Trisha Krishnan photos with Sidney Sladen

Trisha Krishnan spotted with her good friend Sidney Sladen. he is a designer of Nigerian origin. Recently she was amidst a drug scandal where in her name appreared in the client list of a Nigerian drug dealer. She claims it is due to her linkage with Sidney Sladen.

Also spotted is south actress Ramya Krishnan. I cant help notice Trisha looks gorgeous with minimal makeup.

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Credits: pv

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Swarg ke apsara jaisi khubsurat Trisha ke sath ye alipore zoo ka bandar kya kar raha hai?

sidney sladen is not a male , he is a female , and look at his face resembles more of trisha ... may be her transgender sister or brother who knows....

Sidney Sladen is NOT from Nigeria, he is Kenyan/Indian.

sidney sledon is a gay..................... :)

u can see him in all d gay parties..........

OMG my thoughts are the same as one of the person's below me!!
Trisha looks soo much alike Shilpa Annnd who's in the serial Dil Mil Gaye!!
Shilpa and Trisha both are gorgeous!

gosh trisha so cheap possing like this

Get over it! Honestly, stop pointing fingers at women all the time for this or that. These are personal photos, not public appearances.

They are so obviously friends, and for young people, it is normal to joke around and click funny/posed photos with your friends these days. Also, this dude is so obviously not hetero. I don't see what is so "creepy" about him, he looks like a normal guy.

yeah he's really creepy. with the sunglasses he looks ok, but his eyes are very disturbing!

Trisha looks a bit like shilpa anand and a bit like divya dutta

this sladen guy is creeping the hell out of me

these girls are crazy!!!

Call me old fashioned but i find this too touchy-feely with all physical nuiscance goingon. yuck.

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