Watch: Kangana Ranaut looks chirpy in her happy-go-lucky avatar in Tippa from Rangoon!

The new song from Rangoon titled Tippa is out. Starring Kangana Ranaut, Shahid Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan, the song is picturised on Kangana during her train journey to Burma.
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The new song Tippa from Rangoon is out.

Picturised on Kangana Ranaut, the track is a peppy number crooned by Sukhwinder Singh, Rekha Bhardwaj, Sunidhi Chauhan and O.S. Arun.

In the music video, Kangana is seen on her way to Burma where she is being taken against her wish. Her fellow travellers try to cheer her up by singing and dancing. As Kangana plays the role of Julia, a performer, she is seen enjoying it and grooving in the train throughout.

Shahid, who plays the role of Nawab Malik is assigned to protect Kangana on their journey. In the video, Kangana tries to snub him and also dance beside him.

An interesting fact about the song is that it's a recreated version of Vishal and Gulzar's old title track from their dubbed show Alice in Wonderland.


Check out the video below:


Rangoon much better than Candy floss movie Badrinath ki DHul....

I hope they make money.

This one is much better but I still like Blody He'll better. I don't agree with her first dress as an outfit from that era again though but the second and third ones are on point, the first dress is too low cut, too much cleavage for that time but the other two are perfect. The movie's promos are starting to grow on me. But I am on vacation at the time of its release so hopefully it will still be playing when I get back and maybe I will give it a watch if the WOM is good.

This is good, in many ways.

The envious ones burn with their messages, lol
Rangoon is wonderful !!!!!

Only Shahid took my attention.

Would not waste my time on this movie. Kangana overrated .another bombay velvet

She plays a version of the same character? Okay blind person, let me tell you. Deepika is not staring in Rangoon. Its Kangana and no she never plays the same character in every film.

Oh please its great. Kangana is Kangana. She has had an insane journey so far. No need to compare her to anyone. French, Chinese or American. The dedication is beyond compare. She is the only one promoting.

she is so different and I love this about her - she has her own style

The thing is it doesn't feel natural, it feels forced and i would never compare kangana to audrey tatou or faye wong, who has an effortless honesty that kangana doesn't. Kangana is way more in your face.

In this song, Kangana reminds me of whimsical Audrey Tautou in the cult movie Amelie, of the fab Faye Wong in Chungking Express, of Maggie Cheung's grace and elegance in In The Mood For Love.....Kangana is a world class actor and star. Can't wait to see Rangoon!

She plays versions of the same character and it shows. I don't buy her as an entertainer but a clown. I like the song tho

Wow! This movie is a flop.

Why Kangana looks comical?

If the comments to go by this society is made by pulling people down. What a sand bunch of people.

emotions on her face @ .36 is why people want her in their films. Priceless.

I absolutely love this one. Reminds me of a few SRK songs

Hey!!!!.. this is the remade-version of Gulzar's own.. tup tup topi topi tup.... the hindi titile song for the animated Alice in Wonderland.... we were little then and loved that programme.....

Poetry on celluloid. My Beti has never looked better. Choreography by Farah Khan and excellent cinematography by Pankaj Kumar. Way to go Rangoon!!!

This movie has flop written all over it. :( and I love vishal

I wonder if a bag of cement fell on Vishal's head and nobody knew about it and he decided then to make Rangoon, it can't be Vishal I keep saying

Tbh, Tippa is the first likable video of Rangoon. Love the cinematography, and the music reminds me of Sapne Mein Milti Hai from Satya.

Finally an opinion with discretion

wow! loved grows on you. Kangna more national award for you ....AMEN!

It grows on me? Get it off. Here, use this knife.

the songs SUCK

I thought the other two were bad, surely these song and dance routines could not get any worse. I was wrong. Titles for all the songs should be Bloody Hell. In fact the movie should be called Bloody Hell.

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