Shruti Hassan with family at Luck premiere show

First photo is Her dad kamal hassan and his current girl friend gowthami. Gowthami recently recuperated from breast cancer.

Credits: pinkvilla

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These pics are so cute. Love them.

this pic shruti not nice

she has that british indian look to her. all the indian/pak/bengz..have that same osrt of haircut and style in london lol

isn't gouthami shameful for leaving her husband and staying with kamal along with her own daughter??? OMG can any1 do such a thing jst for money???

Shruti was gorgeous as a child and is so as a beautiful young lady now. And its such a lovely family...u can tell they are all very close...with her sister and her dad and her cousins and even Gautami...sad abt her mom though..

she looks a bit like katrina kaif


Why are Indians so obsessed with light eyes?
I don't find Shruti's eyes remarkable since I went to all white schools where everyone around me had an array of blue or green eyes and gold hair.

the one with Shruti and Gwathami...Gwathami is looks so cute !!
And Akshara is lovely..i wish she had hair also

ive seen their whol family at a hotel in late 2000. sarika came out of her pajero jeep holding shruti's hand. and kamal came with aksara holding her hand. i remember aksara' eyes...she just looked at me and they were big and light green. and kamal smiled at me. it was soo cool. the colored eyes are from mom sarika

where's sarika

shit movie shes a flop for sure

Wow, Gowthami is her father's girlfriend, nice to see them having a good relation

So sweet that pic of her and Gowthami...

the boy is the director i guess, her sis looks a wee bit like vasundara das( the singer )

wow.. Shruti looks so rock star gorgeous.. she's totatlly unique and stunning. She's so tall and striking.. she's taken everyone by surprise.

Her lil sis perhaps has the prettiest eyes in India-- what a gorgeous color of pale sky blue, she has!!!

shruti is soooo genuine and down to earth!! he's sooo lovely....
I really wish that her 1st movie LUCK is a success and she wins best debute!!

so sad to see her mum not there

how sweet:)

her smile is just like her dad's. is that boy mani ratnam's son? mani ratnam is her cousin's husband.

wow, such a beautiful fam,
didnt know her dad is with Gothwani,
but its nice to c the family happy and 2gether and want to c her mom there,
it would be good to c her after long time
and wish Gothwani in her good health AMEEN,
really love Shruti, shes lookin gorgeous

sweet: the pic of her with her head on Gothwani's shoulder. she must really like her. it's nice to know they get along so well because often daughters won't like the new step-mom/girlfriend.

Shruti looks so mod-beautiful @@@ !!
Her younger sister has such beautiful pure blue eyes.. wow!!! that sort of light blue is rarer for desis. they truly are a beautiful family who went thru such rocky times. wishing them peace.

Didn't know Gowthami was unwell. Wish her a speedy recovery.

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