Spotted: Sridevi at Siddhivinayak temple

Spotted: Sridevi at Siddhivinayak temple 0
Spotted: Sridevi at Siddhivinayak temple 0

She looks great

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Anonymous's picture

Sridevi was richer than Boney kapoor. he married her for her money, fame, beauty. Just like he married his first wife who was richer than him at that time. At least this beautiful lady loves him for all his baggage.

Anonymous's picture

u r looking very nice but your hasband lookig your father
ok pad khao

Anonymous's picture

She needs to put Boney on diet. She is too busy spending time on herself. She just married him to pay all her bills. Poor Boney , I feel sorry for him

Anonymous's picture

Sridevi looks great in any type of clothes.

Anonymous's picture

Sriji,you are looking great.

Anonymous's picture

sridevi is a legendary actress and a very beautiful woman.

Anonymous's picture

Muah Sri Muah,you glow girl!

Anonymous's picture

sridevi is looking fabulous,please comeback to films dear.

Anonymous's picture

I see makeup on her lips and eyes...probably wearing foundation too.

deens's picture

i thnik boney kapoor should have maintained his body ...but anyways its not too late.pls start exercising & lose atleast 10kgs or ELSE CHANGE YOUR NAME....

Anonymous's picture

Ooooooooooooow Shri and her Dear Husband!!
Poor Shri

Anonymous's picture

Is that her? maybe yes cos she's holding Boney's hand.
She's looking her age..

Anonymous's picture

This is not best of pics but I saw other pics of this particular event and she looks lovely without makeup. Young, lovely, cute and absolutely beautiful. Sridevi is a devi for sure, no doubt.


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