Shah Rukh Khan & Suhana at Youtube FanFest 2014

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Shah Rukh Khan was seen at the Youtube FanFest 2014 which took place today at Bandra Fort Amphitheatre. Also seen in the audience was his daughter Suhana. The YouTube FanFest is an exclusive live show with the best of YouTube’s hall of fame.

The FanFest saw performances by IISuperwomanII from Canada, TheViralFever, All India Bakchod among many others.

Here's a video of Shah Rukh at the event -



He looks too good like that. Suahan is so much like him and that stunning hair. She doesn't his eyes though. But really cute girl

SRK looks haggard now


Sexy man who loves his kids that much. I LIKE.


Why are you insulting yourself? Take it easy...LOL

back to SRK loving man.

he looks awesome. Wish he will just use less gel in his hair! he has stunning hair and no need to gel at all. Suahana is really cute.

he looks awesome. Wish he will just use less gel in his hair! he has stunning hair and no need to gel at all. Suahana is really cute.

Oohh lalala SRK stop making us swoon all the time with your wicked mean machine! :)

he is just HOT and so cute with Suhana....happy that he have stubble again wow ...

is she his manager or bodyguard...

He looks soooo fine!!XOXO

Suhana is too cute and pretty. STUNNING hair.


Always the fat Pooja at his side. Where is his wife again?

Read today's Gauri's interview in HT, u will get you answer of all your concern. (PV please post this, also post Gauri's interview from HT).

first have little respect.dont call her fat..second why you so want to know where is his wife? You want to ask her something? where is she? in his big home working and working for his daughter and amazing husband....did you have problem with that? :P

She is his manager who controls his time.His wife is taking care of his baby at home. And you didn't see his personal body guard and police securities who accompany him always

Why do you care? Why should his wife accompany him everywhere? Just because you want to make stories.

She is a carbon copy of him! Adorable


no one cares about useless youtubers. they dont contribute in anyway they are just wannabes who make home videos.

awwww Suhana is a cutie!!

Aww....Suhana has her father's hair!!! Just too gorgeous!!! SRK is a damn hottie!XXXX

That was so sweet of SRK

Saw pics of him and Superwoman together onstage, how lucky is she! Happy for her :)

Hottie man!:))

Gosh! How beautiful he looks here! *_*

He looks fantastic!! It is adorable seeing him with his daughter!XOXO

This man is bloody perfect. I love him inside out.

What "INSIDE" of Him did you get to see that we did'nt?

hahahaha nice too i want to see INSIDE of SRK

His personality and the way he project himself to the public. He is humbleness to his fans whenever they meet him. He is interesting character and strong individual attitude he has in life. His witness and cleverness. I can go on and no...:))

Who is his witness? I think you mean wit.

You need a grammar lesson on idiomatic expressions.


He was just coming with his daughter and people went mad!! the fact the organizer took the chance and let him come again at the end when he came to take his daughter.

It was an awesome surprise while I was watching the show!:DDDD And the stubble is back!!! *faint*

Wanna watch the entire feed which am sure will be entertaining. And just need to say, that SRK is the best superstar we have cause nobody interacts and charms and loves the audience n fans like he does. He gets in there and expresses that as a fan. Almost 50 and still rocking...

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