"Pyaar Ki Pungi (Song Promo) Agent Vinod"

Credits: youtube

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The Punj song is a copy from a Tarabu song from Mombasa Kenya.

a movie is not hit coz of songs .......it definately does not sound like hawwa hawwa the tunes r different.......anywaz dis song rocks and saif looks too hot

Saif is really good at comedy. The song is nice. Is that the same girl who has also featured in the Love aaj kal movie?

oh meri aaah oh mero ooh i LOVE this song its too catchy just waiting for the whole song....
SAIF you are the hottest even with a big nose

so wat if he has a big nose it suits him he looks good in the song i find him hot

I don't think Saifu knows that his nose is long..they should know their best profile themselves..he's looking too old to do this - his acts in this song...

OMG this song is soooo goooooooooooood saif u look sooooooooooooo HOTTTTTTTT i wish i was the girl in the last scene

Saif is cute but they should NOT do close ups of his nose...it's huuuuge!

Saif soooo cute........he reminds me of his HSSH and KHNH days...

he's so funny

Sounds cool has an arab feel to it, he will rock it for sure!

plzz dont blme d guys if d girl is ready to do den wats d problem.........anywaz d song is gr88888888

iv replayed it 1000 times cant wait to c n hear d whole song

dis is soooooooooooo hot and cute at d same time love d song n love saif expressions

wtf was that

Too short to barely understand anything

damn he is cute!! this will be fun! I love bollywood always so different! especiallyt the music!

bindaas song, love it

boob slap these guys take advantage whenever they can yaar

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