Shahrukh Khan in Malaysia


Shahrukh Khan attends a Dinner Function in Malaysia

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ooooooooooooh he is trying for his pose in pic but this pic is already over loaded

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Fair and lovely cream doesn't seem to have worked on him. Not that I am one of those who is crazy about white skin. As long as the skin is smooth and satiny any color will do for me. I am just really mad at him for promoting the whitening cream. I don't think he even believes in it. He just did it for money. But now since he's a clever guy I am sure he will have caught on and not do it .....but just because it's bad publicity for him ....not because he cares about the issue.
Deep down he's just a petty bourgeois tho he likes to think he's a man of the world.

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what's he doing there?? still wooing young and old alike, the eternal charmer...

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no shit!!!he's all over the place!


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