Salman Khan dancing to Banjara - Ek Tha Tiger (video)

A friend of mine has informed me that the vocals have been given by Shaan. Music by Sohail Sen

I cannot wait for this song/promo to release in full :)

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Credits: if2atlTeam Salman

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banjara bast song for ek tha tiger salman khan


cant wait for the movie .. salman lights up every thing when he smiles

omg i love this songggg!!!! sounds good

thats not shaans voice.

hi naveed. awesome video with salman interview below. the song sounds like it will be a smash hit! may be it can draw attention to the once booming, now desolate

Six One News discus Ek Tha Tiger via @rtenews

The video is 2 mins long and Salman also says a few words along with the director.

Tue, 2011-10-11 13:29 — Anonymous

Thank you and correction made :)

nice post :) interesting to see the film-making process

OMG. i can't wait for the movie and song SALMAN KHAN you rock man

Did you mean "Banjara"?

'Cuz that's what I heard from the clip...banjara

Nice song!!

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