Sanjay Dutt and Manyata at Bunty Walia's wedding reception

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Sanjay Dutt and Manyata at Bunty Walia wedding reception bash at Olive. Bunty Walia married his girlfriend Vanessa Parmar.

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Credits: Viral Bhayani

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Manyata has such beautiful fair skin colour and oh so sharp features...Verry Beautifull Woman, must say..!!!Her daughter has inherited all her beauty...lucky dauhter Iqra...but Iqra also luks like a childhood version of Aishwarya...Sanju's first wify(Richa Sharma) was undoubtedly one of d prettiest woman in cinema...Sanju has great taste in womem...First wife's beauty is uncomparable 2 anyone...she was too gorgeous...and manyata also a very good luking woman....Lucky Sanjay dutt....

Masnyata Dutt iz an extremely gud luking woman..!!! Alwayzz found her verryy attractive...Though sumtimes not appropriately dressed for d occassion but all celebritiies sumtimes come wrongly dressed for events...So it's alrytee as she iz not a movie star but a respectable housewife..She easily manages 2 pull off luking extremely gorgeous even widout any makeup at so many events....True Natural Indian Beauty...!!!

You can take Maanyata away from Ghetto but you cannot take Ghetto away from Maanyata...And Sunjay Dutt used to be goodlooking, he is aging very badly. He went for surgery to look younger but he came out looking older. Poor Guy...

no matter how much bad is said about manyata... at the end sanjay dutt and her are still together n raising a family... wthout any controversy or drama... i mean kuch toh baat hogi usmein... that sanjay dutt is still wth her n not looking here n there....

Found a new alternate energy source. Manyata's grease producing head. She can power all the motor vehicles in India. Who needs Arab Sheiks, the new OPEC "head" is Manyata.

I am sure that they mentioned wedding reception theme or else why will they dressed like this ?

Must have been a Halloween themed wedding.

wrong dress manyata... not event appropriate !! but this is the first time i found her actually looking good :)

Why s she dressed like this???

both looking good. sanju is fit again.

they both look good. sanju looking FIT.

Wow Manyata is gorgeous

It's an indian wedding right? Why is no one in indian wear!?!?!

I always feel that Sanjay Dutt is never sober. He either is drunk all the blody time or is high on something else. His eyes & droopy face says it all. The man never looks fresh.

OMG who dresses like that to a wedding reception....she looks like a nautankiwala

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