Rekha's rare pic with her sisters

Rekha with her sisters. From left to right: Dr Revathi Swaminathan, Narayani Ganesan, Dr Kamala Selvaraj, Rekha, Vijaya Chamundeswari and Dr Jaya Shreedhar.
wow...i didn't know she had so many sisters...btw she's so different from the others

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i luv this site.

I can't believe they're rekhas sister? she is looking so beautiful...... I love rekha........


nice family rekha

i want gemini news ring tone

These are all daughters from Gemini's several wives(which was ok in those days). But Gemini never accepted her, until she became famous-then he accepted her. I think she was conflicted with him till the end.

We love Rekha

Indian ladies r so obsessed with their skin color. Its okay girls if someone else is fair n u r dark..god has made everyone. Its not a crime to be fair!!

Rekhas's own sister is Radha, who is not in this picture. The rest are her half-sisters. They all had the same dad Gemini Ganesh (very popular and successful yester actor of tamil movies)

REminds me of Cindrella and sisters....

Why all you females harping on about skin color all the time on Pinkvilla??
So what if her skin is light, dark, purple, green, or rainbow colored!!!

but isnt she the love child of Actors Gemini Ganesan n Pushpavally. And he never acknowledged her.Then how come there are so many? It could be her half sisters.

my skin colour is two shades lighter then when i was a kid, and i'm in my 20s, even my family says so, like the photos, and there is no cream involved. though i think rekha has had some cream done, but in the early 80s complextion the best, and her face structure has not changed, its much the same, she was amazing looking in her younger days silsila, umroa jaan...

The reason they look different is though they share the same father, they are born to three different women.! Rekha's mother was yesteryear actress Pushpavalli and Chamundeswari's mother was the famous south actress Savithri. Dad was a Cassanova alright!

woahhhhhhhhhhhhhh the last pic came as a surprise ahahahahahah

I think basic face structure is same but rem they have diff mothers..n its common to have one kid looking the best

her dad Gemini Ganesh had alot of wives and they are are kids from diff mother but have same father. I thik Rekha only has a brother not sure!!!

rekha is a love child of her parents Tamil actor Gemini Ganesan and Telugu actress Pushpavalli. her father never accepted her and ths why she didnt have good relation with her father. these are rekha's step sisters from his father's actual wife.

Rekha's father Gemini Ganeshan had several wives and thus all these sisters look different. For example: Vijaya Chamundeswari is the daughter of famous Telugu actress Savithri.

Most of you always talk about skin whitening and are obsessed about saying that everyone who is fair skinned definitely got some bleaching treatment done or so - Especially if someone from south has fair skin. Most of you don't know about certain facts.

I am not saying about Rekha - Rekha is always dark skinned - but some times as you age , due to environmental and health conditions and hormonal fluctuations or medications including amounts of exposure to sun lights and harsh conditions -people skin texture and color can change from dark skin to light brown or very light skinned people (South Indian or North Indian) can have tanned or brown skin.

Also with in one family you can get a mixture of very fair or light skinned and brown - dark skinned people. I don't know why some people on the site do not realize that they don't know all the facts about health or personal lives of these stars. What you see is NOT what you get!

In the case of Rekha, as she aged her skin complexion might have lighted compared to her younger days (It can happen - I bet on that). However, in this picture she is wearing make up - that might have lightened up her complexion too - whereas her half-sisters don't have any make up on.

In the show business these days we have highly developed/most sophisticated make up and photography technology. You can not possibly even compare today's photos to yesteryears' photos. The make up, hair style, eyebrow shapes, and the picture angles also have a lot of impact on the facial features and how appealing these people are. Losing weight or gaining weight also has positive or negative impact on body and face.

They may be just cousin sisters. I call my cousin sisters my sisters all the time even though I don't have any siblings.

she is so different from the others because she has done so many surgeries on

Actually they all look diff from each other

Are they all real sisters? Never heard of them in so many years ...

Wow Rekha has 3 sisters who are DRs. She looks really different then them, I think she had skin whitening or bleaching.

Wow Rekha has 3 sisters who are DRs. She looks really different then them, I think she had skin whitening or bleaching.

Lover her girls..

and wats the last pic supposed to b?

4 sisters r doctors... nyce

Wow,she looks nothing like her sisters. Last picture not very flattering,eww

awww sweet

features r similar with ash..lolz..big b ki ankho ko dhoka nehi ho sakta..lool..tabhi to chun chun k ash ko bahi karke laya..i mean bete k liye.


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