Ajay Devgan on Koffee with Karan - Full Episode

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Credits: SominalTvMovieUpdate

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ajay is rock. i love you

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SEXY!!!! love you Ajay! ill take you over hrithik, arjun, john, salman, ANY DAY! you are class personified!

did he just say Gay for KKKK Kiran when asked abt SRK?????

Ajay is stammering almost in every sentence as if he cant speak the language. His answers for rapid fire is good. He is nice actor with lovely eyes but he looks like a bhikari

I liked the way he didn't indulge Karan Johar. He is the real Mr Cool of Bollywood. He seems to have a very good sense of himself and nothing to prove. I liked the way the fans seems to have genuinely connected with him. The Khans are so overhyped and overrated.

it was boring !!!

If I was to choose between he and srk for a husband. AS much as srk is popular, I'll choose him. He really seem like a nice guy, caring husband, a great human being.

No acting what so ever very straight forward. My kind of man.

lol dumb belles

The Best Rapidfire Round till date!..Hilarious answers! Ajay rocks!

good episode! He is a very versatile actor.

I think he seems like a nice guy, with little attitude. overall genuine, not very pretentious.

The best episode by far on KWK season 3

I have always liked him. There's something so cool and sexy in his body language. Love the way he dresses lately. The straight leg jeans and jacket. It's so much more stylish than the guido tight jeans and leather jackets look other Bollywood stars like to sport.

He is adorable and so genuine. Being a fantastic actor also helps :)
nice simple interview. loved it!

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