First Look trailer of Dangerous Ishhq

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Credits: yt

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loving the trailersss...

east or west lolo is the best!

i from malaysia....big fun of karisma..excited to see dangerous ishq in malaysia....good luck u...

lolo's voice is unforgettable

Thu, 2012-04-05 23:35 — Anonymous

The only women in BW who are attractive are

Sri Devi
Karishma Kapoor
Kareena Kapoor
Katrina Kaif

Sorry,but i have 2 agree w/ u only for the top 3.
Bebo is Lolo's uglier version.

tu hi rab tu hi dua

people who are judging the film flop ......are just insecure.maybe they cant accept the fact that karisma is to gorgeous.......n at the same time they are scared bout their fat aunty aish......or surgery queen priyanka....etcc......this film has a good actor that is karisma, excellent story.....beautiful going to be a hit 4 sure.....


sexy LOLO

Karisma really seems desperate to earn money, now that she is getting divorced, seriously what is the C***. Horrible, She still can not act.. Good luck, sure flop.

Sure Flop, Karisma chose a wrong movie, nothing seems interesting and all this reincarnation theme does not work in this age..


gawd..karishma has got to be the worst actress in history, loud and forced. and really reincarnation, in this day and age. Flop written all over it.

Super hit!

i don't understand why Karisma Kapoor decided to make her comeback with a Vikram Bhatt (?what the hell, has he ever made a good movie) film, in a dated story line, in a wannabe horror move replete with crazy witch lady, with a non star and friggin Jimmy Shergill opposite.

Is she kidding???is this an elaborate joke? Karisma may not be the best actress out there, but she does have a popular fan following and am pretty sure Salman Khan et al would have acted with her (unlike everyone refusing PZ)

Yet she chose this. Its like she has a death wish. There is no way she can carry this movie.
This is why Kajol is my fave comeback actress. Fanaa was worth it.
You know when she deigns to be in a movie it will be well worth it (unless Ajay Devgn is directing that is)


this is a sure flop... when will bollywood learn that "past lives or reincarnation" films don't work in this day and age...

I was worried it is going to be some B-grade movie.. but it seems to have been made on a high budget and looks very interesting and promising..

The only women in BW who are attractive are

Sri Devi
Karishma Kapoor
Kareena Kapoor
Katrina Kaif

The only thing i liked in this trailer was her voice.. unforgettable... i'll defo watch the movie...

wasnt this movie supposed to be screened at cannes? I hope to see Lolo there

her skin is extremely beautiful, in this forum someone mentioned that she has pashtun blood thats why she is fair, does anyone know if its true if she has pashtun ancestry?? Because I thought she got the fairness from her mothers side who is sindhi

Karishma looks fantastic in the poster as well as the trailer of Dangerous Ishq. It's not a typical film an actress of today would agree to do however you have to give her credit for having the guts to choose this as her comeback vehicle. Instead of appreciating such talented actors slating them is unwarranted and disrespectful. If it was Katrina or Deepika some of you would've praised them to the skies and massaged their already inflated egos. You can't predict your verdict on a film without even seeing the film, its just stupid! Just because it doesn't have the Khans or the happening Ranbir/Imran in the film doesn't mean it will be a flop GET REAL! It's the script which matters the most and of course the performance of the actors and I have no doubt that Karishma is gonna rock in this film! So haters back off!

super flop

stupid story...past lives dont even exist


i love it..cant wait!

Karisma Kapoor show in movie she is sexy ..Talented n still YOUNG .....can act n DO any KIND of ROLE ...........

Haha... looks entertaining. I like past life movies, even the cheesy ones.


the trailer is not enticing.....kinda like sandra bullocks movie where she husband kept dying and she tried to stop it.

i do like the idea for doing her best to be with her true love as not everyone finds it.

she looks good and her acting looks superb!! Not so sure about the flim!! i gusse we'll have to wait and watch!!

I Like it !!

the trailer is not that bad...I am not sure about the film but karishma looks very good,I am sure her performance will be fantastic,her fans should go to cinema to watch her film,it means a lot to her comeback.

Oh, she is blind. The film will b blind at the box office

Thu, 2012-04-05 02:43 — Anonymous

Seriously....what kind of people come on here and post the above stuff....too funny!!!

I can't wait for this film! Karisma back with a bang, and looking sensational...even the media have commented that she doesn't look like a mother of two! All the haters...don't judge a book by it's cannot make up your mind about a 3 hour movie in 2.5 minutes! Get over yourselves and give it a chance. I for one think this looks amazing and the trailer has made me want more! Good job

The movie looks decent compared to other Vikram Bhatt movies. Will watch it but definitely not the top on my list!

too much going on n it looks like a 90s movie nothing intresting about it big flop lolo go back n take care of kids

i like the trailer





so dated, and karishma's acting, though a bit better than her sister, still sucks. Her best was Zubeidaa

OH!this is really bad.PATHETIC!! Why would someone Comeback wid a B grade movie?????????

Like it!

Dear Wed, 2012-04-04 11:50 — Anonymous
how about you get some english lessons? and then i'll get a life. JERK.

"She Lukn so young better then fat aunty ash,kajol,madhuri lmao"

You shouldnt say that, im sure she also wouldnt like to hear that, Karishma is beautiful and she is a hige fan of sri devi and madhuri and she wouldnt want anyone talking about them like that. Her and Kajol also are good friends.

Yeah the only one who is a fat aunty you can right call is ash.

I love the trailer it gives me a feel of yesteryear actress and the old special Bollywood. I am looking forward for Lolo to return from her Mat leave its not a comeback, she went on a Mat leave and came back same like what Hollywood mothers do.

@Love Karisma

me will watch that movie sure sure sure 100 Times

Duniya me gadho ki kami nai hoti hai... seems they are blind...Oh God how can you make such creatures who will watch a movie 100 times just for an actree
is that actress going to pay her that much money to watch movie... really pathetic.

lolo rocks!


WOW Dangerous Ishhq

this movie has flop written all over.such a boring and old style trailer

do you think people will bother spending the extra for 3d to watch this crap?

it feels like im watching a movie 20 years back...when i see this promo.

Hate the name of the movie. Dangerous Ishq? Really, Vikram Bhatt? Dangerous Ishq? :S

wowww..trailer is superb!!!lolo rocking....

looks like TV serial. BAD.

Isn't Teri Meri Kahani also about love over several lives? The story is perhaps different in both movies.
Not blown away but I will watch it. Good to see Karisma back and goodluck to her.

Wow shez is lyka fairy

sureshot FLOP!

Rook ki rani karishma kapoor

She remind mE of Cheryl cole

It will be super hit 4 sure can't wait baby

Oh my my she look amazing

She Lukn so young better then fat aunty ash,kajol,madhuri lmao

Most beautiful women alive!! Love u karisma:))) ur dah queen of Bollywood x

Oh no why did she choose this for a comeback...destined to be a flop...i like karisma though...

it reminds me of her flop suspense thriller baaz

this looks like some low budget punjabi movie..

90s actresses Rock!!!!

It looks like a typical vikram bhatt movie,not so great trailer but hopefully the story is good! Not a fan of Lolo but it's nice to see her back!

looks really good about past lives

It looks good but it seems like an old hindi movie of Hema malini, where she was connected with her past life.

Don't know about the story but i'll definitely watch this just to see Karisma

i got goosebumps watching Karishma kapoor back on screen! Amazing

Love Karisma

me will watch that movie sure sure sure 100 Times

i was like "8O"

hmmm not sure about the movie BUT LOVE BEBO!!! It's like she never went away! Now if only the three khans would open their eyes and dump katrina and other newbies and upcoming firangi's and cast karishma and rani...i don't get it! look how stunning bebo still is! why did they stop giving her movies?

looks like an amazing movie... finally a movie with hindi flavour

I hope for her sake this film works....

Wow .. I can't wait for this movie.. Love karishma Kapoor.. She rocks


i will only see this movie because of karisma....n her role seem powerful

after watching the trailer of Dangerous Ishq no one can say that Karishma Kapoor is the mother of two children.

wont be a hit but will have decent opening....


worth watching once....will go too....

movie looks interesting....will go for it...

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