Saif Ali Khan walks the ramp for Narendra Kumar at the Aamby Valley Bridal Fashion Week

Saif Ali Khan walks the ramp during the Aamby Valley India Bridal Fashion Week 2012 in Mumbai. The AVIBFW serves as a platform to promote Indian bridal couture collection and facilitate interactions between designers and end consumer.

When it comes to western men's and women's wear, Narendra Kumar Ahmed is one of the leading names. Known for his excellent construction, innovative silhouettes and great tailoring, Narendra's garments have specially woven Indian fabrics and amazing hand crafted details.

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Credits: Solaris ImagesViral Bhayani

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aged or whatever...he is hotter and classier than average Indian men...

he looks amazinggg

making money out of his 2nd wedding .., how cheap...

Saif is so hot....the best dressed actor in India, he'd fit right in with the Brit dandies..... and lady in pink, Arjun Rampal was a professional model before he took up acting, so even though he's great on the ramp, he's not so great on the screen....Saif is much much much better on screen than Arjun

is it just me...or is his pants a little too tight? at least 1/2 inch less would have been better when he's walking..

square buttons on shirt....thats a uncommon style...i like the pin shirt-white suit combo....but i feel he is little too stiff on ramp. I love arjun rampal on ramp anyday

here he looks like my friend's DAD.. ..he's leading the KHAN RACE when it comes to ageing

doznt his nose look like its all been moulded wrong!
like its just been carelessly splatted on hahaha

somthing about his face in the 1st pic reminds me of the guy who was in 80s movie the shining! i think its his forhead or hairline!

YES he does look handsome here

Handsome! Very.

He's looking like an Italian Mafia head! Handsome but aging...



he looks SO old

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