Rani Mukherji, Preity Zinta walk the ramp at late Yash Chopra's birth anniversary

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Rani Mukherji and Preity Zinta walked the ramp at the late filmmaker's birth anniversary bash. Rani was teary eyed while she spoke about her favorite 'Yash uncle'. Preity walked for the music of 'Tere Liye' from her YRF 'Veer Zaara'.


Preity Zinta is a break taking beauty!
Her personality too makes her the better one ;)

Remember how Rani mukherji started her career in Gulaam and kuch kuch hota hay as a gorgeous girl next door...but its remarkable how she managed to get out of that image long time back...and now she is only known for her acting not for her looks and body image, so it really doesn't bother me if she is over weight.

Anyway, fat or not, you're all talking about her, and you all made this the #1 post. So, yeah, carry on.

My oh My Raniiiiii wooooooooooooooow

Number 1 post? Wow. Anyway, Preity looks OK but Rani is exquisitely beautiful. She has the most pretty face. And I adore her confidence with her body, no matter what size. She's done toned and sexy and now she's one of the few actresses who can pull off curvy and sexy.

Rani is beautiful and confident in herself. And super talented.


#1 post!! Yay! She beat Katrina :)

#1 post.

Poor Preity, nobodies noticed her!

Sat, 2013-09-28 17:07 — barbie girl

From these two, Only PZ! PZ looks pretty
how unbiased

Looks like Rani had something done in her face! She looks so tacky , she should marry Aditya, so both can be happy! She is a gold digger and Adis at fault for Anushkas surgerys cause her said to her she is nor beautiful. Both should stop to play hide and seek , and admit that they are together.

From these two, Only PZ! PZ looks pretty

preity was the worst. go check out the video.... she was walking so funny

it was hillirious

Sat, 2013-09-28 13:52 — Anonymous

ewwwwwww rani's tummy is sooooo fat !
she's not a model


She never claimed to be a model. She's an actress.

Somewhere in Bollywood Kajol is having a laugh!

ewwwwwww rani's tummy is sooooo fat !
she's not a model

hello!i think Rani has lost some kilos.her arms and neck and around look slimmer.yes her belly looks fat because even her curves are slimmer but she is going to work out until january so wait for a sexy and slim Rani in Mardaani.
and she is looking freaking beautiful and sexy.she got the best look of the night.deeply beautiful and extremely sexy.

rani is wearing too much makeup and looks bad

oh my Good God Gracious, rani you are looking like a rani(queen)..A-M-A-Z-I-N-G..uffffffffffff those eyes!!!kill me now kill me!!
preity dear what happened to you??where did your once-so-popular-dimpled face go??lovely dress lovely personality but that botox filled face is just not working for me...:(

Now this figure!!!!! I'm all for curves but this is FAT.

People needs to shut up when they are making fun of others here when they are look way more stunning than this. Rani no doubt is stunning woman....but here she is all fat than figure. She doesn't even have breast with all fat around her waist to cover it up.

Curves is someone like Gauri, Neelam,Madhuri..who have such stunning feminine body. This is nothing but fat and fat.

Stop lying ok.

Rani.. :*

Rani is a true diva. Confident,sexy and talented.

Im keep coming back to this post just to see Rani one more time. She looks exquisite!! I think now I know what color I'll be wearing at my friend's wedding.

@ love.katrina, I disagree with you!
In my country there is a saying: "A man is not a dog - on the bone doesn't rush!" I'm not going to insult thin women. Only give my opinion ... I like Rani, she is very charming and sexy. Her face, her hair, her eyes, her figure ... at all this is always a pleasure to watch. I'm always want to watch at Rani! And women with figures of Barbie cause only one desire - feed them!

rani in fat but sensual....

rani hw gergeous c z lookin , bahu ko jyada khubsurat bana diya , dat color suits her.. her nose piece, her kajal style , espcly her hair do z awesome n preity as always pretty ...

Fri, 2013-09-27 21:30 — Anonymous

Anonymous's picture

Rani caked on the makeup..ease up lady, she is not attractive enough to be a model, no no no!!!!
Er.....this was not a modelling contest. It was Yash Chopras heroines walking the ramp in a contribution to him. Who said it was a fashion show????? Rani looked ravishing!!

Rani looks sooooooooo beautiful!!!

Rani just makes me smile. Undeterred confidence, tigress eyes and that killer smile.. Queen.

Rani: Stunning, beautiful, gorgeous. She looks AMAZING.
Preity: Clothes are nice and she looks nice but I can't get past the surgery :(

Only Rani's face and charm shine's.. The outfit is hideous, and very unflattering!

Rani looks sooooooo beautiful

Rani looks stunning. Totally gorgeous. I am developing an obsession with her hair. Preity looks cute.

And seriously, people still having a go at Rani for not being anorexic and actually having a figure? she has the confidence to be whatever size she wants and not care what people say. Rani, Vidya, Aishwarya- these aren't sticks, they have full figures. And there are always people ready to knock them for it.

@love.katrina People don't hate Katrina cuz she "works like crazy to maintain her body" (shame that she feels so insecure that she has to do that). They hate her cuz she's talentless and pumped with botox.

rani looks gorgeous

did'nt like rani at all:(

priety is nyc....dressed up lyk zara I lyk her:)

Rani looks so beautiful. And to the haters below commenting about her weight, she is a woman, not a celery stick. She has curves and guess what, she's not ashamed of them. I seriously wouldn't be surprised if all the people writing these comments were obese themselves, stuck in a cycle of self loathing.

rani is beautiful except the fat gain part, she got the dress makeup right

Rani is this the way you are making your pregnancy announcement? Congrats

Rani & Preity - Yuck!!

Who the hell has designed and styled these people man?!

To all you cellery sticks commenting about Rani's weight- she's a woman who is confident and actually looks like a woman. She looks stunning

They both look sooooo amazingly pretty! yeah, so what if rani's gained weight?! they both look great here nontetheless!

Sometimes I wonder the people here commenting are skinny one's !!!
Even if Rani has put on weight she looks absolutely gorgeous !!!Love her here!!!
So does Preity !!!

Love Rani's outfit =) beautiful but must lose some weight =) otherwise she is gorgeous

Rani needs to lose weight

Rani is so fat...look at her tummy.

Fri, 2013-09-27 22:34 — love.katrina

hahaha all of you are loving Rani who is clearly too fat to show her belly... and why is she saying salaam to people? And the nose ring is hideous! You all love Rani but hate Katrina, deepika, etc who work like crazy to maintain their body and who are actually gorgeous!!

I don't know about anyone else, but I love Rani because she's a good actress. If some want to call her Short, Fat, but what does that have to do with her being a good actress? Does a good actress have to be tall and slim? I think Rani, Katrina, Deepika are all beautiful in their own way.

Rani is looking bad. Too tacky!

Rani looks great here except for the tummy..shld have worn something that does not make it so prominent. Otherwise gorgeous!!!

Haters alert..rani is definitely looking hot.
real men go for curves..bones are for dogs ;)

Lol past surgery priety looks like a russian model.

hahaha all of you are loving Rani who is clearly too fat to show her belly... and why is she saying salaam to people? And the nose ring is hideous! You all love Rani but hate Katrina, deepika, etc who work like crazy to maintain their body and who are actually gorgeous!!

Rani caked on the makeup..ease up lady, she is not attractive enough to be a model, no no no!!!!

Rani .... lokking drop dead gorgeous ... Preity too looking at par

Not liking preity's dress. She looks stiff and wooden. Rani's dress is amazing and the color stands out. I would say Rani and Sri looked the best.

omg what stunners these two are

Rani is REASON KAJOL and AISHWARYA not attending,...


of course she is !
she is jealous of them !
becos even parineeti was there

They both look stunning!


rani looks fat ! fat belly ! ewwwww
why she doesnt cover it ?!
preity looks amazing !
pinkvilla why u dont print negative comments about rani !!! where is my comment ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Both look lovely.
It's an odd way to give tribute to Yash Chopra, it's not like he cared about fashion...

One is fat and the other one in old.

Rani looks incredibly beautiful!!!! She gained quite a lot of weight, but there is absolutely no insecurity in her; she radiates confidence. Fat, short, whatever, Rani is one of a kind gorgeous!

Rani looks awful, how can someone say she looks beautiful...her stylist should be sacked. Don't flaunt something u don't have... Complete eyesore

Preity looks the best.And for Rani, it appears like the outfit is wearing her , it's not flattering on her.

Rani. rocks.

Rani rocks the untoned tummy with her attitude! That's inspiration to the women :) to continue to be confidant even though you don't look the picture of physical perfection the world expects (also gotta thank Vidya Balan for her movie :)

Awwwie!!They look amazing especially Rani


I love Rani, but she needs to lose weight.


I have never seen her wear pink. She actually pulls it off very well. Her face is simply luminous & of course, that smile. Out everyone who walked, even my favourite Sridevi, I loved Rani the most. She just looks really, really pretty. She has that feminine quality about her face, pretty features, pretty smile. She even looks pretty when she was crying! And I love that she has real curves.

Rani truly is an empress... She looks freaking stunning. True beauty, not like the rest on the ramp, pumped with botox

Rani looks freaking hot

So she has a chubby belly so what, she still looks great and still is beautiful.

Preity looks awesome!
Rani has gained a lot of weight.

Where is the fit rani from Chalte and Paheli! Sad...

She needs to stop eating for abit and go to gym!!

Wow rani looking gorgeous

Rani looks nice

Fri, 2013-09-27 15:20 — Anonymous
Anonymous's picture
Why does Rani insist on wearing translucent things that show her fat belly? Gross.


Because there is more to life than being a vapid, superficial creature. Seriously, women have curves and bellies. Get over it. If you got it, FLAUNT IT.

Fri, 2013-09-27 13:48 — Anonymous

Rani is REASON KAJOL and AISHWARYA not attending,...

Serioulsy, why would Rani be in charge of who gets invited and not Pam Aunty? Don't be an idiot.

Rani is beautiful but the yoyo weight reminds me of my struggles.
I want preity and rani in the cinemas more!!!

Rani looks like a true empress. Living upto her name in grand style!!

Why does Rani insist on wearing translucent things that show her fat belly? Gross.

Pinky Rani.... aadaa Varze :) Beauty

Rani looks simply breath taking. Her, eyes, smile, everything. One of the most stunning women in Indian cinema. Only actress on that ramp apart from Parineeti who hasn't had some form of surgery or botox & she looks better then all of them. Gorgeous.


rani looks like a carbon copy of her cousin sharbani mukherjee especially since shes gained weight

are the pictures bad or do they all look older than they are..?

Rani nailed it. How stunning and graceful. Love her sari

They look amazing.

both look lovely!!

rani looks great.. the hair and dress looks fab.

Wow! Rani is looking amazing! she is damn gorgeous, and Preity looking amazing as well, looks as Zaara.


i miss rani & srk and rani & saif movies

zinta and juhi looking great here

Rani has quite the gut.

Errr...Rani looks slightly up the duff

Rani looks incredible! Seriously, I am actually taken aback at how beautiful she looks in these pictures. Wow. She really is a stunner.

Rani is REASON KAJOL and AISHWARYA not attending,...

Rani looks beautiful!

Ok, I officially have a crush on Rani Mukherji. The woman is HOT.

Rani! Omg, she looks incredible. Her hair and make up are flawless. I can't get over how beautiful she looks

very bad


What is with them?!!! they look so tacky!!!

And Rani soon-to-be-chopra thinks she can get away with anything. Look at that belly of hers! Bebo can pull off a belly in chammak challo and fevicol, but you cant darling....ewww!

Preity looks better here!

wat happened to preity yaar .... she was beautiful as zaara and now... rani looks nice tho.

Is Rani pregooo??? or is she just fattt?

Lol Zinta's surgery has ruined her. She looks weird. Miss Mukerji, totally natural, looks sexy as hell. Her hair & nose ring looj amazing. Imagine how she'd have looked in Begum Samru, if she'd accepted it! Her & Juhi looked the best tonight

Rani & Preity

Preity looks cute but Rani is so hot. She looks gorgeous! Her eyes


Rani's hair! Gorgeous. I have hair envy. She looks stunning

Rani -> the most beautiful

Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww Rani looksssssssss Smashingggggggggggggg Hot in pink. Love this girl soooooo much. muaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rani Mukerjee is a goddess. Look at her! Preity Zinta looks ok.

My my my queeny Rani is looking divine goddess .. Uff love her whole look .. her make-up, Hair-style and her nathni is divine beautiful .. She's looking drop dead goddess ς੭ ς੭ ς੭

Omgggg rani looks so beautiful!!!

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