Sonam Kapoor's unseen old pictures.

Sonam Kapoor's unseen old pictures. 0
Sonam Kapoor's unseen old pictures. 0

I hope these are unseen pictures:)

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Anonymous's picture

she was better than

Anonymous's picture

money make you feel more beautiful...

Anonymous's picture

original indian gurl lOl..

SammyCool's picture

she was a teenager !! and EVERYONE have their AWKWARD PUBERTY STAGE !! lolz...i am sure even angelina jolie+megan fox+aishwarya rai+etc....looked bad at this time :))) they grow up and becomes beautiful when they r in their 19-20 ....bcoz they have got gud features and gud face cute...:)) just go and search in google and u will see :)

Anonymous's picture

ewwwwwww she looks like typical telegu south indian chunky girl with no grooming done....she hired a stylist...trainer and now look

Anonymous's picture

she has smokers lips at such a young age!

Anonymous's picture

im not a sonam fan in fact im very critical of her of her film i hate luv storys but i have it to give it to her.. in these pics she may not look glamorous but her classical features are evident. she should definitely do a period film or traditional role

Anonymous's picture

these r so old!!! before she came in movies! looks beautiful though!

Anonymous's picture

still pretty

Anonymous's picture

ohhhh beautifulll !!!!

Anonymous's picture

she looks ok

Anonymous's picture

she's still beautiful.


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