Vivek Oberoi & Mallika Sherawat on the sets of Kismet Love Paisa Dilli

Vivek Oberoi & Mallika Sherawat on the  sets of  Kismet Love Paisa Dilli  0
Vivek Oberoi & Mallika Sherawat on the  sets of  Kismet Love Paisa Dilli  0

The gangster of bollywood Vivek Oberoi is here to charm everybody as he finally gets back into his Saathiya and Masti avatar alongside the sizzling Ms. Sherawat. He and Mallika shot a romantic track for Amit Chandrra’s Kismet Love Paisa Dilli. An onlooker revealed that the two leading actors along with the dancers and the crew seemed to be having a blast while shooting this upbeat romantic number. Also the essence of Delhi was felt in the studio, with over 100 Punjabi dancers burning the floor and Filmistan being treated with Delhi specialties like Lassi and Parathes. The entire set was done up like the streets of old Delhi and a lot of cycle rickshaws (which are very much still visible in Delhi) were used for this song to create an authentic flavor of the capital.

The song titled ‘Dhishkayeon’ was so catchy that it got the whole filmistan studio talking and a huge crowd gathered outside the set to get a glimpse of what the song was all about. The massive crowd gathered took the unit of KLPD by surprise and everyone was very pleased by the response the song got at first hearing.” Looks like the super villain of Krissh 2 who is known to be ruthless keeping in mind the role in the film, has managed to finally get his romantic side out via the song of KLPD.With the look being out , an insider reveals that Mallika and Vivek are not only looking hot and younger , but KLPD surely gives us a feeling that the Saathiya boy is back

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Anonymous's picture

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Anonymous's picture

vivek is such an awesome actor! But most of his movies of late have been the serious type (kurbaan, rakht charitra, zilla ghaziabad, krrish 3 etc) so it'll be really great to see him in a light-hearted movie for a change :-)

Anonymous's picture

this movie is going to rock, can't wait for it!

Schmuck's picture

Yeah, very fresh.. for the 90s.

Anonymous's picture

I'm looking forward to this movie too! It'll be fresh and fun for sure!

Anonymous's picture

Vivek can act? Please go watch Kyun Ho Gaya Na. In that film Aishwarya gav an average performance but when you compare him with her, it seemed like Meryl Steep's lols

Anonymous's picture

I'm actually looking forward to this movie. Vivek can act and he's good at comedies and romcoms, etc. It'll be nice to see his movies again, especially in more light-hearted roles. Mallika can act too, when she wants to. She's definitely better than some of the 'actresses' we have right now. :)

Anonymous's picture

how could he sign a film with her???!!!! oh no....... bad days...

Anonymous's picture

get real clothes malika

Anonymous's picture

this kinda reminds me of prem ki naiyyaa from ajab prem ki ghazab kahani..

Anonymous's picture

What's up with that triple t shirt Malaika?! Poor Vivek he deserves SO MUCH BETTER.

Anonymous's picture

Poooooooooor Vivek! He's so low now by working with HER. Poor of her simple decent wife who have to see and deal with her hubby working with a nude girl.

sweet00parul's picture


Anonymous's picture

vivek is seriously c grade now...working with sherawat

Anonymous's picture

Worst actors of the past decade

Anonymous's picture

what's with her neck?? it looks freaky!

onlyrani's picture

mallika looks great like always.

Anonymous's picture

Really? That skirt and top? It's 2002 again..


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