Shahid Kapoor on UTV's show 'Breakfast to Dinner'

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UTV Stars show 'Breakfast to Dinner' is all set to take its viewers on a joy-ride as they follow the charming actor Shahid Kapoor through his day. During the show, the actor is seen driving around the city while heading to his various commitments. He reminisces about his struggling days, and also tries his hand at pole dancing.

In the show, Shahid confesses about the sleepless night he encountered during the initial days of his career.

The day progresses as Shahid goes on to promote his film in various colleges and through various interviews, without taking a pause. While he is at it, the actor gives the viewers an insight into his personal life before signing off.

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Credits: pinkvilla

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Shahid is so hot man....With pole when he was doing dance movements he was looking so sexy. What a body he has.

I love him!

reporder dressing +makeup+hairstyle=disaster

y is da reporter dressed like dat??

Looks like a lot of fun!!! Shahid is too Cooollll!!

Shahid is looking great!! Love the clean shaven look as well.

Can't wait to watch this episode! Should be a good one.

All tha best * supar star shahid kapoor for your movie [ phata postar nikhla hero ] @ #Bobby Kumar [agneepath ]

shahid kapoor is looking really nice..:) looking forward to the episode..:D

He was so dull before but now he seems confident and relax, AND he never looked better.

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