Unseen pictures of Rani Mukherjee

For a second i thought the lady in the second photo was preity, but she is not.

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Credits: old photos from some mail

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Is sad how Aishwarya-Rani friendship ended

I agree with Anon, Aish tends to overshadow other women with her beauty. I think that might be the reason why she has more haters than any other celeb. Even now with her heavy weight and all, she still has that magnetic beauty which is hard to ignore!

I am not a fan of Aishwarya, but I think it's not a smart ideea to take a picture with her (especially in those days). She would probably make you look bad only by comparison lol.

Rani looks soo natural and sweet while Ash looks like a boot with all that makeup.

Rani is the queen and will always be...

Trashwarya fans please wash your face :P

there's the 'most beautiful woman in the world' lmao. fug as hell

I like rani on the first one, Aishwarya has way too much make up and OMG, always so fake!!! more honesty does not kill

b4 Rani was nt my fevrt.. bt i sw c wz grt actres & hrd wrkr i luv rani...
i lik voice & smile... c is luking cute..

in the 1st pic, Rani has min. makeup while aishwarya is in heavy makeup.

I Love You

im fan of actually both : rani for her acting only and i liked ash as pretty face but she proved herself litreally by doing more acting oriented roles (Dhoom 2, Guru, Provoked, Jodhaa Akbar, Sarkar Raj) may have flopped, but Aish was appreciated by most critics , before next year approaches raavanhas started gaing international awards......

on other hand rani started a new trend by doing only yash raj films for un known reasons and everybody knows the deblace and failure of those films(mangal Pandey: The Rising,Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehn,Baabul,Ta Ra Rum Pum , Laaga Chunari Mein Daag , Saawariya , Om Shanti Om , Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic , Dil Bole Hadippa!)

so ash carved by hard work and rani mingled with aditya chopra for marriyng and ash did films with different directors she hardly has films with repeated directors and producers except of ver biggies like ratnam or bhansaali...........................

haha so true @ anon below

Poor little Rani got what she deserved. Now, she is playing second fiddle to another top actress Vidya Balan in "No One Killed Jessica." Yeah, Rani may have had hits when Aish was not doing well during 2004-2005. Rani has not been doing well since late 2006. Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna was her last "real" hit whereas Aish has done a great variety of work since then (Dhoom 2, Guru, Provoked, Jodhaa Akbar, Sarkar Raj). Yeah, Raavan may have flopped, but Aish was appreciated by most critics. And Aish has three more films left for release in 2010 - Shankar's Robot, Vipul Shah's Action Replay, and SLB's Guzaarish. Robot and Action Replay are guaranteed commercial hits, and Guzaarish will be the icing on the cake. Rani was crying like a little baby when SLB did not cast her for Guzaarish. But, we all know SLB, Aish, Hritik combo will be the best and ensure a grand opening. Rani will be washing the floors at the Guzaarish premiere and look with jealously as the #1 actress gets a standing ovation for her brilliant performance.

Poor Rani, she had it all and trashed it all away just for her boytoy Aditya Chopra. "No One Killed Jessica" will be her final nail in the coffin. Aish will continue going strong into 2011 with Ben Kingsley's Taj Mahal, Vishal Bhadwarj's next, Raj Kumar Santoshi's next, and SLB's next after Guzaarish. That is a real queen, not a hasbeen like Rani. LOL.

FACTS - Rani is the BEST Actress from late 90's to 2009....n will always b, she has the ability to put life into a dead script (film) and Outshine top male actors working with her. Rani Mukherji is a Complete Actress, NO one comes close to her level of acting/performing. Rani mam pls make more lovely fab movies soon....Miss a Gr8 Actor like U..

Those comparing her with ASHTray get a reality check asap. Even Ash aunty is jealous of RM acting skills. ARB was nothing aprt from a Beauty bist..she got to whatver she got with poor Salman Khan help (HDDCS) days then used him n moved on 2 her next targets..ended with Bachans.. Na jane kya hoga...ab?? Now a days ARB looks like a total unty jee without make-up n lot of extra kilos on her body.

RANI the real QUEEN forever :~)

I also thought the girl with Rani in the last pic was Preity Zinta! Lol. The girl with her is called Hajrah, shes a tv presenter.

i dont agree with u ....Tue, 2010-07-20 11:50 — Anonymous.........

ash has only 1 hit i.e JA after marriage (it was hit coz of hrithik)........all others r flop........eventhough she has more fans........she is also the most hated celeb......check comments in other websites.......most of them find ash as fake...........she is no 1 fake........even her smile is fake..........ash was no 1 but now katrina is no 1...

About rani, even though she dont have that much movies nowadays........she has more hits than ash......even katrina has more hits than ash.........

Rani is known more for her acting which will long last but ash is known only for beauty which will fade away after sometimes......

Rani can act, she is more natural and younger looking than Aishwarya. No comparison!

ash is beter then rani

aishwarya is married and at the age of 36 her caree is still rocking. she is highest paid actress and look at rani career its over. she made a big mistake by refusing movies from other banners & doing yashraj movies only.

ash is best

rani luks like aish's mother....lolz

Rani looks so young and fresh, aishwarya looks scary with too much makeup on

They are beautiful

They are beautiful

LOL - false statements as usual on this site - "Aishwarya's career was down when she married Abhishek"

Aishwarya had already signed on to a number of movies before she married Abhishek so being a Bachchan has nothing to do with her success:

YRF - Dhoom 2
Gowariker - Jodhaa Akbar
Ratnam - Guru
RGV - Sarkar Raj
Shankar - Endhiran
Ratnam - Raavan (during filming of Guru)
SLB - Guzaarish

She later signed on for Action Replay with Akhshay and turned down two Will Smith (he said in an interview) movies because of her schedule after marriage.

Aishwarya is still getting offers from some of the best directors (Benegal, Vishal Bharadwaj, Santoshi, Ghosh, etc.) in India even after marriage and at her age which is quite an achievement.

Aishwarya would have ruined the movie Chalte Chalte anyway, she is a bad actress. Rani outshines her in a heart beat.

who is the girl in second picture next to rani?

y r u ppl blaming on rani for??? i know she was doing the movie chalte chalte with srk.. .
so what??... past is past...every1 moved on!!!

ash should grow up and act her mature age !!!... now look at where she is: have no friends... jus stick around with her puppy hubby as usual

the whole cc controversy is completly stupid, the media says anythin to make a spicy story. ash couldnt do the film so rani did it, end of story.

rani was always with Adi never AB JR. Spoilt star child has had it easy.

@sweet00parul and others, please don't live in your land of illusions!
You lot need to move on from the CC thing. It's not like the film made Rani. Rani was on the up any way.
Rani's career has been just fine. Yes success doesn't last forever for ANYBODY." Success gained wid unfair means never lasts long" could apply to Aishwariya herself. Only Bollywood people know what she's done in the past and although she has a few films on hand her days are almost over too! She got lucky and got a life-line because of her marriage to a Bachchan. Can you imagine if Rani had maried Abhi. Already at the top she would have hit the jackpot!!!!! In fact Abhi's most successful period was at the same time as Rani's. Since his marriage to Aishwariya it's been down all the way. After the debacle of Ravaan the Bachchans have lost a lot of prestige - even Bachchan sr has given duds in the last few years apart from Paa.

It show's Aishwariya's character of maliciousness that she keeps harbouring these feelings for Rani after so many years. Shahrukh was probably Rani's friend long before Aishwariya and Rani became friends. So who was she supposed to please!. Rani didn't steal the film from her, she lost it because she "chose" to be Salman's girlfriend. For goodness sake it was only a film!!!!

For those of you who keep saying Rani "sucks up" to the Khans etc , I will say the Bachchans including Aishwariya - who doesn't need to speak for herself now, now that the Big mouth Bachchan sr does it for his entire family - suck up to all the big new directors or any directors who will give them a part.

Rani is still much better actress than Aishwarya at any given day. Thats the fact!

ash is the only actress who is self made. unlike rani her career never depends upon khans

Rani looks like a fan of Aishwarya here....
Success gained wid unfair means never lasts long: proved for rani
though she was a fine actress

wtf are people talking about? wat did rani do bad with ash?

Sat, 2010-07-17 05:41 — tannu: can you please post them or ask one of the id members to post them for u? we want to see those of her college and modeling days. thx

sorry for rani

rani is the best, no matter what anyone says or thinks about her...

i too have many old pics of aish n others that i wanna share wth u all.can u plz tell me how can i paste it here in this site???????

yes its true rani did bad with ash.

aishwarya is looking very beautiful . but i don't like rani

ash is looking very pretty in the first pic. and rani... is always luks bad

"Sad that rani felt no loyalty to Ash - remained friends with her best friends ex instead because he was thought to be a bigger power in the industry"
"rani always sucks up to the khan men so she can get roles"
First of all, Rani was first asked to play a role in Chalte Chalte. She didn't want to do it cuz in her opinion it was similar to what she did in Saathiya. Secondly Shahrukh was and is her friend so she did what he asked her for. Ash shouldn't be angry because of that. It's normal that if one actress doesn't play a role the second will do.

BESIDES it's their problem not our. I don't care that they don't like each other. I wish they were friends but it's okay if not. I love Rani and like Ash very much. Their personal life is privite. No one should be interested in it so much. Take a life ppl!

the irony is rani stabbed ashwariya in the back and sucked up with bachhan who was the leading dude. and in the end, her friendship with bachan broke cause he and rai got together, funny how life works. its sad though cause rani and abishek had such a great chemistry and rapport and were such good friends (maybe even more than friends i think), but now they are so estranged.

Fri, 2010-07-16 18:11 — Anonymous, Business is business and Ash is one of the most business minded persons. She probably would have done the same. :P

yes that lady in 2nd pic look like preity zinta..wow she is beautiful

aish seems so scary in the first pic, nightmares alert!

rani always sucks up to the khan men so she can get roles

Sad that rani felt no loyalty to Ash - remained friends with her best friends ex instead because he was thought to be a bigger power in the industry

Ash is looking elegant here......

Ash is looking elegant here......

love that fact rani isnt made up in any of the pics, glad she has the confidence and belief in natural beauty. x

Yes, Rani and Aish were friends at one point then CC happen.

Yay, she's beautiful! Thx a lot for these pics. :) I wish Rani and Ash were friends... Maybe they will bond again one day.

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