Ranveer Singh's childhood pictures

Credit: Ranveersingh.net

Credits: http://www.ranveersingh.net/gallery/albums/userpics/10001/rc-1S.jpg

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Ranveer singh best of luck.

m rs

Ranveer I think I am the biggest fann of yours and u look sooo chweet in childhood yrrr luv u mauuuhhhhh.... kaasshh u could b my best buddy yr coz I know that u r very frank and awesome. muah muah luv uuuuuuu sooooo very much .

Cutest thing on the planet - RANVEER SINGH!!!! Love u. Love u. Love u. Baby Ranveer is cutie. And sexy present day Ranveer is also a cutie. Muah!

yaar ye handsome lagna kab band krega.u r so..........i love u ranveer best of luck for your upcoming film Gunday.

first pic is SOOO Ranveer! CUTE!

so sweet

such a cute boy yaar. from beginning only he is doing acting and what poses yaarr

i love u ranveer best of luck 4 ur upcoming films

RANveer I LOVE U best of luck 4 ur upcoming films

Cute as a kiddo and hot as ever now. Wow wow. Love u ranveer

Choooo chweettt. Muah muah

hey sooo cute

well i am anushka and i hope iwas there in your first film istead anushka iam your greatest fan ilike you tooooooooooooooo muuuuuch

totally unrecognizable!

chilhood pics reminds me of ranbir kapoor childhood pics.

oh he used to be a cute baby, don't know what happened to him now :P


really cute baby.

Very cute!

so adorable... in the first picture he looks like he is doing ainvayi ainvayi from back then:) you know that dance step in BBB

His baby pix r cute!! Anyone thinks he kinda resemble Ranbir?

Attention seeking since way back when. What's new. But it is funny! I love Ranveer because he wants to entertain


so ordinary looking. His behaviour is over the top and annoying.

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