Salman Khan spotted with fans at InterContinental Warsaw,Poland

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Salman Khan spotted with fans at InterContinental Warsaw,Poland


He can work on his neck not only his chest! Unflattering neck really. The wig could be more natural as well. His hair doesn't move in any film since years now...

He is officially the most famous Bollywood star all over the world

love you the most my baby...i wish i could meet you once in my life

Bhayyaji Smile... He looks handsome neverthless

His stardom amazes me. wow

So any pics of iulia vantur yet?

He looks so handsome, glad he wore something else rather than his being human crap. If only he works more on his wardrobe, he can look much much better. Love his glares too.

It is creep me out how this guy being appreciated despite his Crimean records and horrible acting and all. He is not even gorgeous in any way with all the fake hair and bulky eyes! Ugh

Crimean record? LOL anyways maybe you dont know the phrase 'innocent until proven guilty' which has not been proven in his case so stop being GOD & judging!

bulky eyes are gone..thanks to cosmetic surgery

the move on please.....go watch someone else, or better yet learn to spell.

When the leaders of this country are rooting and giving excuses to rapists what do you expect from others! They will for sure find it normal to kill someone and ran away or even hit women and support people who do so. No morality or sense of righteous at all. Even the fake charity is so obvious. It is disgusting really. I won't even look at him twice if comes to my country...actually he would have been in jail there.

aww,that girl is so moved by him. kids.

"Wherever he goes, the international media follows him!'

love salman but its primarily desis only after him

Salman looks happy and relaxed. Someone is surely making him blissful. Just for you information Bucharest is only 1.30 hrs away from Warsaw. He has been travelling to eastern Europe quite a bit lately. wink wink

biggest star hindi cinema has produced.



Salman is the most handsome, the best humanitarian and he most famous Bollywood celeb internationally!
Wherever he goes, the international media follows him!
Love you godfather of Bollywood!

look at the foreign gals at the they are watching the superstar..........u cant ignore this man even if u hate him.....sallu bhai....release d poster of kick.

The girls are even wearing the BH t' shirt... I want to buy the Being human T'shirt yaar!

Sal my jaan! Love you Hameesha!

Sal my jaan! Love you hameesha!!!

He looks so handsome

Wow, even in places like Poland he's so popular? Love that they're wearing Being Human t shirts. Salman looks good but I hate how he combs his hair back.

he is soooooooooooooooooooooooo handsome. ppl loves him so much lucky man. he is the only REAL BOLLYWOOD SUPERSTAR. all others are fake and pr hyped. KICK is a sure shot blockbuster no stopping. Good luck salman

Those people are either Indian or gypsy. Definitely not Polish.

Hope Kick turns out amazing, where is Jackie?

Is that girl in yellow t shirt crying? Pagal hai sba..between salman is looking handsome

That girl in Yellow is so cute. Seems like she is a big fan of Salman. She is looking quite happy.

I had also the pleasure yesterday to meet this handsome man ( he's so cool ) with his friend . i watched before a few bollywood movies ,actually i don't know too much about india. i really loved his generosity for accepting to host us ^^ best of luck Salman khan sir.

This man just defines the word "Superstar."

who could think that in Warsaw will be the same hysteria as in INdia, USA, UK

looks at the girls face, that is stardom, Salman you really deserve love everywhere

I can't believe this man is almost 50! He is still so handsome!

damn he is looking hot *~* love uuuuuuuuu.

bhai wait ni ho raha.......jaldi kick ka poster ya teaser release krdo.

Red suits him so well. And is he really 48?

This is what we call stardom... Girls in Being Human T-Shirts......

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