Spotted: Baby Yug & Nysa with Kajol

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Spotted, Baby Yug with Kajol at the Durga Puja ! He is so cute , just like his mom ! He also has his mom's eyebrow:). Also seen is Nysa....

Aww, How Adorable!

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shoooo shweet

so cute ...i love this pics from him ...a mini kajol !

He looks like an uncomplicatet boy. Very cute and content.

SOOOOOOO DAMN CUTE! they seem to have beautiful eyes like Kajol :)))

AW so sweet, Yug looks like mini kajol !

someone asked about the video can see the video under this post (in Credits section )...
and u can see more and beautiful caps of yug at this topic
he is a mini kajol !

some people is really stupid and mean !! just because of they fan of other actress or actors (like karisma fan or etc .... ) said mean comments about the kids ...
grow up !!!
any way kids are so cute !! especially the boy ...yug is so cute and looks like kajol ...
watch the video ...his smile is so sweet ...he is already star ...

Aw cute kids :)

To be honest Ajay and Kajol are not stunners in real life

Wow it's such a shame people are leaving mean comments about the kids. Yug is really cute and looks exactly like kajol :) There were these other not so high quality pics where he's laughing, it was SO adorable..both him and nysa have the same eyes, though I think nysa looks like a mixture of ajay and kajol.

AWww sweet, Yug looks like mini Ajay.

cuties. the boy is Kajol and the girl is Ajay !! LOL

wow the kids are good mix of mom and dad

yug is actually cute! looks exactly like kajol...nysa on the like her dad. no comment on that :P

All kids are cute, please refrain from saying someones is better or not...seriously grow up ppl.

i dont want to be mean or someting but they are not so goodlooking maybe when they grow up they will look attractive but right now ....

i love the HQ pics of him on the other post ! he just like kajol !
pinkvilla should show the HQ pics post at main page not this post !

I think he and Nysa have same eyes.

sweet kids...They both look like Ajay, although boy is more like mom..

Cute kids and Mom! Kajol looks so nice! How does she have no double chin though a little overweight?

Son looks like Kajol
daughter looks like Ajay.

Thanks for sharing the pics.

Yug is a copy of kajol !!!

watch the video ... he is exactly like kajol and so cute !

aww!! adoreableness..

he is a copy carobn of kajol's childhood

He is so cute :) Spitting image of Kajol!
i agree :)

aww how cute
sweet boy like her mom

yug totally looks like kajol while nysa ia a mixture of both

he looks so much like kajol !!!
like mom like son
soooo sweet

Nysa is almost as tall as her mum! Son is so cute and cheeky looking. Still think Kian Kapoor is cuter and Lara Dutta's daughter :)

What about Ajay devgan's moive , Son of Sardar

son does look like ajay, while daughter looks like mother.

i posted some better caps in my post !!!
i wonder why replaced by this caps ?!!!!!!!!!!

i watch this video and he reminds me of aryan khan
so sweet

watch his video ...he is so cute and nauty child :)

he is adorable!


lol @ nysa's yawn...reminds me of my childhood.I have yawned and slept thru all my temple visits

SO CUTE!! :)

anonymous@Wed, 2012-10-31 02:18:

Go hide under the rock you came from. How nasty of you to comment on babies like that. The same is true for everyone who is commenting on Yug or any baby.

he looks like kajol at her childhood
soooo sweet

Wed, 2012-10-31 12:18 — Anonymous
Kiaan kapoor is more cuter then yug

Can't believe that you guys are nasty to even teeny toddlers..How can you compare babies?? Have some respect for innocent children even if you don't like their parents..

He does look like Kajol!!!

In the first pict is Nysa singing or yawning??? Haha... both so cute...

he's a cutie pie.

He has got the same big nose from his mother....cho chweeeeeeeet....

so cute babies

Sooo cute . He looks like his mum. Nysa is cute too

Kiaan kapoor is more cuter then yug

Loool her kids aint cute lmaoo

Kajol is worn out and look so dull! Fatty Kajol

OMG, he is soo cute and Nysa is so grown. Kajol looks very good. She impresses every time, doesn't matter which occasion.

plz upload the video of this ...i saw it nd it was tooooo cute

her daughter is a future bolly actress

so cute...he's a mixture of both..

both of the kids look lik ajay, they are cute

He is so cute :) Spitting image of Kajol!

Baby Yug looks like Ajay Devgan. Daughter looks like Kajol

you need to change the title of your post to...spotted baby Yug and Nysa. I see both the kids here. Please make the change and repost.

woow the kids are ajay except the only thing the boy got from his mom are the eyes and eyebrows


he is adorable! AwWW!

Son is more like her but daughter is so much like Ajay, both look more like Ajay than her..

He does look like her, and Kajol looks like a down-to-earth regular mom.

thanks god ...this boy is just like kajol

her daughter looks like ajay and her son like her so cute

so so cute

he looks like kajol at her childhood
soooo sweet

you mean he has his moms EYEBROW

in utv stars video he reminds me a bit of srk's son aryan as his same age

a copy carbon of kajol
so cute

Yug looks just like Kajol and Nysa looks like Ajay.

he has kajol's eyes

Haha Omg he looks like Kajol and her daughter looks like Ajay..

OMG! He is adorable!!!!

Omg, he is Kajol's carbon copy!


Cute MashaAllah.


Both the kids look like her.

he looks exactly like Kajol, which is great.

he looks just like Kajol when she was a baby.

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