Sonam Kapoor's old pics when she was 90 kgs!

when she was 90 kg! these pictures will be in prevention magazine october issue

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Credits: facebook

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Hi sonam i am very fan of you. I like you very much...

hi sonam how are you?
i am form assam. are you now well?
in all actor/actress i also like you soooooooo much.
i am form assam
i will coming to your home after 7 years

hi soonam what are you doing now ?
are you now well
i will come to your home shortly.
i am form assam. i am a big friend of you. in all actor/actress i like you so much soonam

I love you sonam.

Love you sonam.

fat or slim she had a nice face

Love u sonam

sweet girl

of course she is looking pretty

she looks more beautiful than before..i like sonam kapoor bcoz she is prety nd her smile isvery sweet like child

anon below, yes Amitabh has done a good job raising his son lol!

ya she is not luking 90 kg!!

dont fight guys she is zero size now

Ya and my chunnooo is 40 inches..

she s tall. so 90kgs mite not look tat obvious on her frame...

she might have been 90kg once but she's obviously not that weight in these pics...they may have been taken after lost the weight. poster need to do some research before posting

she's soooo not 90kg in those pics! someone needs glasses!

puttin weight like that on in few months is normal for some ppl esp ppl with certain illness - i cn put on 1/2 stone (6kgs) in a week and lose it in a week!!

for a 5'10" tall person 90 kg is normal. It falls in right BMI. She is just exaggerating. Also her IB school Singapore had many Indian kids like any Singapore school. She was a below average student who was good at sports.

i agree with sara, i thought as well that she was exaggerating. she might have gained the amount of weight but in four mnths?? that i think was the exaggeration.

if 90 kg looks lyk that pretty..i want to b 90kg..

i think she is lieing about how once she weighed 90 kg and in these pics she doesn't even look 90kg and on TMBM she claimed that she gained 40 Kg in 4 months which i don't buy and also how she once ate like 150 Samosas in one day. She is exagerating it all.

bluff master behenji

cn someone get aq pic were u cn see her hole bod plze?

she looks great even she was 90kg

her face looks so fresh here! now she looks like a zombie

anyways there are more pics of her when she was fat. with anil kapoor.

do you guys realize she is almost 6 feet tall? if she puts on weight all over it won't show as much!

haha Zenny isn't making rumors guys she herself claimed this on tere mere beech mein, don't blame someone.

she is not 90 kgs in that picture maybe like 65?

she is not 90 kgs in those pictures...that's just ridiculous! yes, she's a little bigger in the first pic but not no means obese or overweight though. stop making up rumours Zenny.

got the BEST pix from her fat days..obviously i would do that too if i was her

always looked great

she always had a nice face

she looks cute there

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