From slippers thrown at him to his tweet on Jayalalithaa's death, here are top controversies of Kamal Haasan

From Kamal Haasan's views on Jallikattu to speaking about Mahabharata and Tamil Bigg Boss, here's a look at top controversies of the Vishwaroopam actor that hit the headlines.
From slippers thrown at him to his tweet on Jayalalithaa's death, here are top controversies of Kamal HaasanFrom slippers thrown at him to his tweet on Jayalalithaa's death, here are top controversies of Kamal Haasan
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Tamil star Kamal Haasan who is all set to return as the host of Bigg Boss Tamil 3, recently hit the headlines for his controversial comment "independent India's first extremist was a Hindu", referring to Mahatma Gandhi's assassin Nathuram Godse. When Kamal was campaigning in the Tirupparankundram Assembly Constituency in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, things turned worse as slippers were thrown at the actor turned politician on Wednesday.

Kamal Haasan on Sunday had said, "I am not saying this because this is a Muslim-dominated area, but I am saying this before a statue of Gandhi. Independent India's first extremist (theeviravaadi) was a Hindu, his name is Nathuram Godse. There it starts."

This statement has stirred a huge controversy and well this is not for the first time that Kamal Haasan has taken a centre stage. In recent years, the Tamil-Bollywood star has courted many controversies. From his views on Jallikattu to Mahabharata and Tamil Bigg Boss, here's a look at the top controversies of Vishwaroopam actor that hit the headlines. Check out the list of controversies below. 

Films embroiled in controversies:


Haasan's magnum opus Dasavathaaram hit the headlines after the movie was scrutinized by VHP (Vishwa Hindu Parishad) and Hindu Munnani for its portrayal of the clash between the Shaivite and Vaishanvite saints during the 16th century AD. The Hindu groups protested outside the theatres and threatened to stall the screening of the film. This is one such example but Kamal Haasan's film career has always been in the limelight. His successful venture, Papanasam was also embroiled in controversies with other films like Uttama Villain, Vishwaroopam, Thevar Magan that hit the headlines. 

Tamil 'Bigg Boss':

A right-wing outfit Hindu Makkal Katchi (HMK) had demanded Kamal Haasan's arrest while he was hosting Bigg Boss Tamil. HMK protested outside the house of the Tamil superstar for endorsing the show that is against their culture. The members of HMK said ‘with such vulgar reality shows, the societal values are being harmed’.

Haasan's view on Mahabharata:

During an interview with a TV channel, the Tamil star made a statement on how in the epic Mahabharata, Panchali was used as a pawn while the men gambled. Soon after this complaint, a police complaint was filed against the actor by HMK party for hurting religious statements. 

His views on Jallikattu:

While defending the festival of Jallikattu, Haasan said, "If you want a ban on jallikattu, let's also ban biryani." At the India Today South Conclave in Chennai, Kamal Haasan further added, "I'm probably one of few actors, who've played jallikattu. I am a proud Tamilian. This is our culture." His these statements drew a lot of mixed reactions, making him hit the headlines once again.

Kamal Haasan's tweet on Jayalalithaa's death:

During Jayalalithaa's death, Kamal Haasan put a sarcastic tweet, "I feel for the people those who are dependent on her. Deep condolences to those concerned." Soon, Jayalalithaa fans slammed the actor for his careless tweet. 


What a waste of life Kam ji even though you are good actor. First become a good person first brainless guy

This guy is a known thief even for stealing Movie Scripts. I am a Cinematographer out if Canada. His movie "Hai Ram's" original script was written by a friend of mine STINIVAS KRISHNA from Toronto with the title "One more Rainy Day". I was supposed to shoot the film I even now have the technical notes I made for the shoot. He does not have his brain of his own

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