Rare pics of Sridevi with her Mother and Sister

Sridevi with her sister Srilatha, mother Rajeshwari and father Ayyappan
According to some gossips Sridevi was cheated by her sister and brother for her money. In 1990 she helped her brother to escape from a murder case thanks to her political influence.

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During this time, Sridevi's face was absolutely charming ..

Srilatha is looking like farah naaz here!

I never found srilatha as attractive as sridevi

sridevi is look like very preety. i am sad of sridevi mother dead
I like her acting and all of her self. she was selfish and intelligent. she has very beautiful face. all gods blessing of sridevi

Wed, 2012-01-11 09:13 — Anonymous
To the anon below:Don't spread false rumours about Srideviji.Srideviji is very nice and pure.

The comment above is funny. How can Sridevi be pure if she became pregnant before marriage and that too to a married man?

Also it is disgusting that she married her Rakhi brother. South Indians have no concept of relations. Aunt marrying nephew or Uncle marrying neice or cousins marrying among each other!

In north you do not marry relatives or among any degree of cousins - whether 1st or 2nd or 3rd or 4th or 5th cousin.

I have nothing against her but call a spade a spade.

And what is this with Ji - calling Sridevi as Srideviji? Is she like 80 years old or you worship her in temple like God?

Sreedevi is truely very beautiful and has got an innocent face like a baby.Srilata looks very selfish and haughty.

To the anon below:Don't spread false rumours about Srideviji.Srideviji is very nice and pure.

Srilata is Sridevi's half-sister as Sri's mom married twice, divorced Sri's dad when Sri was very small. Sri is telegu but i think her step-dad was a tamil. Both sisters look pretty but somehow i feel Sri is very selfish after what she did to Boney's wife. I mean cmon she used to tie rakhi to Boney and his wife hosted her as a guest at their house when she was alone in mumbai. Love is blind but it shouldnt be so ruthless also. How would Boney's two kids feel about their dad setting up home with a new woman? just think about the kids...

Sridevi's sister looks a bit like Farah....... But both are very beautiful....

SriDevi is so so so beautiful.

Sridevi's sis is so much better looking than her!

In last two pics both sisters look bit same.

Sridevi has got such an innocent face,looking so cute.

Sridevi's elder daughter looks so much like her aunt Srilatha!!!!

her sister seems to feel very inferior.

Sridevi looks radiant and beautiful.

I am so so so fond of Srideviji,i really love her a lot.

Do not even dare to utter a single bad word about our lovely Sriji.

Srideviji has got a baby like face,not like her vulgar looking sister.

Truely,Sridevi is a real beauty.

she was beautiful even b4 her surgery

Sridevi looks so innocent and royal but her sster looks a bit cheap.

I just love Sridevi very very very much.

Please Srideviji come back to films.

WOW!Sri is so so beautiful.

Sri is looking Gorgeous in all the pics.

Sridevi is my absolute favourite.

Sridevi is my love.

In every pictue it seems that Srilata is trying to seduce someone or the other,she looks cheap.But look at Sridevi,she is so dignified and humble even today.

Sridevi is an amazing actress and a beautiful human being.

Sridevi is my most favourite actress till date.

Sridevi s looking so innocently beautiful.

Sridevi has got a baby like face and still now she has got that.

Sridevi earned all her money,position and property by doing real hard work for all these years and how can someone else claim for it?From the age of four Sridevi is working so hard and then she got all these money,respect,position,etc.

Sridevi is looking gorgeous,wow!

Truely,it seems from the pictures only that Srilata was very much jelous of Sridevi.

It was so shameless of Sri's sister to ask for property. Its known to everyone that whatever their family had, all was earned by SRIDEVI.

Please Sriji,comeback to films.

Srilata looks cheap but Sridevi looks royal.

Sridevi is my favourite actress as well as favourite human being.

Sridevi is looking radiantly beautiful.

I always have respected Sridevi and will continue to do the same instead of all your false rumours about her.

Sridevi seems to be such a lovely daughter.

i dnt want to be sound harsh, she may be good actress, but its her squeaky voice that i cannot stand.. ugh

Sridevi looks so beautiful,she is far better than Srilata.

SriDevi is a real gem.

Till date my favourite actress is Srideviji.

Sridevi is looking ravishing.

This is really too cheap a stuff. Why are you bringing up all past false rumors against Sridevi? if you have to talk about past only why dont you write something on how Sridevi was the sole earning member of her family and worked since the age of 4. And how as per her mother's last wish, she did her mother's last rites instead of her brother. She was a great daughter who despite of all her engagements, always single handed looked after her parents and a very supportive sister. If you read her interviews, she seems to be so fond of talking about her family.

srilata was hot

Sridevi looks beautiful.

Sridevi is my favourite.


Sridevi was involved in a legal battle with sister Srilatha over a property dispute. Again, it seems, Srilatha, at the instance of her husband, sued Sridevi because of which the reigning queen had to shell out a lump sum.

Sridevi looks so sweet.

East or West Sridevi is the Best.

nice pics dera do cntnv 2 prvw that typ of pics...........

lovely pics, sridevi is my absolute favourite. love the photo with rajesh khanna.the kanchivaram sarees look good.
yeah, even i heard about the fallout bw sri and her sis over monetary issues.

lovely pics, sridevi is my absolute favourite. love the photo with rajesh khanna.the kanchivaram sarees look good.
yeah, even i heard about the fallout bw sri and her sis over monetary issues.sad i think.......

lovely pics, sridevi is my absolute favourite. love the photo with rajesh khanna.the kanchivaram sarees look good.
yeah, even i heard about the fallout bw sri and her sis over monetary issues.

Sridevi looks far better than her sister.

I am a die heart sridevi fan.

Srideviji is one of our greatest actresses of all time.

Sri looks much younger than her younger sister.

Sridevi is such a lovely girl.

I agree, sridevi's daughter looks so much like sridevi's sister!!!!

sridevi is looking lovely.

Sriji is a Diva in true sense..

I love sridevi so much.

Yes Sri was cheated by her sister and brother as they were jealous of her money and position,after Sri got her sister married to a rich man Sri was alone with her mother and when her mother was very ill during sridevi's last flm Judaai,Sri alone looked after her mother and even took her to USA for treatment and her sister was totally absent from the scene,the only person who helped her at that time was Mr. Boney Kapoor.

Srilata is looking so proudy and jealous but look at Sridevi,she ilooks so down to the earth though she is one of India's most precious citizens.

She is one of the best actress ever i have seen just want to see her in movies again she can once again play a magic. she has charm yet. i like her smile specially.

Sri is really a child woman,she is looking like a baby here.

No say rubbish about sridevi,her brother was never a murderer and neither did Sri helped her brother to get rid of any murder case.

Sridevi was the beloved daughter of her father and mother as she was an obidiat daughter and also performed the duties of a son to her parents and sister..

Such a nice family album.

Both the sisters look good but Srilata looks a bit hauty and rough but Sridevi looks very innocent and humble,

Sridevi lighted her mother's funerel pyre opposing the society's rule and going against the Pandits because she did not had a brother,and her mother used to say that Sri was her daughter as well as son.Sri did a great job.

Sridevi is elder than her sister but looks younger than her,

Do not give wrong information about sridevi,there was absolutely no problem between Sri and her sister,Sridevi was the sole earning member in her family after her father's death,Sri also got her sister married to a wealthy and decent guy.

What nonsense? Why are you raking up SRIDEVI's past when it has no relevance in today's times? For everyone's kind information, SRIDEVI's brother was implicated in a murder case which later turned out to be nothing more than a false accusation and now, both SRI and her sister are on good terms and SRI along with her daughters and husband spend a lot of time with her sister's family whenever they visit Chennai. God! this is the height of studpidity.

Sridevi's sister is really very pretty, even prettier than Sridevi. At that time, it was said it seems that Sridevi and her mother wanted her sister to get married and settle down as they thought one actress in the family is enough. Even I have heard that both the sisters have fallen apart because of money matters. I didn't know Sridevi had a brother.

Sridevi's elder daughter looks a lot like her Aunt(Srilatha) :)

Wow. Her brother is a murderer, and she helped him get away with it. These Bollywood people really do have no morals.

Sridevi's daughters look like her sister!

Her first daughter Looks exactly like her sister.. especially in pic # 5

haha i liked "srilata avum sridevi " LOL

that nose :(

ahhh,Love Sirdevi,shes a really DEVI
Thanks Zenny

i find her sis is more prettier than her

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