Salman Khan's photoshoot with Haider Khan

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Salman Khan's photoshoot with photographer Haider Khan.

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he is the most handsome man in the world i feel bad for srk fans they will never stop commenting on the topics of salman

he looks peaceful, but yes I agree he's way to bulky..

Mash'Allah i want to see him like this forever Insha'Allah

the one who can be described as smart cute handsome sexy at the same time is salman khan !!!!

Salman is most happy, handsome, sexy, hot and cute man!

Lol, my night, get a life. Hates to The left. No need to give lessons on what is handsome, everyone has their own opinions on what is attractive.

OMG Gorgeous

to some users:
Salman is man in every aspect and handsome man
actually most handsome man in India and maybe in the world
Lmao we are speaking and loving true man, and not baby face shaheed in his mid 30th, and clown nose ranbir, who is everything but cuty

UGh, personally I am TURNED OFF majorly by super bulky men, like Salman Khan!!! Naveed, don't try to build a body like will turn off loads of girls!!! believe me, girls don't like bulky men with muscles coming out of every corner of the body!!! It is very uhhhhhhhhh unbecoming an unattractive!!! Men surely like such body, but women don't!!

I'm happily married MashAllah with two kids.......but this dude is Just uhhhh!!!!!

this is handsome? how come? his fat body and fat big muscles disgust me. his face does not go with his body.
look at hritik and john and arjun to learn about sexiness and look at ranbir and shahid to know about cuteness. and over all arrogant and stupid. post please

I do not love his body, he looks scary, i hope he loses weight, he is not boxer, he is actor, salman of before was very handsome and cute, now he is blown. i just saw his arm, and thought it was stomach at the first time, not arm, sorry but do not like that.

Is this guy 47 or what?? Forget about his handsome face ...look at his body fitness wowoww

people speak about his body, sexy avatar, but actually his has lovely face, man can say beautiful, gorgeous face just drags you only to look at him

Salman is blessed with good genes. Look at his dad Salim khan, Nobody can believe that he crossed70 long time ago.

Now salman is goodlooking in movies and in real life. so he deserves the sexiest man alive title in India.

He looks Awesome
Such simple pics no show off!

how cute.

He don't look like 47 in any angel.. My god he is mashallah looking great

He has such a beautiful face. Perfect combination of vulnerability and masculinity. Beautiful man!

Second pic is awesome. For a 47 year old that's incredible.

Been working towards a body like that but damn it's tough. More than the right exercise and weights it's what you do in the kitchen that counts.

salman tou salman hai! Allah tujhe khush rakhe sallu bhai!, dil khush kar diya!

Hot nd cute nd the same time :*

Sexy Khan

SALMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN, please somebody help me, my screen is just burning, so hottttttttt

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