Priyanka Chopra gives future sister in law Sophie Turner a piggyback ride in Amsterdam; watch VIDEO

Priyanka Chopra is in Amsterdam with her girl gang for her Bachelorette. She gave her future sister-in-law Sophie Turner a piggyback ride.
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Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas will get married in a few weeks in India. The couple got engaged after a whirlwind romance in July this year. After her friends hosted a bridal shower for her in New York City last week, Priyanka Chopra has now flown to Amsterdam with her girl gang for her Bachelorette. She has shared photos from the fun trip and also posted pictures of her bachelorette bash, which was decorated with pink flowers and balloons. Priyanka is accompanied by her future sister-in-law, Sophie Turner, besides her other close friends.

Today, Sophie Turner shared a photo of bride-to-be Priyanka Chopra on her Instagram account. Priyanka shared the same photo and captioned it, “#TheJsisters”. She also posted a video in which she gives Sophie Turner a piggyback ride and says, “In heels, this is what you have to do for sister-in-laws these days”. She captioned it, “Sisterhood #TheJsisters #Highheelfails”. Priyanka looks stunning in a yellow dress and a yellow coat. She also shared other photos from the trip. Priyanka and Sophie Turner share a warm bond and are often spotted hanging out together in New York City.



A day in the life of... #bachelorette

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Nick and Priyanka had celebrated their engagement with Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, after he proposed on her birthday in London. They also enjoyed a US open game in New York City recently.

Priyanka and Nick will reportedly tie the knot on December 2, 2018 in Jodhpur. The couple’s pre-wedding festivities will begin on November 30, 2018. As per a report in Spotboye, Priyanka Chopra will be inviting her close friends Alia Bhatt, Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor for her wedding.


Is nobody going to mention Sophie is one of the leads on Game of Thrones? :O

PC can’t seem to live her life off camera!

What’s up with so many ageist stuck up people up here? What is even “acting your age”. Loosen up a bit will ya?

This is where you see the real women empowerment. Woman pulling another woman down. Woman judging another woman. They are cool if a guy does it. But they will freakout if a woman does it. These are people who speak about feminism on their uploaded selfies on social media and then fail when they have to act feminist in reality. Pathetic!!

PC has made a mess of a her life but wants to pretend to the world that she's achieved something by finally getting a guy. Always being extra and constantly drunk and partying with people half her age. She's having some kind of mid life crisis trying hard to look like a 20 year old.

Shut up!!! Whats wrong with the video?? She is piggybacking??? what age someone should stop doing it??? You are one of those people who will say "Love your life" and talk about women empowerment and when somebody does you, judge them? Just because you have privilege to judge doesn't mean it gives you right to say anything. I wonder if you can work towards betterment of your own life. Already there is so much chaos in the world and then people like you exist to judge everyone but yourself.

This is so cute! Nice to see them bonding!

Seems like desperate attempt to show how happy she is. Going ott much.

I wish she panders to them a little less. She is clearly more successful of the lot.

She is a wannabe Amrikan.

When Indians ]in India, stars of Bollywood and most Indiansin the USA are having classy Diwali parties and going to temples look at PC running around drinking, parading up and down the streets.. Kya haal bana diya hai uski life ka

Get over it. She’s having a great time and there’s nothing you can do about it

Does she anything else than holidaying, partying and drinking? That's what her fans call "work"? LOL

Her life is a big party and she shoots in between too and makes a lot of money. Talk about living the life!

Priyanka is shooting The Sky Is Pink all month before her wedding, let her enjoy her bachelorette before that. Idk why it’s any of your business!

Lol better than aish and shweta

So fake, Wow!!

Deepika fans so bitter. Wow!!

No! Deepika fans are happy that PC is getting married too. Cheers to new beginnings and cheers to love.

Drunk as usual! So?

She's definitely having some sort of crisis: hanging out all the time with kids younger to her by more than a decade & doing all those crazy things that youngsters do. Whereas her contemporaries all seem mature, are acting according to their respective ages, and well settled. PC seems as if she has lost it, maybe

She’s enjoying her life! You would get it... You seem like a Debbie Downer!

Yeah agree

Agree with the crisis thing. I understand she is getting married and is very happy and In love with Nick but thoda zyada pagalpanti ho raha hai. Wish both of them all the best.

she is mary kom, sophie is super light :)

We love U Queen Pri

Slay my desi girl Peecee

Awwwww cuties

Love them together bhabies

Very sweet indeed

So cute wow

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