Vidya Balan, Siddharth Roy Kapur & Rekha at Filmfare Awards 2013

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It was a gala event last night at Filmfare awards. Bollywood’s biggest names attended the event which is considered the Oscars for Bollywood. Movies like Barfi, Gangs of Wasseypur, Kahaani dominated awards night. Saif Ali Khan & Shah Rukh Khan hosted the event.

Check out the Winner's list Here.

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lovely couple. Vidya Balan! She's the finest, the most talented and the only classically beautiful actress, we have in the industry today! Congrats to her for winning the Filmfare Best Actress Award!!

Can somebody tell me WHY does Rekha dress up like a young bride? Why does she wear a Sindoor?
Why does she leave her hair loose? I mean, its classy to dress up dignified and respectful like she does, but WHY the Bride makeup (sindor and all), and the RED lipstick, heavy makeup esp. the eyes?!
Its too too much. Somebody close needs to tell her this. For God's sake her husband is no more. I don't know................. it looks so odd and ridiculous for a woman of her age. Is she imagining she is still married to her late husband or is it the Big B she is imagining!! Wake up girl! She will look so grand if she would tie her hair up in a style, put less eye makeup not the heavy kind that makes her eyes look so damn HEAVY and OLD, NO RED LIPSTICK PLEASE!! Wow, she sure will look out of this world.
I love her but I don't want people to laugh at her, yaar!

Love Vidya, but I really dislike the sari.

Vidya is glowing

love vidya as an actress.
hate her dressing style

Vidya needs to loose some serious weight..I love her but she has to loose weight if she wants to have a career for next few years. Please don give up on movies yet...please. I feel sad to see Rekha repeating same sarees for every function. May be she is goin thru financial crisis. If i were a designer, i would be happy to let her endorse my designs.

vidya looks beautiful :) rekha is a diva

They look like an old married couple. Vidya has aged overnight. Most actresses look really plain and thakeli fully covered with no spray paint, wigs, fake lashes and lenses. Kareena is the only one with a real glow on her.

Beautiful Vidya minus the saree!

Even though am a fan of Vidya, hate her sarees.. The checkered print is usually worn by ladies above 60, she should learn to dress better :/

Both of them (Rekha ji and Vidya) have worn these outfits before.

Vidya looks awful and that checkered print on her gaudy saree is horrible. Rekha looks sublime as usual.

Rekha looks nice as usual... i sincerely hope Vidya stops with these gawdy sarees!! :(

I like vidya's look except the saree.I never liked this kind of saree!!!
Rekha at her usual self :)

BORED TO DEATH!....PLZ, ban both of them from the red carpet events. So, PREDICTABLE & BORING! (I will forgive and being less harsh on Rekha though)

Loving seeing Rekha and always will...but would have preferred perhaps a different color than gold.

Sarees with this print should be illegal (vidya's saree).
Rekha as always.. Her signature look..

Expected better from the Best Actress of 2013 :)
Infact I would have liked to see her in Sabyasachi's new Maharani Gayatri Devi collection~

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