Rani Mukherji attends Dilip Kumar's birthday party

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Rani Mukherji is seen here attending the legendary actor Dilip Kumar's 91st birthday party. The light eyed beauty was here with her parents. The party was thrown by Dilip saab's wife Saira Banu for close friends and family.

Talking on the occasion, Saira Banu, wife of Dilip Kumar stated, "I only want to thank Allah for whatever he has given us. We will have a great celebration with family members and around 30 to 40 doctors who looked after him. They are like family to us,".

Also seen here are Dharmendra, Salim Khan, Helen, and Asha Parekh among others.


If she is fat then Sonakshi Sinha would consider obese to the max. Haters are pure jealous. Guess they can't stand that their favourites are not being invited lol

Rani looks so damn beautiful. Her eyes

Super hot lady. I want to just marry her. Please give me her home address anyone?

I want to marry Rani Mukerji. Please does anyone have her contact number. She will not say no to me because I am a good one.

I like her acting but she is just as bad as vidya balan! these old aunties can act but cannot dress well!

Give it up haters and go out breathe fresh air. Because Rani looks exquisite here, from top to bottom. Love her dress and loose hair with perfect blended makeup! Go girl

I have noticed that everyone loves her and invites her to their events, that shows she has a heart of gold.. and just look at those Proud parents, Rani takes a great care of them. I wish everyone has a daughter like rani


She is beauty personified. Absolutely looking great, even a little flabs look good on her.

She is so stunning, yellow color looks great on her especially when you have golden green eyes. Haters can hate n burn to ashes, but Rani rules, she is the one and only queen!!!

Very beautiful Rani.
Always loved her.

she has really let go lol

guys she has lost weight, go see her pics from durga puja. Her arms to me does not look flabby.

She lost a little weight, look at her pics from Jab Tak Hai Jaan premier, she was bigger then.

bad dress choice as usual

okay Rani may be good actress but she is not stunning. This dress is hideous on her and she does not have body
to carry this dress. her arms are fat, she is short and this gown is not doing anything for her.
It would have looked great on Shilpa. it is people opinion. PV please post this if you do not want people to give opinion
than you should not ask.

she looks like her cousin tanisha mukherjee alot ! Lol

It's a pretty dress in a lovely color, but it'd be more suitable for someone Deepika's height. Rani has to really watch what she wears because of her stature. Something that emphasized her waist would have been much more flattering.

As it is, she looks pretty but the same old, same old. She never really switches it up much as far as hair and makeup go.

BTW HATERS - You don't have to wait too long. Remember, Rani can LOSE the fat if she needs to. She isn't an obese or permenantly overweight actress. She can maintain her weight when she has to, she can lose it if she has to. If the movie requires it, she will shed the kilos. When she isn't acting, she doesn't have to resemble a stick thin model. She is enjoying life, good for her.

being fat is not enjoying life. I went from a 4 to a 6 and I feel so unhappy. Just less fit, less energetic. She has clearly not worked out in months and it shows. I can't believe you are defending that as enjoying life. You are obsessed with her and its sad. Good luck.

Listen darling, if you are unhappy being a size 6, that's your problem. Work on your own inner issues and you will also be happy. Your outer appearance isn't the be all and end all of life. Trust me. Talk to your friends and family. They will help you see that you are loved regardless of your size. I hope you regain your confidence and learn to be happy again. Good luck x

Listen darling, if you are unhappy being a size 6, that's your problem. Work on your own inner issues and you will also be happy. Your outer appearance isn't the be all and end all of life. Trust me. Talk to your friends and family. They will help you see that you are loved regardless of your size. I hope you regain your confidence and learn to be happy again. Good luck x

so touchy when it comes to Rani's weight and appearance but have no trouble criticizing other actresses over the smallest details....hmmm

yeah isn't it sooo strange. its like adi chopra, calm down. lol

look at how much she is sucking her belly in. shecwas definetly slimmer in that movie than now.

she is wearing those clothes because she is either pregnant or just plain fat

Rani is looking pretty, so confident. Her dress is a disaster.

she has her maternity dress on

sunny deol has dhai kilo ka haath - rani mukherjee has 5 killo ka haath LMAO

How I wish she would have worn a skinny belt! She looks beautiful regardless, and the colour looks so good on her. She just always looks relaxed and happy which automatically makes her look fantastic.

Rani looks so, so, so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Awww she looks so pretty

She looks lovely

Dafuq is she wearing??Rani Please!!A nightie...

She looks so beautiful. Face looks so lovely, colour of the dress is amazing but the shape doesn't suit her. Still, she looks gorgeous.

Rani looks gorgeous

she looks beautiful!

due to her short height she should avoid wearing these clothes she looks pretty though a high heel also does the trick and a favor to her

Rani looks really beautiful. I don't think the dress suits her body type but that face! Stunning

Rani has been wearing a lot of loose tops and loose dresses for the past month. Preggers?

No. She is in preparation for a body transformation ala DBH. Thats the reason.

Gorgeous Rani. Face is stunning, hair & make up perfect. The colour of her dress suits her so well but these types of dresses don't always flatter her due to her height. I noticed that she attends all of Dilip Kumar's parties. I remember reading an interview where he said she was one of his favourite actresses & one where she spoke about getting a hand written letter after from him after he saw Black. Too cute.

She's not pregnant, she'll be shooting for her next film soon.

I have a feeling rani is pregnant.. Idk

The color and the dress don't suit rani at all. I also don't find her pretty. She's just boring.

Rani is an actress not a supermodel, she doesn't have to be skinny. She is really beautiful and is a very talented actress.

sleeveless night dress

Rani looks great but she also looks like she is pregnant.

Fat fat and fat!! She shld change her stylist.

Given the type of body Rani has, she cannot pull off this gown or whatever it is!! color isn't right either

Did anyone notice the huge solitaire which looks like an engagement ring

One word "STUNNING"

It's great how former contemporaries like Asha Parekh and Saira Banu are at eachothers' parties and wishing eachother well, especially some 50 years after they heydays. In 50 years There's no way you'll see Katrina at a party thrown by Deepika, or Anushka at a party thrown by Sonam, etc. Time have changed!

Her face looks beautiful and I love the side swept hair. But she really shouldn't wear gowns that don't have shape because it makes her look shorter and chubbier. Maybe she is trying to hide the curves until Mardaani releases and her new figure can be revealed? Who knows. She's still fab and I love seeing her! One of a kind.

She is looking gorgeous..period.

dharam ji makes his presence everywhere except in front of patni #2 or their daughters

This is sooooo hideous!!! Whats wtong with rani and her fashion sense...not that it was great before but this is a disaster...no shape, like she has worn a bag!!!! Please movie star and chopra bahu...com on you can afford a designer and stylist...com on put some effort!!! Dont throw in the towel just yet:)

No Rani no! Stop with these hideous "gowns"!!!

Rani, honey, you'd look cute even in a potato sack, but I really think you forgot to put the belt on or something...

oh no. wth rani?

Where is Dilip Sahab....

The dress does not suit her very well BUT she's really very BEAUTIFUL !!!!

Sairaji is timeless. So beautiful.

Another nightie for Rani?

so you have a problem? ask your father to get you one

she has a fat out of shape body thats why she wears these weird clothes.

i hope she is pregnant - that is really the only excuse for wearing this tent.

the worst figure. She is fatter than aishwarya without ever having to get preggers.

Beautiful girl but not the dress.

ewww she is so fat and short! look at her sumo wrestler arms :O

This doesn't even qualify as a night gown...where does she keep buying this unflattering stuff from?

Love how so many legendary bollywood stars adore Rani. In fact most of bollywood is so warm with her. Nice to see her attending Dilips birthday once again.

I agree! Rani really is adored by so many within the industry, and she is also one of the few actresses who is able to praise other actresses for their work. Goes to show what kind of a person she is.

Does Salim Khan only bring Helen to these types of events or does he bring both of his wves or does he bring Helen to one event and then his first wife to next event. I'm just really curious to know how this two wives thing works. When he tried to explain on KWK how he explained to his kids that he was marrying Helen, I was in shock. It all made sense at that very moment why Salman is the way he is, because of his father.

Rani wearing clothes that don't flatter her as usual.

Omg she looks stunning!!!!!!! Love the colour on her

She look nice, but I wish she wore a pretty sari instead. This dress doesn't flatter her at all.

why does she always wear such unflattering gowns?

because she does not give a damn about fashion-obsessed fans like u. well done rani.

Whats so unflattering? Colour is fab an it looks great. Sorry its not skin tight and short.

Because if she wears something more form fitting, then it would be even more unflattering.

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