Rangoon's Making: This is how Shahid-Kangana-Saif's starrer saga came to life onscreen in Arunachal Pradesh

The filmmakers released a making video of Rangoon and the film has been shot in Arunachal Pradesh.
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Rangoon is a period film set during World War II and it stars Kangana Ranaut, Shahid Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan in the lead roles. The film has been shot in Arunachal Pradesh as the permission to shoot the film in Myanmar didn't work out. 

Now, the making of the film is out and it shows how the stars shot in the challenging conditions of the cold weather. And if you might have noticed, this is the same location where the song Yeh Ishq Hai was picturized! 

The video is hilarious and will instantly make you pack your bags and you would want to travel to Arunachal Pradesh, thanks to the breathtaking visuals of the place. 

Watch and tell us did you like it or not?


Love you Saif

judging by all the promos i feel they are side lining saif

This will be an awesome movie! So thrilled they explored Arunachal Pradesh.

Scenery is pretty and that's about it

I just watched the trailer

You can see how Saif and Kangana hit if off. They are both intelligent and not shallow and vain like Shahid.

Not everybody has to get along with everybody. As long as they are professional, it's good.

I love the music they picked. It makes everything fun and playful. Looks like Rangoon is going to have fun light moments besides the intense ones.

This makes me want to go to Arunachal.

Wish they showed more of this in the trailer and song promos. Seems like there's a lot more to the film.

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