Student of the Year 2 actor Ananya Pandey looks resplendent in a Manish Malhotra's ensemble

Ananya Pandey turns muse for Manish Malhotra. The star kid will be making her debut soon in Student of the Year 2 alongside Tiger Shroff and Tara Sutaria.
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Chunky Panday's daughter Ananya Pandey will soon be making her debut with Student Of The Year 2 opposite Tiger Shroff. The star kid has already begun shooting for the film in Dehradun. Ananya, who is quite active on social media, keeps on sharing pictures from the shoot location and is seen bonding very well with her co-star Tara Sutaria who is also a debutante in the movie. 

Ananya recently shared a picture in an off-white embellished lehenga skirt and off shoulder crop top looking pretty as hell. She was wearing a Manish Malhotra ensemble and had teamed the look with open hair and neck piece. 

Check out the picture here:

In the meantime, Ananya looked fierce and impressive in the first poster released for the film. We had immediately ringed in her father Chunky to know more about her debut, to which, the proud father had said that it is indeed a momentous moment for him and Ananya and that she had been waiting for this opportunity. 

He also added that he is for sure that she will outdo herself and will carve a name for himself above her family name. Chunky had also added that ever since Student of the Year had released, Ananya had a huge crush on Sidharth Malhotra, Varun Dhawan, and Alia Bhatt and is damn excited to be a part of its sequel. Surreal, isn't it?

Student of the Year 2 is slated to release later this year. 


Looks like she will cry anytime now.

Manish is the official supplier of clothes to nepo kids gang ...

Karen and Manish ka business inhi nepo kids say chalna hay..

Manish clothes are pretty, but nothing more than that. Why do so many line up at his place. Is it because they come cheaper than other designers? Or the KJo connection

Nepotism zindabad. oops

I saw her at the mall in pune. She grabbed my attention as a pretty rich girl. But that’s it.

Nepotism Zindabad thanks to KJo papa! Sab aate raho. Who’s next? Suhana and Ibrahim?

She is expressionless. She doesn’t seem to have the it factor like Deepika

oops..sorry..not all..besides fair skin..there is nothing extra special..there

If fair skin has no meaning in bw , why kajol went 10 shades lighter, and kjo baby's mama and abram baby mama are white females. So, accept the reality, fair skin is a big deal in india!

Kjo should make a movie called Despo Nepo of the Year.

Qute a nymph ... reminds me of Diya Mirza... who knows she may be lucky in big screen. If Alia could make it with a below average looks, Ananya has more chance!

I am sure she will get Oscars for her acting skills...*SARCASM*

empty looking eyes, no curves and not spark, My cousins looks better than her

Hello Sonam! Your cousin had nose surgeries and multiple fillers and skin whitening treatments done to become what she looks like now.

“Hello Sonam”,yesterday you were addressing Manish? You think
they care?

She's just fair complexioned..

Zero personality. If she had been an outsider, she would not even be called for an audition!

An outsider made appearance in October with Varun and no one heard much about her! She didn’t get to wear big designer or appear on Vogue (What did Jahnvi do to get a cover)
Its such a disgusting industry. I’m not watching any nepokid movie ever again!
PV pls i dare u to post.

Janhvi did nothing but she is a craze, her videos are like hot cakes, just go and see vogue India insta account, her pics has more likes than any other and her vogue video has more views than any other so why vogue will not cash on her.

Expressionless !!! Ah what happened to the rani mukherjees and kajols !!! Put any of them in this ensemble and they would steal the show. She just looks bored and out of place

Why cant karan make a movie called NEPOTISM ZINDABAD and all thr nepo kids should act in that movie.Movie mafia

she'll be a sidey like her father

I have to say out of all the debutantes this year she does not come across as obviously trying to get attention. If she is talented she may actually make a decent impact as she will surely stand out among the sea of attention seekers.Good luck to her.

Plain boring

She looks so uncomfortable.

Doesn't have the spark.. Looks a bit dull to me

Ok she's light skinned and skinny. But she doesn't have great features

Her eyes looks empty

Beauty...what Bollywood lacks now


B4 first film release They gots opportunity to become Manish Malhotra's ensemble model while ! A new outsider artist who doesn't get clicked, doesn't get written about, doesn't get invitations, has a harder time making the audience remember their name. Nepotism really Rocks.

Sara and ananya are working with manish in their first movie so obviously.....need not talk about janhvi, her mother’s connection are big.

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