Shilpa Shetty snapped with her son

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Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra were snapped on their arrival to Mumbai from Dubai. The couple were there to release Raj's book in the Emirates.

Shilpa was snapped carrying her 1 year old son, Viaan Raj Kundra.

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He is sooooooo cute.

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For those blaming Shilpa for a broken marriage, remember that it was her husband who was married! And he decided to get divorced to marry SS after he got divorced. There is nothing illegal here..

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Cutie pie. :)

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i find them cheap ! no star like quality

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why there is no karma for this woman who wrecked another woman's life???

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It's too early to say. Moreover, just because she looks all "happily settled" and content doesn't mean that she is. It appears that most of the uber rich spend their lives trying to outdo each other wrt their various acquisitions, and never really sit back and enjoy themselves. Moreover most of their friendships seem based on momentary convenience; maybe that's what her relationship with her husband is like as well. Who knows? It's best not to judge a book by it's cover. As JRR Tolkein said, "“All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost..."

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Cuteness overload

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her old nose is on her son! yikes poor baby! he has his mommys unfortunate features.

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OMG! Whatta cute baby! :')

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Rarely see Shilpa make-up free. She clearly looks uncomfortable, as she's all dolled up normally. Kareena wins hands down with the make-up free look. She still has the same attitude and confidence.

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she has make up on, it is not just as heavy as usual look at the difference between her neck and her face, she also has lipstik on but the color is neutral

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cute boy!

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She makes me cringe. She has the martyr act down pat. How did she convince all of England she is Mother Theresa when her parents have ties to underworld and she steals a pregnant woman's hubby.

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Shilpa was a flop actress. She had no work at all, when she went to big brother house... and won the show bcz of Jade Goody. She had affair with an already married billionaire, and finally married him. Now she appears everywhere to stay in lime light....

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She didn't win because of Jade, she won inspite of that vile woman. Shilpa impressed everyone by her classy behaviour even when provoked by those people.

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He is no billionaire, may be millionaire

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What a cutie!

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the last time i saw his pics, he looked more like Raj. but here, he looks like a replica of Shilpa. especially his eyes. cute kid. he seems a little scared though, of all the camera flashes probably :/

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Dude even shilpa doesn't know what her real face looks like, so how would you be able to tell the kid looks like her?

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umm, how can you say he looks like shilpa, when no one even knows what shipla's real face would have looked like without surgery? the baby is cute, VERY tall for a 1 year old, but cute. i hope we don't see a special post on his birthday though

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Shillpa looks so fit and gorgeous.


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