Unseen pics of Shahid and Bipasha at IIFA 2012 press con.

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Honestly bips sounds and looks like a very down to earth and grounded person!!

theyre too cute(:

OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD! okay, when I first read the articles i was furious at the media. But know, even if it is true, I don't mind at all! their attraction for each other is pretty much undeniable! first I thought they'd make such an odd couple, even on-screen. but after seeing these pics, they make such a HOT couple, just like shahid-priyanka. I think shahid should get together with either priyanka or bipasha. and yessss, shahid and bips NEED to do a movie together already! It seems like they enjoy each other's company a lot. their eyes say it. totally awwwwed at the 1st, 4th and last pic.

"Bips looks like she wants to grab him :P"
Frustrated that he dumped Kareena?? The pics are cute and Bips looks better with shahid than kareena ever looked with him

Yahhy, I am hoping for Bipasha to be Shahid INSTEAD of Priyanka...Bipasha is a lot more honest and good person...Apparently Priyanka and Bipasha are "friends" and always talking on twitter to each other...but Bipasha's closeness with Shahid doesn't that create awkwardness between Priyanka and Bipasha...idk.....apparently as PC is also always STILL hanging and trying to get attention from Shahid despite the promotion of the film..

wow they actually look great together!! :D i remember that Shahid recommended Bips for Knight & Day remake! i think they should cast Bips!(: new couple on screen(:

yes thats it just good friends having fun(:
yes good friends with benefits......................................

@falling star & @bipashapriyanka you two are cute lmao. let's see what happens in the next coming months :D

Bips looks like she wants to grab him :P

shahid luks so hot

Bips looking nice

deepikas the only one with good posture..except sometimes i wonder if she has lordosis the way she looks in some outfits

friends with benefits

they both are really cute together. heard they are working together in siddharth anand's next, that is going to be a remake of tom cruise-cameron diaz starrer knight and day. can't wait to see them together.

yes thats it just good friends having fun(:
looks like two friends having a good time. :)-Aristocrat

@ aristocrat
do you mean two 'GOOD FRIENDS' ? ;-)

looks like two friends having a good time. :)

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