Sonam Kapoor inaugurates India International Jewellery Week 2013

The fourth edition of India International Jewellery Week (IIJW) was flagged off in a traditional manner Friday with a lamp lightning ceremony by Sonam Kapoor.

She also walked the ramp to mark the opening of the two-day jewellery exhibition in a Anamika Khanna outfit.

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The Belle of the ball. Thanks Gohar, your pics are awesome.

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She is so childish and immature. She will be turning 30 by some time and still she has those childish looks.
She will always remain the big mouth , bubly , straight forward , arrogant girl and never a hot , independant , real woman.

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Being a big girl....She should really be careful with the silhouette and weight of the fabric. Here she looks humungous. She's better off wearing very modern edgy minimalist designs like Victoria Beckham's.
More delicate fabric, Sonam!

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That blouse is too tight for her FAT ARMS!

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Agreed with someone who said that Sonam has started looking a lot like her sister! I mean she always did (since ofc they are sisters :P),,,but now a lot more.

She looks elegant though! & to the anon who asked if her fans RLLY think that she is pretty...then well I am not her fan but she definitely is a graceful, pretty & tall girl :) You can't deny this fact!

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She looks odd..don't like it

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Charming, perfect outfit! Just wow! I'm neutral about the jewelries, but they are not bad.

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freaking gorgeous

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SHE LOOKS like simi grewal.....whos what 60 somethin? lol

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so beautiful !! shes always the best at iijw..........

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She is so beautiful. Her smile is cute.

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she started looking like her sister.. lost youthfulness in her face.. looks more like a Disney witch

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I totally get the outfit. It's gorgeous.

For showcasing the jewelry though, not so much. I think a strapless top and no dupatta would've worked amazingly.

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wow.gorgeous lady in gorgeous outfit.

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@Miah-freak - ;-)

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Elegant , Gohar ty for the pics :)

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I know Sonam has big time fans who love her. But do those fans also really (like really) think she is pretty? honestly asking.

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she looks kind of nervous but her outfit is good

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Beautiful face for a carpet personality. God is so unfair.

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that looks like a terribly uninterested don wana b there kinds ramp walk :/

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Wake up sleepu head & open yr eyes! She looks boring, the lengha stands out, the rest is below average indeed.

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FABULOUSSSS! Love her dress!!!

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In these photos she is not looking so special but on the instagram photos she is looking gorgeous!

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very sweet and pretty

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she looks gorgeous.


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