Here’s what Priyanka Chopra’s mother Madhu Chopra has to say about reports of her wedding with Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are holidaying in London where they will ring in her birthday. Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are reportedly dating and even made their relationship Instagram official.
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Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are holidaying in London where they will ring in her birthday. Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are reportedly dating and even made their relationship Instagram official. Nick Jonas had shared a video of Priyanka enjoying the Mumbai rains and had captioned it with heart eye emoji.

The alleged couple was in India last month where he met her mother and friends. Reports suggested that they planned the trip especially to meet her mother and brother. Priyanka and Nick holidayed in Goa with her close friends.

In a recent media interaction at a Vogue event, Priyanka had said that she wants to get married at some point and had revealed that she is very mushy when it comes to romance. There are reports in the media that the alleged couple may get engaged this month.

Priyanka Chopra’s mother Madhu Chopra had said after meeting Nick Jonas in India that it is too early to form an opinion about him since it was the first time she met him. Madhu Chopra attended an event yesterday and was asked about Priyanka and Nick.

When a journalist asked Madhu Chopra if the family was serious about Priyanka’s wedding, she said, “Aap serious hai ki nahi, woh batao pehle. Aap serious hai toh hum bhi ho jayenge. (Let me know if you are serious, if you are then we shall also become serious about it.”

Watch the video here and let us know your thoughts in comments. 


Indians are obsessed with marriage.

whole world is

Where is the video ? What sort of a reply is that ? Her daughter makes it a point to be seen with this chap in public,naturally the press will ask questions .

true but to reply or to dodge the qn still is with and when and if ready can be answered or not.

Absolutely ,but she could have avoided it in a better way . Or tell her daughter to be discreet (which defeats the purpose of the entire exercise ).

Indian reporters are annoying these days..there is no quality n they tend to irk easily

demonic, she is teaching him he is surprising her, feel sorry for mother, she never thaught where her daughter ends up

I doubt Nick and Priyanka will get married. Nick is only 25. Guys - especially foreign guys don’t commit at such a young age.

Who is Justin Bieber then - foreign or domestic?

Mother is PC's enabler. She knows lot more than she care to answer. The daughter is openly running around
posting every thing and anything and the mother is acting funny.

She was just fogging w the media but I don't blame her. PC and Nick can make their own statement if and when. She is good to stay out of it and "fog," it is PC's life not hers

Fogging ? my foot. She is fully aware of her daughters romance, met and mingled with Nick and
now acting surprised. She is PC's spoke person.

I dont picture them getting married at all. I know age shouldnt be a factor, but honestly it is..age isnt always just a number. if she is enjoying herself...ok. but if she wants marriage, babies, and family, then i dont know what she is doing.

she is not answering, she is taking them for a loop.

I'm confused by her response. Anyone want to elaborate?

she didn't say anything. Priyanka's mom knows how to handle the media

I’m not sure I get what she means by this? Maybe media hyping it up too much? Or?? If I didn’t need it translated I think I would get it better or it’s just one of those moments that something goes right over my head..

you can tell she doesnt fully approve of them. she said in an interview that priyanka should marry an indian guy because of cultural values when asked about nick...

awwww sweet

they all look very happy

Why is this nobody giving interviews? Now we know where PC learned her attention seeking behavior from.

she's a co-producer. producers lots of regional films. her production house won 3 National Awards. She's at an event so was asked a question. Why you clicking and commenting on "this nobody's" topic?

Indian Kris Jenner.

yes like you

she's cute

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