Sonali Bendre and Goldie Behl at Bunty Walia's wedding reception

Sonali Bendre and Goldie Behl at Bunty Walia wedding reception bash at Olive. Bunty Walia married his girlfriend Vanessa Parmar.

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Her face reminds me of Sonam Kapoor, but she was a prettier version in her younger days...

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Sonali looks great!

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Goldie will look handsome if he sheds a few pounds. Sonali looks tired but still pretty as usual

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what happened to Goldie?

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What happened to goldie...I would like to see their son..he is a cuteee..

Do they mentioned in the wedding card that reception style should be western because everyone is dressed in western where as normally it will be traditional wear:O :D

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What happened with her husband??

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she's looking too old for her age

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what work does Goldie do? Is he in the movie industry too??

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Sonali has lost that glow and spark that she had when she was younger! This is not an age thing but she just looks dull! She is still a beautiful woman but her face, skin just looks dull now! Some actresses like Juhi and Kajol still have that twinkle in their eyes!

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sorry : hain *

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SONALI is not the hum saath saath gain SONALI anymore :(((((((((

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poor Sonali.


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