Watch the melodious Bloody Hell number from Saif-Kangana-Shahid starrer Rangoon!

The very first number from the Saif Ali Khan - Kangana Ranaut- Shahid Kapoor starrer Rangoon is out and has a melodious and vintage ring to it. The song is sung by Sunidhi Chauhan with music by Vishal Bhardwaj and lyrics penned by the talented star Gulzar.

Rangoon is directed by Vishal Bhardwaj and produced by Sajid Nadiadwala. It is a period film set during World War II. The film is scheduled for release on 24 February.

The trailer, which was released recently, recieved a good response from the audience.

Catch the Bloody Hell number here and let us know if you like it.

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Credits: youtube

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The lyrics are too silly. Kangana is a good actress, no doubt.

What's wrong with her dance moves

PV - PLEASE POST THIS!...As usual, these hypercritical comments against Kangana are so idiotic. First, Bhardwaj has denied that Julia is based on Nadia, and has said that the character is a COMPOSITE of several leading actresses at the time. So whether Nadia had blonde hair and blue eyes or purple hair and orange eyes does NOT matter! Second, Nadia was a STUNTwoman; please go to YouTube and watch "Muqabala - Fearless Nadia's Dance." The real Nadia was NOT beautiful or sexual here, and her dancing talent is on par with an average 8-year-old's tap-dance recital in America! Third, please note the fact that an Indian woman in the audience is sitting on a barstool while wearing a printed dress, with the hem-line above her knee; this was in 1942. She also has her hair styled in a curly/wavy bob. In other words, she's dressed just like Kangana is throughout "Rangoon." Fourth, the clothing in this "Bloody Hell" song is NOT the typical everyday clothing of the 1940s; instead, these are COSTUMES for a performance intended to entertain male soldiers! Artistic license is allowed (and expected) for costumes, in every era. Fifth, "bloody hell" is not just an English phrase, but specifically a BRITISH English phrase: NOT an American English one. That's why it's very suitable in this context. Sixth, if you were "grossed out" by Kangana's kissing and lovemaking scenes and/or "felt no chemistry," you're either 10-years-old or gay. I enjoyed this song; it didn't hurt my ears at all because it was nothing like the straight screaming of Kaabil's "Haseeno Ka Deewana:" Sara zamana aa aaaaaaahhhh!!! I also liked the trailer for "Rangoon," and I look forward to seeing this movie once it's released. I've seen many WWII movies, but not a single Indian WWII movie: it's about time, for even a fictional story with a WWII backdrop!

Is she playing a psycho ?

So all people became movie experts today. The song is set up exactly the way it was common during that time of Fearless Nadia. Soldiers wanted to see the charater of Julia to get some relief from the war-time. She was there to bring some smile on their face. I am actually quite impressed by the song. Haters gonna hate.

I love love love it! good to see Kangy in a different avatar.... can't wait for Rangoon!

DD. from Toronto

In wat way does it look like 1940s India? Even the soldiers in the movie look out of place n puzzled at this number.

Kangana is looking so unappealing. They should have put on layers of makeup on her to make her look beautiful. Like they do with Sonam's face.

You still walk around with that stereotype. She was told this 10 years ago, not beautiful enough to be in the film. Next!!

No u r not a fan of Kangana. No she is not a misfit. No kareena can never do what Kangana can as Julia.

No u r not a fan of Kangana. No she is not a misfit. No kareena can never do what Kangana can as Julia.

This is really disappointing.

I was looking forward to this movie. This song is just...what can I say...its hurting my hears. Kangana not used correctly in this movie. Disappointed.

She is a misfit for this role

I'm sorry I'm a big fan of kr I think she's a great actress probably not the most versatile but defo a good actress. But this role just screams kareena , I think they should have taken someone else instead of saif and hired kareena cos I remember director saying kareena rejected this film due to that.

I have a feeeeling this will bomb big time. Julia was an australian actress in india with blonde hair n blue eyes. Kareena would have had fit better. And this apperantly supposed to be 40s india but looks 50s instead. Girls are wearing modern clothes like western from that time. Just look at pictures from even 50s of indian cinema and you'll see women wore sarees n kept simple. This is too fiction to potray fearless nadia or even too fiction for an fiction

Umm the kissing and lovemaking scenes are grossing me out. I don't feel any chemistry between leads. Feels like they were forced. Kangana's not so beautiful face is coming in the way.

This role required a beautiful, sexy actress who can dance. Kangana is a 100% miscast for this role.

kangana.. I like her.. But how I wish kareena was in this film..!!! Kareena would have been brilliant!! .. I like saif in negative character... he is a great actor it is time he use his talent... Shahid is also a good actor!! I really like VB!! so I am looking forward!

OMG!! Comments are so stereotype gosh the audience are so conditioned by what was the nor they wouldn't even give chance to new idea. Bloody hell.

Best comment !

Isn't Kangana an Anglo Indian in the movie ? Anglo Indians during the Brit Raj considered themselves to be better than the brown Indian population ,but were too brown for the hoity toity English population, in the end they belonged to a sort of strange no man's land. Julia'd enjoy more licence that would be permitted to the normal Indian girl or a British woman during the era. She's a show girl after all (a bit of Fearless Nadia & Marlene Dietrich of German origin who turned American & entertained the American troops during the WW2). It looks like she is made to become Saif's mistress while she falls in love with Shahid. Kangana's outfit & entrance is clearly inspired by 'Hunterwali' , the backup dancers 's outfit is awful-like a pyjama top with a missing bottom.

Uhm, I don't like the song and I didn't like the trailer. I was looking forward to this movie and it's nothing like what I expected

I wished Kareena played Kangana's role. Just imagine her in this role with these actors

She is an average looking actress.

Yup. and??

If I had no idea VB was directing it I wouldnt have in a million years guessed this was by him. Where are his striking visuals, music that stirs or gets you moving instantly, and retrained quirkiness? Even Beedi and Darling had more things to cheer about. Kangana seems like she is playing herself. Her quirkiness was endearing and cute when seen for the first time in Queen and then in Datto but now it's getting repetitive and forced. Her limitations as an actor are being exposed. I was looking forward to it but this whole movie seems like a bad idea....

I don't know what to make of this. Let's see.

I didn't like it. Shahid, Saif and Kangana's expressions are on point, though.

Well, unlike others I actually liked the song. It is very appropriate for the times. I, amusingly, disagree with the outfits. Those are some very scandalous outfits for those times. Kangana's pant waist would've been higher ( cinched just below the rib cage about two inches above the belly button) and the girls shorts would've been slightly longer (just by a couple of inches again but these small details add up) under the shirts, not too sure about the amount of cleavage either (in HW when a 40s era is done it's always just the top button). We did a 40s theme for a theatrical, is the reason I say this. But everything else seems pretty good. I liked it overall, it's quite fun.

Sunidhi did well. As for everything else, no comment.

Then why r u commenting?

Lol you're honestly right. Carry on.

LMAO the lyrics, song, dance, love scenes, everything is so funny in a bad way.

flop show here! god awful!

The lyrics r perfectly suited for the movie. She singing "talk, talk, talk" and "walk,walk,walk" to tell a simple story about her and a man. Just a fun loving song for solders during WW2. If u have nothing good to say, say nothing at all.

Bloody Hell!! WTF did I just watch?!?! OMG!!! I was expecting way too much! It is like a cartoonist or joker dancing! The steps are aweful! Costume is aweful and the dance steps are, no words!!! Very bad, it did not do it for me. I am very surprised at how BAD this is. :O

Lyrics are so awful, tok tok tok, noooooo .

I think Bolly Freak only likes to post negative comments on Kangana

Great everything. I cant wait for Rangoon. Its all about brand new ideas.

I don't know if those kangana fans or she herself replying here...calm down no need for this aggressiveness...if the movie is good it will be appreciated...

It reminds me of 7 khoon maaf...especially saif character who seems similar to Neil nitin mukesh...

Go watch SRK walk out behind a cloud of smoke and Hrithik play yet another specially able or rather pretend. Its all you tastless and brainless individuals deserve.

How well do movies delight people? Is there really an IQ quotient as the chief measure? If four geniuses want to be tortured watching Rangoon, bona fortuna. A half-million will be mezmerized by Raees and Kabil.

Go watch and enjoy Laila main Laila and whatever other item number so call bollywood actresses dance to, thats best suitable for you brainless indians who deserves nothing good. Such repeat and reply and continue to embarass urself with ur pathetic films. If you cant appreciae this song then u deserve nothing

I watch the song 25 times already. I dont know what you people want. VB and team is giving you something different and u just want to reject it? Come on. Its as if Indians dont deserve anything good.

I have watched this 10 times and I'm loving it. Of course, they have to be in 1940s.,. and hence the setup is EXACTLY like how it should be. Vishal can't be aligning his vision to what some "experts Anons" say on Pinkvilla. Bring it on, Vishal! We are looking forward to more songs. Please forgive the juveniles here. #TRUTH #Jaanbaaz Julia

LOL at haters trying to prove Kangana can't act. Keep trying y'all. We ALL know Kangana is the best in the scene at the moment.



Bad music and bad dance, but hey may be that's the story. who knows..

Fab song! Sunidhi rocked in her melodious and expressive lyrics...the only problem is bhardwaj didn't show any close ups of kangana singing the high notes...even from far kangana has failed to lip sync credibly to the both director and actors fault here...

Kagana reminds me of Rekha....the impish charm but elegant and graceful. I love the red lipstick with the army fatigues. Can't wait to see Rangoon . Waiting for the other songs to drop.

I really don't get why are people so much bias and judgementall! No one really knows any of them. It looks authentic to me.

People are judging Kangana!! Period.

Confused with the tone of the film, is it drama or slapstick? Fun or sexy? all of the above? They all look good tho

Not sure if its a result of the personal scandal but Kangana isn't convincing. She looks the part and is acting, just acting not owning Julia or perhaps she is miscast. The two men seem more invested somehow. Coming to this song, if she was meant to entertain-tease-bring joy ( as it was done back then) the soldiers why such an elaborate 'Umang police show' type grand set? a smaller budget and look-enjoy-but-touch-me-not scenario with some drunk men may have been better. Done to death yes and VB knows best but would have been more convincing, this is a bloody mess.

* spots an inexperienced troll, chuckles and chooses to watch paint dry*

There is no better casting (in Bollywood) for this role than Kangana. As she has owned every role she's ever had (especially the more recent ones), I'm sure she'll own her "Julia" role, too. Finally, “Julia” is representing the Mumbai film industry: hence, the grand set! (P.S. Yes, VB does know best. Not you. It's your comment that's a bloody mess).

PV, PLEASE POST IT!... There is no better casting (in Bollywood) for this role than Kangana. As she has owned every role she's ever had (especially the more recent ones), I'm sure she'll own her "Julia" role, too. Finally, Mumbai film industry = grand sets. You actually proved this point yourself by citing the "Umang Police Show." (P.S. Yes, VB does know best. Not you. It's YOUR comment that's a bloody mess).

There is no better casting (in Bollywood) for this role than Kangana. As she has owned every role she's ever had (especially the more recent ones), I'm sure she'll own her "Julia" role, too. Finally, Mumbai film industry = grand sets. (P.S. Yes, VB does know best. Not you).

This is on the mark with the theme.

This suits the period.

LOL... if this song was "cheesy" and "dumb" for you, then Kangana nailed it, retards! The norm for actresses who travel to entertain the troops (which is done ALL the time, for Western soldiers) is to do songs/dances/skits that are cheesy and dumb; that's what male soldiers have historically LOVED, especially in the midst of fighting violent wars! Go to YouTube and watch "Rare Footage of Marilyn Monroe Entertaining The Troops On Stage In Korea 1954," for example. Or, to get an idea of the times in "Rangoon," watch "The Andrews Sisters - Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree (from the 1942 movie Private Buckaroo)." Educate yourselves. I, for one, am looking forward to "Rangoon;" it's looking great, so far!

You are on the point.

It is a 1940's back drop. What do naysayers want??? review the movie from a 1940's eye not 2017.

Okay... so this is giving Matru Ki Bijli Ka Mandola vibes...which is so not good....

Both kangana and the song are a big fail, her dance is clearly the worst, no wonder she never really dances in her movies and yet they claim she's the best, this is what I call an overrated actress, not versatile at all, pv post this.

bloody hell it

sunidhi's voice is the only saving grace!

Saif seems to have a better role than Shahid.

pathetic dancer she is

Marilyn Monroe: pathetic singer she was. Guess what: it didn't matter to the soldiers, who were very entertained by her.

Please do not compare her to Marilyn. The latter was altogether sensual and milked every opportunity to make the soldiers dream bigtime. Marilyn is a planet away from this tom-girl dancing here. I wish casting had gone looking for any BW great actress who is sexual as well.

yeah so Julia can be a pathetic dancer as a character...but this looks more like Kangana is a bad dancer....this is not good acting then

I wish this were a fast song all throughout. All the scene clips have got me excited. Love her period look. Feb 24 come soon!!!!

Lol is this a joke.

This looks silly and cheesy! Did kangana model julia off of lucille ball?

Bhardhwaj has said he is very proud of the job Kangana has done. Haters will find something to hate.

Source??? I want to read everything he said about my daughter!

What was this?? Never saw any song this DUMB!!!

It's a song relevant to the movie. It's not an item song that sexually objectives women and dehumanizes and degrades women and results in sexual violence and other perversions.

That's what it is not. Now let's consider what it is. BOOOOORing.

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