Vivek Oberoi at his mehendi and sangeet function

Bollywood Biggies present included Rajnikanth, Chiranjeevi, Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Akshay Kumar.

Vivek was wearing a bottle-green Indian sherwani and Priyanka looked pretty in a pink lehenga.

Cant Belive Vivek Oberoi is married Awww! Hopefully will see some pics of Kareena, saif, Askhay and others who attened!

Vivek and Priyanka will tie the knot at Alva's residence in Hebbal. Priyanka will be wearing two traditional outfits by two fashion biggies -- a bright Tarun Tahiliani lehenga for the sehra and jaymala, which she would change into a white and gold creation by Rohit Bal for the pheras later. Her mother has planned a Sarita Nirmal Mandoth bright saree for the wedding night.
Cant wait for the wedding pics, Apparently its going to be a grand function!

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Credits: midday

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Y the illuminati eye on his wedding day. VIVEK, YOU TOO? AND I REALLY ADMIRED YOU.

Well Unthinkable Vivek is a flirt n a looser. Its not tht he was a virgin before meeint Aish. He had broken engagement to gurpreet. Well good for him tht he is married now I hope I can say the same for the girl. Anyways these people r nt tht of my relatives r their family firned..god knws frm wher they afforded all the expenses

Fri, 2010-10-29 16:34 — Anonymous --> ha !! you really said it...

Congrats to the couple! Vivek is no longer a bachelor! Wish him and Priyanka the best in life!! :)

wow.. some of these comments are truly sick and sad.

If you don't like Priyanka and Viveik, fine.. but do you need to rain their parade on a sacred day?
Priyanka is an incredibly elegant and lovely one... but if you must have your own tastes, go ahead.
but stop dissing on someone's wedding time!

grow up people. grow up.
here are two very good looking people, who are probably more mature than some of you can ever imagine.

she looks very homely.

Yeah, i like him for being brave enough to stand up to the powerful bully. Not a wise decision since it may have cost him his career, but it's admirable/cute how he had her back.
Am surprised that he ended up with an arranged marriage, hardly anyone in the filmi fraternity settles for an arranged match. I hope it ends well.

she seems nice....why on earth is she marrying that publicity seeking idiot

his wife luks so simple!!!they make a nice couple!!!

Wishing you and Priyanka the very best in life, Congrats!!! Hope the press will you alone from now on and start appreciating you, for your wonderfuler talent and your social causes and work. God bless you and let there be no turning back from now on!!!!

yay finally!!!!!!!!!!! love vivek!!!CONGRATULATIONS TO BOTH VIVEK AND PRIYANKA ALVA

i wana see good quality pics.A big congrats to vivekkkk.!hope u n priyanka keep smiling alwyz i am a big fan of ursSS

aww vivek u broke my heart to a thousand peices!!!! wsnt i gud enug for u :'( lol! but seriously im not happy!! but still my wishes r with him.. :) vivek looks awesome. what a perosnality... yay rajni n chiranjivi both my favs will come..

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