INSIDE PICS and VIDEOS: Salman Khan and the entire Khandaan celebrate Ahil’s 2nd birthday in Abu Dhabi

Salman Khan’s younger sister, Arpita Khan Sharma and Aayush Sharma's son Ahil turned two today and the entire Khandaan is at a luxurious resort in Abu Dhabi celebrating the little one’s birthday. Last year, the entire family ringed in Ahil’s first birthday in Maldives.
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Salman Khan is busy with the shoot of Race 3 in Abu Dhabi. The actor has been stationed there since almost a month where he is wrapping up the major portions of the film with Jacqueline Fernandez, Daisy Shah, Bobby Deol and Saqib Saleem.

Salman Khan’s younger sister, Arpita Khan Sharma's son Ahil turned two today and the entire Khandaan is at a luxurious resort in Abu Dhabi celebrating the little one’s birthday. Last year, the entire family ringed in Ahil’s first birthday in Maldives.

A source told a leading daily, “Arpita and Aayush want it to be an intimate affair. So the guest list includes only family members — Salma and Salim Khan, Helen, Arbaaz, his son Arhaan, Sohail and his family, Alvira and Atul Agnihotri, and Aayush's parents Anil and Sunita Sharma. The welcome lunch on the first day will be followed by a fancy dinner to bring in Ahil's birthday. The next day will see the family head out to an island nearby. The birthday party is saved for the last day where the families will enjoy a desert safari and a farewell dinner.”

It is going to be a three day celebration in Abu Dhabi and Helen, Salma Khan, Iulia Vantur, Seema Khan, Salman Khan and other family members will be joining Arpita and Aayush.

An excited Ahil Sharma poses with doting parents as he cuts his birthday cake.Check out the inside photos from the bash!


HBD lilguy #ahilturnstwo #aboutlastnight @wowsweets_uae

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Precious moments # Ahil turns two.

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Happy birthday

i heard kat was going to come but then salman told her at last minutt not to come bcz she has been behind som blinds about them and he is tired of her pr!
pinkvilla dont be bieased and post please

How do you know?

Khao khao sallu ke naam ka cake.

Ahil 2 ka bhi hogya lagta hai sidha ahil debut karega..papa ka toh koi asaar nahi

all expenses paid by bhai while the babies useless parents sponge off him !! money hai to funny hai !!

Ayush will not dare ever to divorce Arpita. Salman will make his life hell! Both Arpita and Ayush are like kids themselves in their 20s and have a child already. When family has so much money there's no need for a generation to actually live like an independent grown-up before becoming parents.

Fearful of girl s powerful family! Is that a good reason to keep a marriage together or love someone? Ppl can be in a marriage and still not together - seperating from ur partner emotionally or mentally is so obvious , spclly if girl tries to threaten her partner using her family. Sad.

Ayush will soon leave Arpita .

You wish that?

Salman s mom is so well maintained..she looks so good and young! Salman himself is 50+! Mom wud be close to 70 atleast! And look at Arpita..growing fatter by each day? Looks so bad with Aayush. Cant she spend her enormous money on health - yoga, gym, dieticians, doctors?!! They hav access to best in the world!

Arpita is lazy. She had been to Philippines wellness resort. I thought she had been there for weight reduction. On the other hand Iulia too was in the same health resort. She made full use of her stay doing yoga hiking etc. Arpita knows only to organise parties and spend Salman's hard earned money.

Between all such beauties and sexy figures..wht wud Aayush feel abt his wife..Arpita shud really start putting in some effort..else this marriage will soon see a tough time. Aayush is being launched and with tht kind of life..temptations r plenty! Anyways what wud Arpita do with so much money and time? Put it to some good use..lazy gal..

That clearly shows Ayush married Arpita for money.

Arpita is no superstar! She is herself enjoying Salman s money! And lets face it- if Aayush got money, Arpita too got a goodlooking handsome guy. Who is in a more frustrating position? Right now its Aayush. After some years it will be Arpita.

all morons , kat and iulia supporters. its ahil's birthday talk about kids

Ahil is celebrating with adults. I cant see kids here.

Iulia is looking quite nice...very simple and nothing over the top...I read her interview some time back she really seems smart..I hope she is the one for Salman and I really hope that this time he does get married and have kids it's about time and also he deserves to be happy after all that he's been through...peace and love to happy always..

I too read her VIVA interview. She has a class of her own.

Where is daisy? Heard she visits galaxy apartment everyday.

stop lying

That's a lie spread by kat PR

Katrina also has never highlighted her connection wit the khandan , never posted pics with them . It’s Arpita who calls her family . And it’s possible Katrina was working and could not attend . In any case , why should Katrina worry about iulia. It’s iulia who is the looser , a woman without a thought to what the world thinks about her . Pinkvilla you won’t post because you can’t the truth or Salman has threatened you ??

It's been reported that Iulia pays her own way for everything & doesn't take money from Salman .How does this make her a loser ? She should be put in Madame Tussauds for being the only woman not to sponge off Salman.

Nice try, Katrina.

Lol really? Kat always said Salman family Is like my family. His sisters are my best friends. Even in one interview sometime back when asked about her friends she did mention Arpita and Alvira. She posted pic with both of his sisters. What are you talking about? What about kat fans claim that she is close to Salman family and Arpita is her friend? Kat was working yeah i bet if she was invited she would have attended to show she is "close to salman n fmaily" so she can make headlines. Why kat is after lulia BF? why she avoids her? Its Kat who is the looser , a woman who loves to use without a thought what the world thinks about her. Pinkvilla you wont post because you cant post the truth or kat has paid you?
dare not to ignore. if u can post kat fans comment so post salman lulia shippers too.

Waiting for Katrina over enthusiastic PR to come up with the explanation why she didn't attend despite being invited and an article about Salman Katrina closeness

Wow the size of the cake

wow thats a humongous Cake

Kat must be crying after seeing these pics.

Kat is so jealous of beautiful and talented Lulia. She always avoids her.

Because Iulia is there so kat is missing or busy in shooting...

Once again Kat best friend Arpita didn't invited her to the family bash. Shows her importance in Salman family.

So Salman so called close friend Kat is NOT invited.

katrina uses salman and salman uses lulia by leting her tag along. no promis or anything. i feel bad for her

Why Katrina is missing? Did Arpita forget her or gave a royal ignore?

Megastar bhai

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