3 idiots premier - video

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Kareena kapoor looks stunning. Mark my words, saif ali khan is undergoing hair transplant treatment, hence has been wearing the scarf on his head..

I am going to watch this movie in couple of hours, cant wait!. The movie is getting great reviews and is touted as the best movie of the year. Share your thoughts here on the review

Credits :youtube


nice, its so amazing a lot of people know themm.... media and others..

good good. did akki make it? he was supposed to come?

kareena kapoor looks gorgous and love her. bebo is the best.

wow wat a movie too good

luv kareena. Biggest fan of hers. Can't wait to see the movie. Best wishes for them in the box office. When the best director in the industry puts the best actress and actor in a movie, its bound to be a hit! Fingers crossed!

thanx 4 this post.....great 2 see all those ppl i think it's gonna the best movie of 2009.......and yeeh! 4 sure kareena kapoor looks fad....hope to get more pix of her sonn.......!!

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