Shahrukh Khan & Honey Singh shoot for Lungi Dance

After the audio got released by T-Series yesterday, here is a video snippet that got leaked on the net of Shahrukh Khan and Honey Singh shooting for the song. This song was rumoured to be a part of the movie but it isn't. It is a promotional song.

Deepika Padukone probably does not feature in the song.

Credits: yt

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I jus heard da song....n I really lykd it!!

dnt knw y ppl r gettn so offended frm...
may b da title lungi dance is stereotyped but apart frm dats its pretty fun!!

n maybe dey shud'nt hv said its a tribute....coz its mor lyk a fun song fo promotional????

but is was good....ha ha funny


waaaaaa....bachaoooo....the damn song is stuck in my head...n refuses to go much ever i/we dislike this song it had huge sticky quotient....n i think this may end up being another kolavari di......

vishal shekar denied the song being part of the album and so did shahrukh khan because this video is not part of chennai express music album at all which vishal shekar did an amazing work. this song is an awesome tribute to raknikanth they said and i think it's such an amazing idea :D lungi dance!:D

Rocking .................

EVERYONE, calm down!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a catchy song.

Vishal has nothing to do with this and it's just a fun promotional song and nothing else.

Vishal should mind his own tongue and doesn't run his big moth insulting as such to the singer even if you don't like him. This is not part of the chennai express soundtrack or the film or his contact with SRK'a company. So, as srk company decided to work with vishal they choose to work with this guy for other thing. Simple.

He should mind his work and just because you think you all that doesn't mean others think the same.

Didn't Vishal dimiss the rumours about Honey Singh singing in Chennai Express when they came out a couple of weeks ago and tweeted about the 'rape rapper takig advantage of srk's name & chennai express?' Why Why Why are they making him sing? And then calling it a tribute to Rajnikant? These guys have lost their minds. And I thought Vishal-Shekhar were better than this

Why why why???????????????

It won't be in the movie and not a part of it. It's just a fun promotional video.

I personally like it and it looks really funny and crazy. And yeah! I don't give a damn about what else think...who supposedly think such things tacky but keep on talking about people's personal lives here and insult them. Lol

this song sounds really cool. of course it's a vishal shekar album chennai express. this song is just a tribute as they said added to the movie. love it and chennai express music. vishal- shekar in shahrukh khan movies rock

never mind. deepika already seems to have over thrown this oldie in the film. she doesnt need another song to prove her worth. she is awesome the way and in the space that she is. and btw seepika already has danced her way to success with honey singh songs in cocktail. she actually set the trend and paved the way for honey singh in bollywood. kudos to deepika for being a trend setter and srk needs to get over his insecurities.


sorry but lost all respect for srk after this.

oh my god no no no no no and NOOOOOOO!!!

Omg is this song really a part of the movie?! Vishal was right tacky singer. Didnt knew that srk did actually collab with honey singh.

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