56th Filmfare Awards 2011 - Full Show

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Credits: youtube

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Band baja bharat bbb was excellent and refreshing movie and as new Comer ranveer gave amazing performance ;)

Juhi Chawla has been in the industry for 25 years now and still continues to do good substantial work but yet she is never regarded for awards like this. Madhuri comes back for 4 months and she is heaped with every award available. Even Sridevi who has been an inspiration for so many of the current actresses and is one of India's best actresses has not been felicated. How come? This is so weird.

I agree, Juhi is more deserving of an award. However, she has maintained a rather low profile since her brother had a stroke and is now hospitalized with a coma since April 2010. Awards and recognition really don't mean anything compared to the health and well being of your loved ones.

Yes, I agree with the award BS below... Juhi is much deserving, and So is Sri Devi...

And regarding Madz's accent. Yes, it's fake americanized as it can be. People who are defending her accent are:

1. either blind and deaf
2. unaware of how desis fake their accents in the US

End of story!

Am I the only one being tired of seeing SRK ON TV all the TIME?

people who comment madhuri accent and lookswise, r seriously so stupid, u need to look at her movies
shes is the most powerful actress than aish and priyanka, they r definetly r not near her,

you know how much all her co star respect her



yeah ash's accent is terrible

1.Madhuri looked old. Her expressions fake and moves stiff. Her dupatta was like stuck somewhere. I was almost embarassed by Shahrukh Madhuri act. Nothng against any of theml. Madhuri looked and danced much better in Jhalak Dikhlaja.

2. Priyanka Chopra was the best actress to have given tribute to Madhuri and the songs were also perfect selections.

3. Tribute to Madhuri was OK but 25 yrs award was a crap. Its more to do with Sony being among the sposors of Filmfare awards and Jhalak Dikhlaja connection. If one actress deserved any such newly created award from Sridevi, Madhuri, Juhi's generation, it should have been Juhi Chawla. As a person below rightly said, Juhi is the only one to have stayed in the industry past her prime and entertained us with excellent movies like Bas Ek Pal, My Brother Nikhil, Teen Deewarein and Jhankar Beats post 2000. Sadly, she does not have a PR agent like Rinku or she is just brutally honest and only cares for work rather than hype.

hahahahaha u stupid haters,,,dabangg has already won da award and m happy its already a blockbuster .U all can shout, write bad comments who cares.DABANGG KO TOH AWARD MILNA NA THA BOSS

Mon, 2011-02-07 20:16 — Anonymou.
Why did Peepli Live have no visuals?

remeber aamir khans the producer! he doesnt do awrds!

hated ash. what was up w. her accent????? filmfaieeeeeee...........seriously!
i wanna kick her ass so bad.....next time she will speak properly.

To 'Tue, 2011-02-08 05:22-- Her fab inlaws take care her of kids.. How lucky..

To "Mon, 2011-02-07 20:16 — Anonymous". I respectfully disagree every word you said about Accent. I am born here in US and my parents are from India and my mom is 46 and she is in USA since she was 21, her accent is not fake or put-on she still speaks with a touch of Indian-Accent. BTB she is an SWE by profession not some village element migrated to US.
Now Madhuri-ji's accent is very fake, put-on. She is a talented artist no doubt about that. There are courses for Accent-modification offered here hope Mads enrolls in one pronto as she is hell bent on speaking like one who is born and bred here..

o and I have to say to ppl abt Madhuri accent...U pick out some lang when esp u have kids who are here.....now that am here I totally get the accent part. so dont sit there and comment.

I think Dabaang was a right out entertaining. Some people should understand not many people like them understand serious cinema. and god with all drama which is already there in life its okay to go and laugh those couple of hrs for once and appreciate it.

and abt awards to Sonaskhi I think though people think she was hardly there and anyone can do the role...but anyone wasent there in movie..she was.. and she got noticed..its just a encouragement to new comers. so all u ppl just CHILL :)

most of the performances were already recorded and not live... that sucks they did that last year too... where is the point...
and mads deserved the award ...

@ Dabangg best film....filmfare his crap.............
what happened to movies like Peepli Live, Once a upon a time in Mumbai,My Name Is Khan, Rajneeti.........


Why was SONAKSHI given an award? That was barely even a role!!!!

Tue, 2011-02-08 05:22 — Anonymous
They have a father you know. Could you please stop slapping you're ideaologies on everyone, that the mother needs to stay home while the father brings home the bacon? Every family works differently, and frankly what do you care?

And can aishwarya say anything else besides 'absolute pleasure/priviledge/honor' She drags her words like the way Paris Hilton does, and talks in a brit accent. Not a good combination

:) yash decides to give away filmfare to 3 ppl he wanted, anyway that is decided no matter what, thats what filfare is all about.
award to madhuri for what. there are many people who are there in industry from 25 years, she is long gone 6 or 7 years before.
award to sonakshi for what, anyone can do that role.

The schools are open in USA...what is MD doing in India?? WHo is with kids???

Dabangg best film....filmfare his crap.............
what happened to movies like Peepli Live, Once a upon a time in Mumbai,My Name Is Khan, Rajneeti.........

Loved Priyanka's performance to songs of Madz. Excellent job Priyanka!! She was quite spectacular.
Kareena's a good dancer too, but in this event, I preferred Priyanka's more. SRK and Madz - what a treat wow!
Ranbir and Imran were hilarious. Very funny. And what's that bun on Sonu Nigam for? First he makes two ponytails and now a bun??? But what a nice voice. Madz accent is because of her long stay in the US. I don't think her husband and kids understand hindi. Accent does change in order to be understood and when we see words as they are spoken in a culture. Like she said in an interview, if she continues staying in India for a longer time, her accent will change back to Indian again. Madhuri's face speaks of her good nature and I love that she comes with an open mind with love and good thoughts for all. It shows.

Why did Peepli Live have no visuals?

How strangely does this Madhuri speak? First her strange mix fake accent, secondarily sounds like a villager - baatam (bottom) of my heart?? Dosen't she know proper English pronunciation?

Kareena should have done mads tribute or even amrita rao!

at least they could have picked better songs! theres so many fab songs of mads!

They paid a tribute to Madhuri, I am glad and happy for her. She deserved the tribute. But why the damn award??

Then where's Juhi's award? Where's Sridevi's award?

Of the three contemporaries, Juhi's worked the hardest and stayed the longest. She's still providing entertainment. She's much hard working than our Sri. When Madz, Twinkle, Raveena, Karishma and even Kajol decided to move on, Juhi was the ONLY ONE who went on... Where is her award?

I don't understand these people, seriously! 25 years in the industry? Alright then, Anil has spent more than that. Where's his award?!

Whats with Ash's way of speaking.. Ahhh! Soo Annoying!feels like she is stretching each word like a gum!and needless to say about those miss perfect 'looks and smile'!

Priyanka was so good! Best performance of the night.

Finally we got to see Ranis dress haha. She looked beautiful!!

Lady killer SRK strikes again with Madhuri this time!!! Simply lovely!! Srk really LIKES Madhuri a lot and I think she does too. If Srk wasn't already hitched he would have wooed her like a hurricane until she gave in, ha ha!! And such a nice pair it would have been, her kind and calm demeanor a perfect foil for his outgoing passionate nature, both well talented too - kids would have been oh so cute I am sure. Not to take away anything from Srk & Gauri, but oh just can't stop imagining, sigh!

karan johar won BEST director xD xD xD xD xD xD xD
tooo funny nice joke yaar

if they did that they might as well give katrina turquotte best actress award as well b/c she is equivalent to kjo in talent -0% :)

kareena cant dance really i shocked

pc ruined madhuris hit songs. why did they pick her.....she couldnt dance or give expression like madhuri...pc ruined it shit. they could have picked Karishma...Rani...Kareena....even fatty ash...but no they picked the worst dancer/actress in btown. i didnt enjoy it at all.....messed up.

Loved SRK and Madhuri's performance!! worth watching!

nooooo...m missing salman khan a lotttttttttt...haha IK N RK R SO FUNNY...sallu hum hamesha jhagda kyu karte hai....yeh bandhan toh pyar ka bandhan hai...wow memories frm past...plzzzzzzzzz sallu n srk b frenz agn....

n katrina i hope she didnt break ma salman's heart...lol i think her flying kiss is for sallu....that was IK who potrayed chulbul pandey

SRK-MADHURI simply stole the show..they were FIRE on stage
sizzling chemistry :) loved it totally
i just couldnt stop smiling while i watched them..they two people are so gorgeous!! god bless them

its so hard to decide where to look when Madhuri is dancing ...her face expressions or her steps and then she does it wit such a ease....one AMAZING actress.

have to give it to ranvir and Anushka...what an energy! so youthful and electrifying!

I just loved the SRK and Madhuri performance! it was too good!!!!!!!!!!!!

sonakshi sinha soo beautiful i love this performance.
bebo amazing.
what can i say about srk madhuri........... rabne bana di jodi

i went mad seeing bebo performance mindblowing and katrina blowing kiss on her how sweet they all are good mates as they say all are media made i now know!!

wr is d last part

Love it, its all good, bebo got award and her mate collected it, her performance was brilliant lost allot of weight looks just stunning! i also love srk performing just wow his take ma breath away everytime i see, he got energy!

Lol the biggest show... yeah the Yashraj, Srk, kAjol and Johor show of the year. Filmfair is the worst award show ever.. how many awards are the going to give SRK and Kajol.. .. lol Johor as best director..

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