saif ali khan's daughter spotted at a wedding

Amrita singh and daughter Sara at a delhi wedding !!!!
Dosen't Sara look gorgeous ... so sweet...

Credits: anisa wedding

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Beautiful lady

smart and nice family

im sorry but shes not all that. pretty average if not less.

She'z just as beautiful like her mother..god help her,for britening her mums name and ambition.....thanxxx


ya afcorse she is a beautiful girl

She looks like a white buffalo!! Indians are so crazy for white skin, pathetic!!

isko chodne ka man kar raha hai

the way she is posing... i am guessing she's gonna be joining the industry... GOD SAVE US

lol She looks like Kareena

she has Sharmila's smile.. esp the first picture

sara looks a lot like Amrita and saif but she also resembles kareena, I guess they all have some features in wonder saif got attracted to kareena:).

she has her dads eyes and the rest of her face are a copy of momma!! She looks like the bold fashionista types. I see why she gets along well with Bebo Aunty! no Bebo didi!! :)

She looks like Kareena,wehen she was little!

Saifs daughter is going to be a gorgeous heroine just has the prettiest face...cute poser

The lady next to saif's ex looks gorgeous who is she?

Saif's daughter is an exact replica of her mum, thank goodness she doesn't have her father's nose!!

cute kid

i will wait for u............................

She looks exactly like her mom. Her mother was a great actress.
Hope she can/will be as good as her mom.
So Kareena watch out!!!!!!!

she has the same look in all the smiling? she looks like amrita

um what kinda "looks" is she giving, she is cute but those looks make her look kinda mean.

cute girl....but a lil too posey i guess hehehee

yes she looks mature but she is average nt that beautiful..

wat is with that luk in the first 2 n the last pic???
she's luking too mature......

i agree with the comment made about amrita looking like preity i totally agree i always thought that too i thought i was the only one lol to think that

she looks lyk amrita and saif

i didnt mean sound abit rude

is she trying to pose like kareena???

agree with anon Wed, 2010-05-19 22:35

she is trying to grow up too fast
stay innocent!

its so sad that girls are trying to act older than their age. they need to slow down

hard to believe saif has a teenage daughter. he's still acting like a teenager himself! she looks very mature for her age. bebo's future step-daughter, judging by her heroine poses she could give her a run for her money! go sara!! :)

she should act her own age she looks so mature here like hansika motwani wannabe


wow she is beautiful and amrita singh is so graceful

She is so much like mom.

Thanks Londoncalling for post, was so much bored with Aish only posts from quite some time.

mahrani sahiba !

she could very well fit in the role of the heroine in veer.

She had plans to join bollywood since she was a lil kid. She's not more than 15 as yet though

i can see a magnificent beauty on sara .. she will join bollywood for sure..

Sara's a carbon copy of her mother Amrita Singh!

what a poser! :)

younger version of amrita

mashalah shes so cute luks graceful.

really nice to see amrita looking well

Amrita always reminded me of Preity Zinta...

She is a teenager - cut her some slack. She looks nice. I am sure she will shape up in a couple of years

How old is she? A little too young to be doing all that no?!

But Nice to see Amrita !!!

she is totally like her mom...

Its so sad tht Saif is acting like 20 yrs old while his kids r soon becoming tht age. He is a bad influenece. I wonder wht people would have said if he is a woman. Double standards in India!!

Beautiful like her MoM!!

saif's nose and the rest is amrita.
looking at her poses....she might soon join bollywood!

She is So pretty .. Love her outfit alot

which one is her daughter? middle one ?(besides amrita..she luks too old to be saif's daughter though!) or the chubby one far right?(she aint a bit cute ! haha..)

chubby though

she needs to lose weight ASAP !

She looks like saif ali khan from the eyes and the smile and also she has same face as her mum round. she has grown up . i wonder how Ibrahim must look like . as he looked the same as his father . thanks for sharing . somthing different . saira must be 13-14 now

she is beautiful. good mix of her parents.

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