Sonam Kapoor Before Fame - Pics

I think this is at some stage concert....


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She's a classic Indian beauty

She looks so pretty! Lovely face structure, sharp nose and beautiful hair!


She looks awesome any which ways......and as long as she wear's the million dollar smile , fat or thin would not matter.

beautiful cupal with me

before fame she looked cute nd sober

Beaitiful, tender and innocent young girl........ great...........

In Punjabi we would say she is khoji and that's with paint on.

so pretty ..


she looks c garde film heroin before weight loss

i cant belivee ..dis...hw can someone look so preety...!!!

she is vry pretty gril i don't belife it that she have 90 kg weight

Cute girl but how did she magically become fair?

she looks like a total reff

she looks like a TOTAL copy of my cousin xD xD xD oh god i'm gonna show her this :)

She is beautiful

sonam is very beautiful

Okay people ...She's not gorgeous or beautiful but definitely cute with a cute smile. As far as looking ordinary and girl next door is concerned...everybody looks like that without professional makeup, clothes , stylist etc. All these things enhance the beauty of a person and give a polished professional look.

sonam is gorgeous

She is sooooo beautiful, loved her here.

she looks very beautiful in this.. the girl next door look..

she looks STUNNING her her natural avatar!! very sweet type face, full of bubbliness.
sharp features.. not the best, not oval.. no high cheekbones-- but still great because of the sheer bubbliness factor.

so seweet




she was always pretty .

she looks the same ya! what shit shes lost 30 kilos my ass!

she luks fat and chubby, i wonder wat she did to lose dat much weight? must hav stopped eating........

She has an amazing face structure.. very sharp, yet very bubbly !!! what a great face.

sry guys but i think she looked fat and unkempt. she looks more beautiful nowadays

she still looks cute. just the makeup style is different and better now. don't hate please. if it was ALL MAKE UP, you would look good too!!

hey its during the great Jagjit Singhs gazal night concert....i have a copy of that nights concert.

makeup can do wonders

Look at how pretty she is! Youth is a wonderful thing...sigh!

cute, not beautiful

she is like a pretty cloud.. very delicate beauty.. and a reminder, like Freida, that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and colors.

dreamy girl on Sat, 2009-06-06 06:06.

lol yeah ... i luv sonam bacha too.. she is the sweetest and prettiest girl ever!

Thanks bolly_addict! Anon, can you blame her for loving her? I myself, fell in love with her after Saawariya! She truly is a gorgeous girl.

Im in luv wit sonam!
she is such a gawjus lady

bolly addict are you in love with Sonam?

beautiful girl..
she hasnt changed a bit..
nice post dreamy

wow she is pretty....
really beautiful wthout makeup....

wow has she done skin bleaching??????????
Sonam has mentioned in the past that she lost A LOT of weight to become a bollywood star....about 50-60 lbs!!! google it trust me you will find articles

thats the quality to this gir;.... she can look like a girl next door to an diva ! ... though she does look lil pkump in 2nd pic

She has beautiful hands....long straight delicate

what's with the color comments.. 'she is darker.. BUT still cute, etc etc.'. like it's an oxymoron or something...

No.. she is darker and PRETTIER. here, she's dusky and incredibly pretty. don't be afraid of duskiness, embrace its beauty. she is beautiful dusky or fair. period.

whats paindu about that ? ! ?we would love to see your pic robzz im sure you must look like miss world or look like rakhi sawant ?

wow nice smile.... :)


There are pictures of Sonam when she was chubby with Anil Kapoor but they have already been posted on here a while back so I cant post them again. :(

Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 2009-06-03 00:44....'Paindu' means ...'dehaati'...'not-urban-chic'

paindu means villager.

very cute and simple!! she looks a lot like divya bharati in the 4th pic!

very sweetand cute looking

Ahhh not dat bad but she lukz way darker dan now!

What does Paindu mean?

she's so average... i'm much prettier than her.

very average...girl mext door.....

uff paindu...

Anonymous on Tue, 2009-06-02 07:15: there r 2 pics i saw of chubby Sonam with Anil Kapoor. not sure where to find though.

She looks darker than she is now. LOL! But she looks cute.

I like chubby sonam lol she is sweet - always smiling like Anil

I can bet that she was never really 90 kg....She probably made it up to make it an inspiring story. In this pic, she was probably 65 kgs. But very pretty nevertheless. :D

very pretty!

true beauty...

true beauty...

She looks like a teenager here, with those cute chubby cheeks...but she still has the same innocent eyes and that infectious smile :)

so beautiful...she has not changed a bit even after the fame....same smile and innocence...very pretty gal.

this was when she was fat her face was sill pretty and very small

she looks like tamil actress not hindi actress.

shes one pretty woman

she was still so beautiful even then. all the makings of a star. she claims she was overweight though, does anyone have any pics of when she was fat or 90kg?

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