Rakhi Sawant claims she is a Virgin - All Most Famous

On Zoom's show ALL MOST FAMOUS, Rakhi Sawant talks about Sunny Leone, Poonam Pandey, Veena Malik & she constantly claims she's a virgin! She also make digs at Katrina, Mallika, Mallaika, Deepika, Bipasha (Well, almost all the recent actresses who delivered chartbuster item numbers). She didn't leave any stone unturned & tried her best to derive some publicity.

Nevertheless, the episode is so hilarious that I couldn't help but share it with you guys! Must Watch!!!

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Credits: yt

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LOL... Rakhi thinks too highly of herself.
1) Bipasha got her body (abs, arms, legs) through major work outs which is extremely difficult and takes a lot of dedication. I work out and believe me, I know how hard that is. That is not tailored by a doctor -_-
2) Rakhi Sawant latkas and jhatkas are not original either. Actresses and dancers have already done those before so please, zip it, cause you're not original either.
3) She has nothing, absolutely nothing good to say about anyone. If she's so talented, then in all these years, someone must have noticed it.

and the biggest joke of the year... Rakhi Sawant is a virgin. Woman who parades for women's display of sexuality is a "virgin". She has no right falsify Mallika Sherawat in that case.

Why isn't Katrina Kaif considered as Indian ? Her Father is Kashmiri, Doesn't Kashmir belong to India?

i believe her...she talks way to much but its all funny, yes i wouldn't do what she does and has done but she seems like a good hearted person

I believe her. She tells the truth at least.

i too love her now...

i too love her now...


She is hilarious!!! So entertaining!!! Love it!

no one has a mouth like hers and i love her for that

who is this fashion designer in black, wats his name?

HA HA HA.........unapologetic rakhi swant

RAkhi..I get the point,when u did item number, it was considered CHEAP!!! When the stars do it ,it becomes hit..thanks to malaika for the trend :)

I love her now she's so funny. THough Simi was kind of being condescending, Rakhi held on her own and called a spade a spade.

wow shes really honest and entertaining.

Prefer a frank and straightforward Rakhi Sawant over the third-rate, hypocrite, sati-savitri acting "heroines"...Priyanka who denies her obvious surgery and is a home breaker, Katrina, who again cannot act and denies her surgery and had to depend completely on Salman to make her career and one can imagine what all she gave up in return, Sonam who cannot act to save her life and cruises by on her father's name and good will...and on and on...all acting like delicate flowers when they are trash...so Rakhi shines through with her no nonsense personality!

i m a big fan of her.

There is a man in the background 12:13..they forgot to edit

I was gonna skip this but couldnt help myself! Shes all about entertainment, entertainment, entertainment :P

Do get her point why she keeps on saying she should do item songs, Its like when a big hero/film/director/producer signs a item girl to play the main lead! Imgaine how the leading ladies will feel?

Lol! She's fab, I love her. Says it like it is and she's damn right about everyone!

rly funny,,,,, hahaha :D

Bit disturbing but gotta admire her courage to speak her mind not fearing anything. No diplomacy is very refreshing. In between all the mocking she does give credit where she thinks it's due.


This was really funny...she should do comedy. The way she said munni should take care of her own munni

is she for real?

Jhooth bole kawwah kathe

Hahahahahahahaha! Indian Britney spears

Too funny!! Rakhi never fails to make me laugh :)


bold and frank.....clearly she is a breath of fresh air!!!!

I definitely think Rakhi Sawant is too much but with such confidence, and what has she done wrong, all the other actresses take their clothes off, but no one is this bindaas!

Rakhi Sawant - fully crack & mad!
Isko koi pagal khane me bharti karo!
publicity ke liye kuch bhi karti hain yeh!

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