Apsara Awards 2011 - Full Show

Credits: facebook

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wow!! priyanksa performace was killer (literally) lol she was amazing! look at everyone dumb struck and in awe watching her performance!

lol this seems like a guzaarish and raavan awards ROFL....is this bachchan awards

Akki should have just stay home lol his expression are killer lol Aish is so so so boring, God her husband do well living with her.

Good to see the Deol family.

Sun, 2011-01-23 17:59 — Anonymous

Katrina didn't perform at that days.....her performance was recorded just only for the TV

Crap award function......Dabangg winning best film..............joke of the century

I love Shahrukh Khan!! That's all :)

this show proves katrina kaif is in fact a manufactured robot and not a real person! hahaha it would explain alot like the expressionless acting, and the non hindi speaking katrina was defective then some engineers in india upgraded the model to speak a bit more hindi.

kats performance was the worst during sheila ki jawani she looked scared like she forgot her steps half way

how did they have two katrina on stage...does anyone know

Amazing. How did they get 2 Katrina's at a time to perform together? They both shook hands and hugged also,
so it can't be trick photography

Part12 - 2 min:-
wow aish could not fit in any category, they had to invent a spl category just to award her...isnt it funny...and even Mr. Chopra didnot say it from his heart, he had to read the whole thing out as if it was written by Amit ji or may be aish herself, and chopra saab had to read it out before awarding ash

I really enjoyed this award show, I'm so glad that salman won the best actor award and dabangg is the best film,after along time salman got award, he should of got award for his other films in the past. Every time the same people always win the best actor/actresses award and they don't see other people talent and that's not fair. I also liked shahrukh performance and enjoyed the other performance too. salman, shahrukh and aamir my favourite actors.

Happy for Salman and co

Have to say these award shows were also boring. Akki throughout looked very bored. I think he only came for promotion of his film.

First star screen now apsara next week zee bloody hell

srk looks tired brilliant performance tho mwah

Katrina Rocked her performance look @ evry1 enving her love her slim trim body um gobsmacked and trooling looking at her mindblowing

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