Shah Rukh Khan's new pics with Aryan and Suhana

Soo cute!!! He posted these pics on twitter

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I love you SRK you are my Allah


srk i love you as a 11 and my # is in love with uur son.hhe is sooo adorable.

hiiiiiiiii srk sir i m your biggest fan in the world . bus itna hi kahunga or kuch nhi i llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you
my name is aslam khan nd my no is 8291837171 god blesss you n your family

marry me Aryan???

iloveeyou Aryan

i m bigest fan but ur son great

Hallo!bilkul apup ke jaisa dikhta he.your very cute son ,
best luck next movie.


Hi srk,sir! U r jst awsum .i m jst a simple gal bt i alwaz drm big i m frm kolkata..i lv ur son,i lyk 2 c hs pic bt i cudnt find it exactly wat i ws lukin fr. Mybe u hv tym to go thru my msg bt sir i lv u n ur son u bth r jst awsum u rock.;-)


OMG Aryan took after his dad and Suhana after her mum
So cute :D

Mark my words, his son will be a better actor then he is.

so nice pics of aryan and suhana khan

cute & sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet pics SRK love u

its...........what to say

aryan will be one day a big super star by his father

Hi SRK .How are u?I am your big fan. I love you .Your dimples are very cute.Your daughter is very beautiful and your son is sooooo cool and handsome.Your photos with your childrens are awesome.I love your whole family specially your son

Hi srk . I ,am your big fan.your photos are very cute with your childrens. Your daughter is beautiful and your son is very handsome.I iove your whole family,specially your son,I love him so much.Godbless to your whole family

I'm ur big fan SRK and Aryan is so cute nd lukes lyk u!

Huy shahrukh sir......Aryan is same as you

hey srk..your children r looking great..

Awwwww so cute the 3, Suhana is just like him!

Shahrukh Khan makes Bollywood. Without SRK, there is no Bollywood. The whole world loves SRK; it is unfortunate that more Americans are not familiar with him and his movies. SRK’s movies are the best. No one, but no one can do a romance scene like SRK. His acting ability, his good looks, his charm, his charisma, his dancing, and his dimpled smile all combined are just unbeatable.

God Bless SRK for the pleasure and enjoyment he brings us through his hard work and passion.


awwww soo cute srk
hes kids r all cute
nyce pics

actually both kids are a mixture of both parents .... they got SRK's face structure and his eyes .... they both have theirs moms nose which is much much smaller thn SRK so Thank God :-p.

the boy looks like mom and girl looks like her dad

hi.. ARYAN HW R U .,me sawati , my reall nam ALi . i lked u nd i lve u GOD BLESS U.

theyre cute

aksay,es son arave was very cute,,,,,

his daughter looks more like srk than his son but srk needs to know he is not that young.

i cant believe this old man is a star he looks like shit, his face is sagging and his eyes look pure evil.
there is no humbleness in him.

his son has same spark in his eyes like dad....daughter is like mom...

hey...SRK iam ur great fan and ur sonn and daughter are loking great...



hey this picture is from srk's twitter acc..i saw it dere.. neway
his kids r sooo cute espec aryan...CUTE PICTURE..happie family :)

Both kids look like srk. Phew! :)

suhana is just like SRk

chooo chweeettt!!

cute :)

cute kids

yes...I think his son is gonna grow up to be another hunk !!!!... :)

absolutely adorable!!

his daughter is so pretty.. fanstastic features.. she seems like a thinker type...

sooooooooooo cute :)

adorable! and srk is looking a lot younger too with that hairstyle

his son already looks like a star!

OMG ..his son is gonna grow up to be another hunk !!!! WOW ...awww his daughter is sooooooo cute (looks just liek him) .....I can't imagine living with SRK under the same roof....!!!! IT would def be surreal !!!!...

his son looks like him

SRK's son is star making for sure. Looks great.

eyes eyes man


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