.

rani is so lovely

soooooooooooooo beautiful!!!

How to have long hair like her? Lovely hair and so sweet dressing:) Saree suits her a lot.


i wonder how she will look after pregnancy! coz now she's fat or may be she's prego but her makeup is good here:D

she does look chubbier and she has an engagement ring on... hmmm

Not another award ceremony, there are just too many in Bollywood.

She looks stunning & I love that smile of hers!

Rani is so pretty!!

why does she keep getting fatter and fatter.
go lose some weight woman or just stop eating so much!!

Rani is wearing a wedding ring and an engagement ring. Why is she hiding her marriage seriously ?

She looks lovely. I have a feeling that she is pregnant. She has this pregnant glow thing going on.

is that an engagement ring?

she's aged badly

she looks very awfull ! how can her fans call her sexy ?! lol
she looks like 50years of an aunty !

lol check yourself in mirror... you pathetic piece of crap

Being sexy isn't about having a slim figure with the sexiest of clothing on. It's something which you either have or don't. Confidence and happiness is sexy.

Rani has it in abundance. Watch Bombay Talkies, then tell me she doesn't.

Watched Bombay Talkies.. and now I'm telling you Rani does not have it!
She looked like a damp squib in the entire movie, I agree weight has nothing to do with it. Rani just cannot pull of SEXY ever!
And for someone named Makeup Critic, that gawdy pic of her in your Display pic is just awful taste in makeup. Some Critic you are!

Damp squib? Riiiiiight. Nearly every review on BT commented on how ravishing she looked, and how she played her role with ease.

Also, are you REALLY picking on my username when you are hiding behind Anon? HAHA. The pic in my avatar is from a movie. She was in character, she doesn't dress up like that or wear that makeup in real life. Please, don't be such an idiot in future.

Keep telling yourself that!! Every review might have praised her; the movie though, sank without a trace just as she has from cine-goers memory. What? Every review praises her so she's golden?? Gimme a break.
Don't worry about me being anonymous, it' not like 'Makeup Critc' is on your birth certificate, you parade around this forum with an actresses pic in your display, So I really don't understand what makes you think you are so "Genuine". I got news for you, you’re virtually anonymous yourself.
And my picking on your pic in your avatar is in reflection of your taste of your username, to actually be considered a makeup critic and displaying the most hideous makeup an actress might have worn in an equally atrocious movie, A.K.A Rani in Aiyya!


As for you, you are the biggest troll on this website. A true reflection of what people perceive Aishwarya fans to be. BITTER, STUPID AND OBSESSIVE.

Beauty personified!


Rani looks stunning these days! I know everyone is obsessed with size zero and want her to be that skinny too but I actually think she looks way prettier with a little meat on her! Her make-up is spot on as well

She is just breathtaking. Her beauty is evident to everyone. Those eyes that sparkle, that gorgeous heartwarming smile. She is a true Indian beauty. She radiates confidence, no matter what her size. Confidence is attractive!

Also, she is ageing SO well. Compare her to the other actresses her age.

all i can say is!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahaha.. Get out of dream dude. She ws washed out long ago

Sorry? Get out of a dream? What are you on about..

What has being washed out got to do with anything? [She is FAR from washed out by the way]
What a weird outburst. :\

Other actresses her age? Who exactly are you comparing her with? She's of an age with Kareena and most actresses older are close to 40 and have had children. She's aging pretty much like anyone else.

I should have been clearer, I meant she is ageing gracefully without the aid of procedures. For e.g Preity Zinta.

Both Aish and Rani are so calculated and ambitious. Opposite of love-fools like Rekha,Zeenat.

She looks amazing. Absolutely gorgeous

So gorgeous. Love her smile

she looks pregnant & so fat !

Wow perfection in the last pics.

She looks great.

Rani looks beautiful. I absolutely love her eyes!


She's so pretty

Stunner. She gets more beautiful everyday. Black looks amazing on her

Sooooooooooooooo beautiful, elegant and sexy. Love her


Pic 10 and 11. Gorgeous.

Milking in as much as possible under name of Yash Chopra. And head of table is.... not the sons but Rani Rani.

So beautiful

she looks good but saree is very awfull

simply beautiful

she looks good but very fat

shows how gorgeous she REALLY is then because if someone can only look pretty when they are thin but look scary when their face is bloated and refuse to lose weight (by her own admonition before AND after having a kid) then they're not really pretty- they're only transiently good looking (also by her own admonition). rani is gorgeous, forever.

Love her sari, simple but yet sophisticated. The best she's looked in a while. Wish she'd done something equally elegant with her hair though, it's too long to be treated so lazily.

She looks stunning

omg..she is getting more beautiful day by day...freaking gorgeous

is she pregnant?????

no!! ash is pregnant again I guess

No. She isn't. Why?

I felt that too!

No but Aishwarya is, again!

My favorite and utterly unique and charming Rani. There's just something about her. She is a gift to Bollywood.

She looks gorgeous,

Rani looks soooo beautiful as usual . she is truly the queen of bollywood and sarees
I love her . Hope Srk attends also

her nails are hideous; this is a very kareena/malaika arora move. she should have stuck with her traditional french mani look. she spells elegance better than ash's most desperate efforts (and remember im Unbiased, honestly); kajol looks like an animal compared to her (im not referring to the way God made kajol; im referring to her obnoxious/unsophisticated demeanor and clownish styling choices)

Husband snatcher and Gold digger! Shameless woman huh..

She looks gorgeous, this is the look which suits her! Love her hair & sari. Eyes look incredible. Utterly beautiful woman. Love her & the confidence she exudes. Also, loving her make up these days! Very simple in appearance, we can see her freckles & all. This looks perfect on her, she can't pull off the heavy make up apart from the eyes.

Sat, 2013-10-19 19:45 — Anonymous
NewAnonymous's picture
Pregnant? Hiding her tummy
Lol we have to wait next 10 years( if that happens) to know the truth.

U mean how Aishwarya waited for 20 years to have Salman or Viveks child n ended up having Amitabh's daughter lol. SHAME

Two thumbs up from me

woaaah! is that really an engagement ring?

She looks hot!

Awww she looks amazing!


she is pregnant


As usual, Rani radiates confidence and, partly as a result of that, beauty. I love how she carries herself. So unbothered, unposey but in such a lady like & sexy way. She really is a stunner. I love her sari, she needs to stick to them. Gowns do her no justice. She rocks a sari like no other actress. And like her make up. Just right. Not slathered on but natural looking.

She looks beautiful :* And to morons saying she's hiding her stomach-use your eyes and see she's holding her sari.

She looks really good. Black really works well on her, especially with her hair down. She looks great.


Unfit to be in the family of yash ji...another sridevi ..

nope because she didnt marry someone who looks like her father/grandfather (take your pic) + didnt sleep around like sridevi DEFINITELY did. aditya chopra has great taste and rani shows once again that she trumps all, even ash couldnt snag someone who actually loves her/can provide for her (ash/abhi are fakeness personified)

Pregnant? Hiding her tummy

rani is looking really pretty these days. shes still got the extra weight but theres something so feminine about her. love her eyes. its like theyre dancing

She looks fat but very pretty!
So she's showing off engagement ring :)

Omggg she looks so lovely! I love that we can see her freckles! Seriously, Rani is still so pretty, seventeen years later, amazing

This woman is an absolute knockout. So naturally beautiful. Love her.

that looks like an engagement ring on her finger...

She looks stunning. Black really suits her, so does the simple make up look. Gorgeous.

GORGEOUS! her eyes sparkle-- as always!

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